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Letter to the editor: Starbucks building closes Greenway trail

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 8:52 am

I live in southwest Fort Wayne, and I am very unhappy that the builders of a new Starbucks have been allowed to highjack our Rivergreenway trail.

I waited through many long months of winter to use our trail on Illinois Road. My family uses the trail daily for biking, walking and running.

When construction started, we noticed that rocks and debris were being strewn about the trail by the workers. My husband contacted the construction company about the debris, and instead of spending a few minutes to clean it up, someone decided that the trail should be closed.

Now the construction workers park their cars on the trail, and the people who live on the south side of Illinois Road, who still need to use the trail (because you can’t cross in the middle of Illinois Road), face a dangerous situation, having to weave around the cars parked on the trail.

The other day I saw a little girl fall off of her bike trying to get around the cars.

Shame on anyone who thinks construction of a new Starbucks should keep people from using the trails, and shame on the construction workers for not protecting the public from construction debris, and shame on the workers for parking their cars on the trail!

It’s a dangerous situation and someone should make the construction company keep the debris and their cars off of the trail.

Jill A. Brown