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Wednesday, July 9, 2008 - 11:29 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through June 30. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Juliana A. Moore to Vigdalia and Jordyn W. Moore.


• Kaydence M. Ogle to Janel M. Ogle.

• Reed J. Lantz to Leslie A. and Stephen N. Lantz.

• Ryan M. Stuckey to Teresa R. and Justin L. Stuckey.


• Braiden J. Herzog to Kimberley C. Herzog and Kevin P. Peeper.

• Cooper J. Abel to Milinda M. and Robert L. Abel.

• Gracie P. Abshier to Wendelle J. and Matthew P. Abshier.

• McCoy T. Elzey to Heather R. and Larry L. Elzey.


• Justin M. Paul to Amy N. and Jason A. Paul.

• Katelyn E. Fortman to Melanie B. and Brian F. Fortman.

• Noah D. Myers to Misti M. and Hugh L. Myers.

• Patrick A. Cain to Amy C. and Bill E. Cain.


• William C. Patterson to Amanda A. and Landon K. Patterson.


• Carter T. Foreman to Sara N. and Eric T. Foreman.

• Isla J. Gibson to Teresa J. and Heath C. Gibson.

• Jacob J. Kerr to Michele L. and Jacob S. Kerr.

• Jake E. Boots to Carrie J. and Braden K. Boots.

• Piper R. Baker to Keri R. and Jason L. Baker.


• Zachary T. Holtz to Kristen N. and Gary M. Holtz.


• Dylan M. Straub to Lyndsy N. and Matthew T. Straub.

• Keaton T. Hale to Rachel M. and Christopher A. Hale.

Columbia City

• Adam D. Clark, Amanda E. Clark and Seth R. Clark to Lynnel J. and Mark R. Clark.

• Aiden M. Engleman to Kylee M. Morr and Adam M. Engleman.

• Ciara M. Clifford to Paula M. and Jeffrey A. Clifford.

• Gabriel L. Smith to Angela M. and Joshua A. Smith.

• Joel T. Bean and Luke R. Bean to Amy S. and Scott R. Bean.

• Logan E. Copeland to Jamie N. and Jason E. Copeland.

• Lyncon K. Willard to Ashley N. Vergon and Joshua L. Willard.

• Mathias A. Rice to Barbra L. and Larry A. Rice Jr.

• Savannah R. Overholser to Melissa J. and Ronald W. Overholser.

• Teegan C. Trimmer to Marah E. and Chad D. Trimmer.


• Evie M. Harris to Jodi L. and David A. Harris.


• Daniel S. Sheehan to Kelli J. and Shawn P. Sheehan.

• Devon W. Reddin to Alicia M. Conover and Danny W. Reddin.

• Kayden A. Hunter to Erin A. and Ulysses A. Hunter.

• Shane A. Robinson to Misty D. Myers and Michael A. Robinson.


• Ariana L. Blevins to Kristi L. and Taylor W. Blevins.

Fort Wayne

• Aayden M. Fowlkes to Andrea M. Fowlkes.

• Adali S. Hyder to Abbagail N. and Adam B. Hyder.

• Addison M. Warner to Jennifer M. Goeglein and Timothy L. Warner.

• Adrianna J. Rust to Jessica M. and Cameron B. Rust.

• Aedyn M. Quintanilla to Kristi D. Andrews and Roberto J. Quintanilla.

• Aiyden R. Hill to Becky L. Haynes and Vincent A. Hill.

• Alaya M. Carter to Brylynn M. and William D. Carter.

• Amari Z. Stephens-Wilkins to Ashley C. Lyles and Eathan A. Wilkins.

• Amelia M. Herdman to Erica C. and Andrew J. Herdman.

• Amiliana M. May to Kendra A. May.

• Amiliya A. Evans to Aisha-Amina L. Hicks and Mario D. Evans.

• Andrew M. Bak to Ashley D. and Matthew L. Bak.

• Aniyah L. Patmon to Jalletta V. Patmon.

• Aniyah M. Shanabarger to Andrea M. and Ralph W. Shanabarger.

• Anne C. Thompson to Cathleen O. and David O. Thompson.

• Anthony A. Magana to Adriana P. Davila and Edgar R. Magana.

• Ashlee G. Vanderbosch to Gwen E. and Brian H. Vanderbosch.

• Atalaya M. Geyer to Jennifer N. and Charles P. Geyer.

• Bella M. Hilger to Mary E. and Patrick H. Hilger.

