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Letter to the editor: No coverage of Global Day of Action

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 12:01 am

Two to three days in advance of our planned May 23 Global Day of Action to Close Guantanamo and End Indefinite Detention, in downtown Fort Wayne, media advisories were sent to all of the electronic and print media in Fort Wayne.

On the day of the event only one showed up, Channel 21, which shot some footage that I’m not sure was ever aired.

Is it any wonder the people are uninformed about important events when local media refuse to inform them? Too bad, too, because there were some great speeches and colorful garments (orange prison suits with black hoods, etc.) signs, chants, even spoken words (recorded) from President Obama. And what better photo op than when two squad cars arrived on the scene, contacted by security guards at One Summit. You missed your chance, boys!

I guess it’s true that peacemakers and justice-seekers can’t count on the corporate media to carry our message, which is why we must rely upon the “social media” and other forms of communication, for information and education.

There is a saying amongst peace and justice activists: “We must become the media.”

True words, but it robs the public of vital information upon which to base their opinions and decisions, especially when it comes to voting.

Oh, wait, that’s in a democracy. Never mind.

Dave Lambert, Veterans for Peace