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Letter to the editor: A divided kingdom cannot endure

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 12:01 am

When Pharisees accused Jesus of using demonic power to exorcize demons, he replied, “Every kingdom divided against itself does not endure.” (Matthew 12:25) Not only is this God’s word, it is also the testimony of human reason and history.

It is a dire warning for those who allow 1. aliens to flout our immigration laws; 2. multiculturalists to undermine our national unity; 3. radicals to ridicule our basic principles; 4. criminals to get away with crime, perverts to promote perversion and bums to demand freebies; and 5. Mohammedans to engage in holy war against us in our own country.

If we continue to allow the naive and conniving politicians in Washington to divide us, our country, our cities and our homes will not endure.

Nor will we.

John Ribar