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Fort Wayne births, through Aug. 10

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 10.

• A’meriah S. Upshaw to Aminat K. Upshaw.

• Aaliyah I. Win to Whitney N. Win.

• Abby E. Frappier to Molly A. and Chad E. Frappier.

• Abdulaziz O. Musa to Amira M. Manago and Osman M. Daood.

• Addisyn G. Bowen to Jessica L. Bowen.

• Adrianna M. Jimenez to Kelsey E. and Landon L. Jimenez.

• Alexander K. Griffin to Lashawn N. Wright-Griffin and Michael A. Griffin.

• Alexis R. Wise to Shannon V. Knittig and James A. Wise Sr.

• Allison N. Pepple to Bethany S. and Thomas D. Pepple.

• Anely C. Guzman to Adalid and Jose A. Guzman.

• Angel Flores to Brenda L. Izquierdo and Jose J. Flores.

• Anival Rivas Jr. to Ciera S. Cole and Anival Rivas.

• Annabelle L. Bowen to Britney L. and Brandon J. Bowen.

• Annalayah Z. Didier to Lanessa D. Espich and Jeremy W. Didier.

• Anthony J. Carboni to Britteny S. Ladig and Joseph A. Carboni.

• Anthony J. Lengacher to Sara J. Walker and Jonas L. Lengacher.

• Areyonna K. Flynt to Faith A. Ridgway and Adrian J. Flynt.

• Arianna F. Nusbaumer to Sarah J. Nusbaumer.

• Arman Covic to Melita and Samir Covic.

• Armin Dervisevic to Selvedina Dervisevic.

• Armoni L. Whitsett to Shaquana L. Burks and Ronald P. Whitsett Jr.

• Ashton M. Blackburn to Marylon A. Rice and Alex M. Blackburn.

• Autumn R. Allmandinger to Adriana J. Burlage and Chad D. Allmandinger.

• Avery M. Staton to Melissa A. and Joshua A. Staton.

• Avonna S. Waller to Shiquita L. Bryant and Dell D. Waller.

• Benjamin W. Kennedy to Joyelle L. and Joshua W. Kennedy.

• Blayze R. Landis-Parks to Ashley N. Landis and Aaron J. Parks.

• Brayden A. Jancso to Mary L. Jancso and Ashton A. Harman.

• Brekken S. Hevel to Kara M. and Jerod S. Hevel.

• Brennan J. Frye to Jessica M. and James K. Frye.

• Brooklyn A. Diehl to Sarah A. and Matthew G. Diehl.

• Caliana G. Becker to Maria F. and Nicholas D. Becker.

• Camden M. Stewart to Caitlan N. and Craig A. Stewart.

• Cameron L. Farr to Celeste M. and Marcus L. Farr.

• Chanel L. Sanders to Jantel M. Lamb and Deon M. Sanders.

• Charlotte O. Stahl to Courtney E. and Daniel Z. Stahl.

• Christian E. Gaffer to Jillissa B. Combs and Christopher J. Gaffer.

• Corinne M. Joost to Rebekah A. and Michael R. Joost.

• Da’leshia J. Furlough to Stephanie J. and Marcus D. Furlough.

• Damarcus T. Gaff to Kaitlin L. Gaff.

• Damen A. Bock Jr. to Angel L. Bowen and Damen A. Bock.

• David M. Buchler to Emily E. and Mark J. Buchler.

• Deitrick T. Ervin III to Daeshanique S. McCary and Deitrick T. Ervin Jr.

• Dylan R. Robles Cardenas to Sylvia P. Robles Cardenas.

• Elias W. Hallis to Brittany N. and Eric M. Hallis.

• Elijah J. Bultemeyer to Brittany M. and Jason W. Bultemeyer.

• Elijah O. Knight to Taylor N. Baker and Robert L. Knight Jr.

• Emery L. Robison to Madison A. Sell and Paul W. Robison IV.

