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Letter to the editor: City Council is the problem, not unions

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 8:49 am

John Crawford and Russ Jehl and other Republicans on the City Council have people looking at what they want the people to look at. But take a look at the big picture and you will see something totally different. After all, the council approved these union contracts.

The council approves of these contracts and is now pointing their fingers at the unions claiming that the unions are the bad guys. Something doesn’t sound right here. We have to end collective bargaining here to protect the future of Fort Wayne.

If we have bad contracts here that were approved by the City Council, don’t come out here pointing fingers at the unions. Instead of protecting Fort Wayne from the unions, it’s clear that Fort Wayne needs to be protected from its own City Council.

One of the claims against the union is that workers are being paid to sleep on the job. Well, who was sleeping on the job when these terms of the contracts were being approved?

Fort Wayne doesn’t need protection from the unions. It needs protection from its own City Council. Contrary to what Crawford and Jehl and others may think, this issue clearly shows what a lousy job the City Council has done here.

Curtis J. Ransom