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Letter to the editor: A storm that brought out the city's angels

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 8:57 am

Fort Wayne has been called the “City of Churches.” It is also the “City of Angels,” and after the recent severe electrical storm that destroyed many trees and power lines, I met two more “angels” God sent into my life. When I opened my garage door the morning after the storm, I found the driveway completely covered with my beautiful, huge ornamental pear tree, which had been downed by the storm.

Just minutes later Jerry B. and his teenage son, Clayton, drove down the street in a white pickup, stopped and asked if they could be of help. I offered to pay them, but Jerry said they were not looking for business — just for people needing help. What a beautiful gesture and what a great role model for his son.

I explained to Jerry that I had an appointment (friends were picking me up because I can’t drive anymore) and that I would be gone for most of the day. He responded that they would just go ahead and take care of clearing the driveway and saving branches, etc., and should be done by my return. Upon my return in late afternoon, I found a huge pile of branches lining the sidewalk on one side and a large pile of logs on the other side — the driveway was completely cleared. How grateful I was to these good Samaritans!

That evening another young man in a pickup truck stopped and asked if I’d like to dispose of all the tree debris for a slight fee. Talk about angels!

Betty Zimmerman