• Emily L. Saldivar to Brandi R. and Sergio Saldivar.

• Ethan B. Darrow to Tracey K. and David P. Darrow.

• Ethan I. Buhr to Jennifer L. and Ryan A. Buhr.

• Ethan J. Luyben to Jennifer B. and Joseph E. Luyben.

• Ethan T. Wells to Lauren E. and Timothy A. Wells.

• Everly A. Wysong to Kayla N. Carpenter and Jeremy A. Wysong.

• Fawzan Nuhu to Ayesha S. Johnson and Nuhu Abdulai.

• Finn L. Sutton to Kandi J. and Stevan L. Sutton.

• Frederick M. Morin to Jennifer M. and Michael D. Morin.

• Gareth W. Thomas to Megan H. Thomas and Scott R. Strater Jr.

• Gavin T. Bradd to Brooke S. Thomas and Elex J. Bradd.

• Georgia A. Tippmann to Shelley M. and Patrick K. Tippmann Sr.

• Gianna S. White to Carrie C. Deberry and Cortney S. White.

• Gracelynn M. Craft to Emily A. Pearson and Kevin P. Craft.

• Greyson S. Spangler-Watkins to Victoria S. Spangler and Julian A. Sanders-Watkins.

• Haley R. Barker to Heather S. and Curtis D. Barker.

• Hope M. Bird to Melinda L. and Andrew J. Bird.

• Ikira M. Hairston to Kinyedda M. Hairston.

• Iris E. Tritch to Margaret M. McEntee and Tanner L. Tritch.

• Isla R. Ramsey to Eva M. Ramsey.

• Ja’siah N. Smith to Raeisha C. Smith.

• Jack W. Budde to Rachel B. and Michael H. Budde Jr.

• Jameson H. Green to Jennie M. and Timothy R. Green.

• Janelle J. Paxson to Tracy A. and Jason L. Paxson.

• Javier P. Munoz to Amanda J. and Vincent M. Munoz.

• Jaxon A. Testolin-Jones to Morgan M. Jones and Christopher J. Testolin.

• Jaxson M. Embry to Krista M. Stonebraker and Matthew J. Embry.

• Jazineth M. Chipres-Zarate to Maritza Chipres-Zarate.

• Jimarre L. Eldridge to Jalisa R. Eldridge.

• Jionni R. Cerrato to Guillermina and Ramon R. Cerrato.

• John W. Stewart Jr. to Tasha Q. and John W. Stewart Sr.

• Jonathan E. Singer to Rebecca D. and Jason A. Singer.

• Joseph C. Steele III to Anna R. and Joseph C. Steele Jr.

• Joshua D. Uecker to Megan K. and Jonathan P. Uecker.

• Julieta Luna Martinez to Gabriela Martinez Duran and Luis M. Luna Lopez.

• June M. Roberts to Angela B. and Nathan C. Roberts.

• Kaileen E. Emmons to Kelli S. Thatcher and Harold L. Emmons III.

• Kajal Chittoory to Sweta S. Nunna and Naga V. Chittoory.

• Kaleb K. McMillen to Jamie L. and Nicholas R. McMillen.

• Kamariana A. Moore to Ashley M. Hill and Marques P. Moore.

• Kaylee I. Volz to Elizabeth C. Campbell and Ramon G. Volz.

• Keanu F. Afamasaga to Claudia J. and Jye W. Afamasaga.

• Keenaroy Oung to Mi Aye Thi Da Khaing and Saik N. Oung.

• Kennedy R. Brandyberry to Sara D. Brandyberry.

• Laila M. Morrow to Lisa L. Robinson and Gregory D. Morrow.

• Leevi K. Driver to Megan M. Branning and Jasson J. Driver.

• Leon M. Halter to Alyssa M. Halter and Devin M. Longfellow.

• Liam M. Sowles to Kylee R. McCoy and Kyle E. Sowles.

• Liam T. Steiner to Amonrat R. Steiner.

