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Area births, through July 27

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 27. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


• Anthony E. Kish to Maria G. and Lawrence E. Kish III. 

• Landon M. Starry and Logan D. Starry to Barbara L. and Scott A. Starry. 

• Oliver J. Vice to Ashley R. and Cory A. Vice. 


• Ardella J. Ash to Whittney M. Ash.

• Haven N. Wetzel to Taylor Kerner and Jonathon A. Wetzel.

• Kailer T. Alexander to Jennifer D. Alexander.


• Fawn L. Hilkey to Mitzi Y. and Richard L. Hilkey.


• Arabella J. Huth to Kimberly S. and Nicholas T. Huth.

• Eden R. Davis to Emily R. and Jakeb E. Davis.


• Kennedy N. Walkup to Crystal L. and Ryan S. Walkup.

• Quinn J. Shultz to Tessa M. Martin and Joseph E. Shultz.


• Harper G. Turner to Melissa A. and Zachary S. Turner.

• Liam R. Patch to Jessica M. Patch.


• Arayiah H. Baker to Latasha M. Delong and John M. Baker.

Columbia City

• Hazel A. Vandriessche to Heidi L. and Ryan R. Vandriessche.

• Joseph D. Starnes to Tricia B. and Nathan H. Starnes.

• Lena M. Driver to Jennifer M. and Michael D. Driver.

• Lillian B. Week to Alicia E. and Zachary S. Week.


• Blake M. Loshe to Amanda L. Murdock-Loshe and Derek M. Loshe.

• Brooklynn A. Brown to Michelle C. and Dominick M. Brown.

• Cali E. McBride to Jill M. and Chad A. McBride.

• Margaret J. Schwartz to Fannie G. and Joseph J. Schwartz.

• Sophia M. Mitchel to Liliana and Spencer M. Mitchel.


• Keridwen A. Byerley-Campbell to Saffion M. Byerley and Adam L. Campbell.

• Marshal R. Gage to Taylor M. and Bret D. Gage.


• Bethany Eicher to Martha and Norman J. Eicher.

• Elizabeth A. Schwartz to Ada S. and Daniel G. Schwartz.

• Jarren J. Delagrange to Rebecca and Mervin J. Delagrange.

• Roselyn R. Miller to Loretta and Elam J. Miller.

• Thaddeus T. Eicher to Taruli I. and Thomas J. Eicher.


• Ethan A. Harris to Laura R. and Dontae L. Harris.


• Jackson J. Trapp to Angela K. Updike and David A. Trapp.


• Emma L. Beechler to Brittany A. Beechler and Andrew B. Osbun.

• Georgia Q. Bell to Lara D. and Michael J. Bell.

• Haley L. Riddle to Joohyun You and Joshua J. Riddle.

• Reagan J. Guitard to Alyson K. and Luke W. Guitard.

• Wyatt W. Doehrmann to Nichole R. and Charles A. Doehrmann.


• Aliyah L. Drumm to Kelsey M. Drumm.

• Caleb T. Lamontagne to Lyndsey M. and Zachary T. Lamontagne. 

• Grace E. Krause to Stephanie E. and Timothy P. Krause.

• Jaxon J. Kelley to Tiffanie M. Kelley.

• Mila G. Curry to Megan J. and Jaron I. Curry.

• Olivia J. Millington to Jennifer M. Millington.

• Raegan L. Furnish to Moriah L. and Trevor L. Furnish.

• Theodore K. Johnson to Kirby L. and Benjamin M. Johnson.


• Harper G. Ledford to Melissa D. and Joshua L. Ledford.

•Hudson N. Wheeler to Jennifer L. and Scott D. Wheeler.

• Ryder A. Smith to Rachella J. and Mark A. Smith.


• June L. Powell to Alexanderia N. Powell.


• Addilyn G. Wilcox to Megan N. and Seth W. Wilcox.

• Asher N. Rodeffer to Kathryn M. and Matthew S. Rodeffer.

• Reese M. Yoder to Kara E. and Cameron J. Yoder.

• Sebastian H. Hall to Elisabeth H. Chaparro and Luke D. Hall.


• George A. Rothgeb to Rebecca G. and Nicholas A. Rothgeb.

• Owen A. Colbert to Irene N. Oliver and Dustin L. Colbert.

New Haven

• Adalynn J. King to Danielle M. King.

• Alyvia J. Lengacher to Anita A. and Matthew L. Lengacher.

• Carter C. Childs to Monique L. Childs.

• David J. Delagrange to Sarah D. and James J. Delagrange.

• Deborah R. Schmucker to Martha G. and Joseph J. Schmucker.

• Dennis J. Graber to Priscilla M. and Enos Graber.

• Elias A. White to Grace A. and Ryan T. White.

• Madelyn R. Briede to Kimberly A. and David A. Briede Jr.

• Rylee A. Richhart to Nicole D. Tanner and Benjamin J. Richhart.

• Vincent M. Nahrwold to Katie J. and Brent T. Nahrwold.

• Xander D. Gaff to Derren M. and Jacob A. Gaff.


• Eva R. Gerber to Brittany B. and Brant W. Gerber.

• Michael Roman J. Barton to Kelly M. and Matthew D. Barton.

• Nyla M. Steffen to Jamie L. and Phillip R. Steffen.


• Beau E. Bennett to Megan B. and Walter J. Bennett.


• Grayson T. Perkins to Sara E. and Jonathon M. Perkins.

• Lucy J. Juergens to Jennifer L. and Brandon S. Juergens.

St Joe

• Caleb N. Wallingford to Richelle B. and Ryan N. Wallingford.

• Jenna M. Turner to Christina K. Scribner and Nathaniel W. Turner.

South Whitley

• Peyton L. Allender to Brandy A. and Andrew J. Allender II.


• Bethany R. Graber to Amanda and Joseph J. Graber. 


• Eleanor M. Gummere to Brittany N. and Benjamin D. Gummere.


• Coby M. Haupert to Katherine M. and Jared M. Haupert.

• Mariana R. Reed to Ashlee N. and Timothy J. Reed.


• Zachariah L. Shelley to Teresa K. and Joseph S. Shelley. 


• Leo T. Winn to Elena and Gregory A. Winn.

• Peter D. Warren to Lauren K. and Jared R. Warren.


• Haylee M. Lemon to Jennifer L. Lemon.


• Aiden T. Owens to Caris A. and Rodney A. Owens Jr.


• Gideon P. Smith to Mica L. and Gabriel P. Smith.

• Kinsley M. Moore to Alison M. and Jacob E. Moore.

• Madilyn R. Pelis to Andrea R. and Daniel L. Pelis.

• Rosemarie Graber to Shyla M. and Leroy L. Graber.