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Letter to the editor: Here is an economic development proposal

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 12:01 am

Open letter to City Council:

As a neighborhood president and a resident of Fort Wayne, I would like to see our neighborhoods have a funding policy that is fair to all from the business to the neighborhoods throughout the entire city.

In my conversation with the members of the North West Urban Group, a plan of action has been discussed about funding of neighborhood projects for the entire city. The plan I would propose for the additional funding for future projects would be a policy that can be used for additional improvements that are badly needed for sidewalks, sewers and street paving.

The proposal would be for every dollar given to a business either from the economic development funds, Tax Phase In, Legacy Fund or any type of monies to help that area or business, that a percentage of the development money go to an account for the Board of Works to use in the neighborhoods for improvements from sewers, sidewalks, street paving, curbs, street lighting or any improvements that the neighborhoods and the Board of Works consider and approve.

This would give the neighborhoods a funding account that would be there in the future when the tax that was passed for the present improvements has been used and projects are still not completed with the tax monies. The Board of Works would take charge of the monies and work with neighborhoods for the allocation of the funds and projects that could be done with the economic development funds.

This is just a preliminary proposal and an idea that could be a fair solution and a funding mechanism for the neighborhood improvements that we all as residents pay for in the economic development dollars being given to business.

The North West Urban Group would like to explore this proposal with you as we see this as a fair way to spend economic development dollars and help the neighborhoods back to the level of livability that Fort Wayne is striving for. Please let me know when you can set a meeting date with the North West Urban Group to discuss the economic development proposal for the neighborhoods.

John Modezjewski