• Lillian P. Nelson to Tonia M. Madison and Michael J. Nelson.

• Lillie M. Overton to Carlisa A. Overton and Wyatt R. Cox Jr.

• Lillyan M. Bohl to Elise M. and Brandon M. Bohl.

• Mariah L. Hathaway to Vicki V. Patire and Nicholas J. Hathaway.

• Mason A. Blumenschein to Brea A. Blumenschein.

• Mason M. McDougall to Kamille R. Martin and Michael M. McDougall.

• Mathis G. Michael to Cassandra D. and Anthony L. Michael.

• Maximilian R. Babbitt to Jennifer R. and Robert R. Babbitt.

• Merida I. Harmeyer to Amanda J. and Aaron R. Harmeyer.

• Mi’leigh M. King to Kermisha M. King.

• Milo U. Daniels to Michelle L. and Gabriel U. Daniels.

• Mohamad Salin to Sar Ga Be and Koko Oo.

• Mylee J. Jackson to Tiffany L. Hontz and Donnie Jackson Jr.

• Natalia G. Luna to Cristina P. Vertiz-Martinez and Jose R. Luna.

• Natalie M. Raby to Dana B. and Arend C. Raby.

• Natalie N. Harber to Pamela M. and Jonathan R. Harber.

• Nathalie Gonzalez to Yanet Gonzalez.

• Nathan B. Pierre-Louis to Marie L. and Jean W. Pierre-Louis.

• Nehemias V. Lopez to Nancy C. Castellanos and Darwin V. Lopez.

• Nevin W. Stover to Tori J. Stachurski and Matthew J. Stover.

• Neythan N. Esquivel Romero to Ibeth Esquivel Romero.

• Nora J. Storey to Lynnsie R. and Daniel L. Storey.

• Ny-Arriah N. Moore-Washington to Neisha N. Moore and Fulton L. Washington Jr.

• Parker J. Dahman to Lindsay B. and Andrew J. Dahman.

• Paulun C. Hau to Thang D. Cing and Khup S. Hau.

• Promyse M. Looper to Iesha L. Looper.

• Ranger S. Cady to Michele L. Olivarez and Austin S. Cady.

• Rosaline M. Felten to Brittany R. and Ian J. Felten.

• Rose M. Koomler to Natalie E. and Richard P. Koomler.

• Ryan D. Waldroup to Amy L. and Ryan M. Waldroup.

• Saphira J. Bauman to Jessica H. and Jason A. Bauman.

• Sarah A. Hartley to Ericka R. Stevens and Graham A. Hartley.

• Savion M. Moore to Shamara D. Moore and David M. Green.

• Sawyer J. Sprunger to Heather N. and Brian A. Sprunger.

• Scarlett L. McCarthy to Amanda M. and Daniel M. McCarthy.

• Serenity C. Davis to Heather M. Gaff and Keenan A. Davis.

• Shelaine M. Lock to Beth E. and Philip D. Lock.

• Skylar R. Warfield to Shawnta N. Warfield.

• Skyler C. Kennedy to Nikki N. Goodison and Michael C. Kennedy.

• Susieann L. Williams to Ashley L. Williams.

• Theodore D. Thompson to Andrea L. Nelson and Eric K. Thompson.

• Titus A. Rapp to Jessica N. and Morgan D. Rapp.

• Trenden K. Owen-Turner to Kerry K. Owen Geiger and Kevin E. Turner.

• Tresar Wah to Naw N. Mu and Saw H. Wah.

• Tyler M. Egner to Joni R. Egner.

• Uriah T. Wilson to Daraina P. Belcher and Samuel L. Wilson.

• Zadie C. Girardot to Amber M. and Christopher M. Girardot.

• Zander D. Bonjour to Kristen E. Bonjour.

• Zander G. Gooden-Johnson to Keely P. Johnson and Antonio D. Stokes-Gooden.

• Zion K. Garvin to Shaquayla D. Garvin.