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Letter to the editor: Why didn’t ARCH talk to us about Franklin?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 12:01 am

After reading the article in The News-Sentinel my blood pressure has raised to record highs. That ARCH has put Franklin School on a list of endangered buildings when ARCH has never spoken, called, emailed or contacted anyone from my neighborhood or the surrounding neighborhoods about what we want to be done with Franklin School.

ARCH has no business putting the Franklin School building on any list without talking to any of the neighborhood leaders who are affected by what is happening with the property located within our neighborhoods.

Who is ARCH? Has ARCH reached out to anyone from the neighborhoods? ARCH is telling us what we need to do in the neighborhood in which we live, without the input of the people who are affected the most.

Shameful action by a small group of so-called do-gooders that must think we cannot make decisions for our neighborhoods without their so-called expert opinion.

Please tell them to butt out of my neighborhood!

John Modezjewski, president, North Highlands Neighborhood Association