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Letter to the editor: Right to collective bargaining historic

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 12:01 am

I went to a yard sale and bought a box of old newspapers. Boy, was I thrilled to have this box of newspapers! From FDR, Truman, beach heads (Normandy invasion) Wilson, to Elvis Presley articles to O.J. articles. Yes, I will store these articles away as they are part of history.

I am for collective bargaining. Why take that away? An article published in The News-Sentinel on June 26, 1936, says, “We have written into the law of the land his right to collective bargaining and self-organization free from the interference of employers; we have provided federal machinery for the peaceful settlement of labor disputes.”

I, myself, believe in unions; always will. Everyone has the right to his beliefs.

I just wish things would stay left alone without having to change things around all of the time. If something is working, why not let it be left alone?

All you firemen, I back you up on collective bargaining. I hope that our mayor backs you men up, too!

Joan Busche