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Letter to the editor: Marion delegate needs to understand history

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 12:01 am

I am so discouraged with the comments from Mike Murphy, Marion County Republican delegate, pertaining to Richard Mourdock’s comments on the comparison of economic conditions of 1936 Germany and 2014 USA.

If Murphy were more familiar with history he would have immediately made the connection between the Nazi Party and economics that duped the German people into voting for Hitler, which was what Mourdock was referencing.

The Republican Party and all of America need to go back and study history, bring it forward to today, if they ever hope to turn this tide. For Murphy to mock someone who has the respect of many in the Republican Party shows if the party doesn’t start pushing back against the outright misrepresentation by the media they could be in for a dry spell.

Mourdock’s reminder was very timely as he was cautioning voters to learn from history so that the world would never again have to experience another D-Day.

Mr. Murphy, go away and come back after you have studied history

Judith Ross