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Letter to the editor: It's all part of the far left's game plan

Monday, September 1, 2014 - 12:01 am

What a dichotomy! Here you have one black kid killed under still yet to be determined circumstances and as we speak/write it’s open season on black kids in President Obama’s Chicago — yet hardly a peep, sentence, comment from the radical, far left, elitist, socialist “main stream media” (so called but hardly “main stream”).

Why? I’ll spell it out for you. The far left and media ( synonyms for sure) want only to push their social injustice/redistribution agendas and in the process suppress any and all distractions/opposing viewpoints.

The far left game plan: Reinvent history in the schools and teach the far left mantra; incite distrust of local law enforcement; use the unions to push for “social fairness”; placate the “masses” with welfare programs; control the judiciary at all levels, thus ensuring “their” programs go unchallenged; levy onerous taxes and redistribution schemes to pay for their welfare programs; legalize masses of Illegals to ensure “they” have the votes to stay in power.

If this comes to pass, what would be the end result? Think about it. You won’t like it. So stand up and speak up!

Rich Polk