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Letter to the editor: One world united with all those windmills?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 12:01 am

I drove through Elwood last week, where dozens and dozens of huge, immense turbines spread throughout the countryside. My heart goes out to those residents.

Whatever possessed that town to buy into the Apex plan? A promise of money – government subsidized, of course; a worship of so-called “progress,” like that of the ethanol, solar; or one-world-united dreams?

Whatever: Elwood’s countryside is now ruined for the rest of their lifetimes and their children’s lifetimes. The scale of each turbine is so great that it can only be called monstrous. And, most disturbing of all about the scene, visible for miles and miles, is that these immense machines are moving, endlessly moving.

Unless the wind stops.

Mary Oberle Hubley