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TV Diary: "The Great Gatsby" leads DiCaprio and Maguire quiz

Monday, June 23, 2014 - 12:01 am

How about taking in a film remake of a classic — book, that is. "The Great Gatsby" airs at 8:30 tonight on Cinemax East, and features Tobey Maguire as aspiring writer Nick Carraway who moves next door to the aloof millionaire Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). Gatsby throws elaborate parties hoping to rekindle his romance with Daisy, who is Carraway's unhappily married cousin.

The classic book was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and previously spawned a 1974 film starring Robert Redford.

Here is a quiz about Maguire's and DiCaprio's film careers.

1. Maguire played an orphan who became a doctor in which Oscar-nominated film?

2. DiCaprio played Luke on which TV series?

3. Maguire recently appeared in which TV miniseries?

4. What was DiCaprio's character name in "Titanic?"

5. Maguire played a jockey who raced one of the greatest race horses in which film?

6. Who played DiCaprio's brother in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

7. In which Martin Scorcese film did DiCaprio's character infiltrate the mob with deadly results?

Answers: 1. "The Cider House Rules." 2. "Growing Pains." 3. "The Spoils of Babylon." 4. Jack Dawson. 5. "Seabiscuit." 6. Johnny Depp. 7. "The Departed."