• Benjamin A. Strack III to Rhonda G. and Benjamin A. Strack II.

• Biviana A. Angel to Adela Esparza and Cristian O. Angel.

• Blake M. Bordner to Sonja A. and Mason L. Bordner.

• Boston C. Stineburg to Jennifer L. and John L. Stineburg.

• Brady N. Vince to Michele L. and Matthew N. Vince.

• Ava M. Barrera to Maria K. and Tomas L. Barrera.

• Branson D. Birkey to Candace D. and Ryan D. Birkey.

• Brayan S. Quizhpezarate to Melida E. Zaratequiroga and Segundo B. Quizhperuiz.

• Briana G. Cooper to Sara A. and Wesley R. Cooper.

• Brooke A. Barton to Chelsea L. and Austin W. Barton.

• Bryce A. Tuttle to Amber D. Kluesner and Jason A. Tuttle.

• Cadence M. Henderson to Reichel M. and Jeremy J. Henderson.

• Caleb A. Geiger to Rachel A. Christlieb and Cody S. Geiger.

• Caleb F. Hollingsworth to Suzanne M. Nell and J.S. Hollingsworth.

• Carly L. Bair to Carrie L. and Brett A. Bair.

• Carter J. Andrews to Erica L. Conrad and Jason D. Andrews.

• Carter T. Sheefel to Tracy A. and Tony L. Sheefel.

• Charles E. Myers Stahl to Jennifer M. Myers Stahl.

• Chloe A. Meinert to Lee A. and Kevin E. Meinert.

• Claire R. Michael to Molly L. and Daniel J. Michael Fort Wayne

• Connor M. Gordon to Valerie S. and Michael S. Gordon.

• Cora A. Hall to Annmarie and Benjamin S. Hall.

• Cristal Nino to Martha E. and Cristobal R. Nino.

• Cristian E. Monterroso to Zuria B. Valenzuela and Moises Monterroso.

• Damarion T. Jemison to Valria D. Jemison.

• Damaya S. Wright to Monique L. Wright.

• Daniel A. Ridley Jr. to Nikia N. Thompson and Daniel A. Ridley Sr.

• Dario Djurovictopalovic to Peja Djurovictopalovic and Zoran Djurovic.

• Darnell E. Hicks Jr. to Tamika L. and Darnell E. Hicks Sr.

• Darshaun L. Banks to Kari N. Banks.

• Davon T. Hawkins to Regina P. and Vertis L. Hawkins Sr.

• Dawson A. Shovek to Victoria L. and Jesse A. Shovek.

• Daymarion L. Rogers to Gwendolyn M. Rogers.

• Delaney A. Kruse to Brenna M. and Zachary D. Kruse.

• Donovan K. Murray to Sharlmar L. Wright and Paul J. Murray.

• Edwin Flores to Janette Menendez and Jose M. Flores.

• Eh M. Shee to Paw P. Ree and Moo Sgee.

• Elena I. Anguelov to Yordanka B. and Ilia A. Anguelov.

• Eli W. Campbell to Christine S. and Ryan S. Campbell.

• Elianna G. Cresse to Sarah E. and Stephen T. Cresse.

• Elijah T. Malott to Heidi M. and Thomas J. Malott.

• Elyse S. Rose to Melissa H. Rose.

• Emilia C. Craver to Elizabeth A. and Benjamin L. Craver.

• Emilio Lozano Palacios to Evangelina Palacios Zertuche and Roberto Lozano Martinez.

• Emmalynn G. Niblick to Michelle L. and Sean G. Niblick.

• Erin R. Johnston to Jamie L. and Aaron W. Johnston.

• Ethan J. Polcsak to Kristi S. and John Polcsak.

• Ethan R. Hogle to Hillary Coughlin and Donald C. Hogle.

• Evan O. Lim to Michelle R. and Sung S. Lim.

• Faye M. Davis to Dawn M. Henderson-Davis and Jeffrey C. Davis.

• Finley E. Adams to Holli M. and Matthew T. Adams.

• Gabriel I. Sprunger to Tara L. and Chad A. Sprunger.

• Gabriella G. Barr to Leslie L. Barr.

• Gabrielle L. Willis to Nicole M. and Jason M. Willis.

• Gavin T. Cuellar to Melissa M. and Jacob A. Cuellar.

• Genessis V. Torres to Reyna Torres.

• Hanna I. Rickard to Jenny L. and Philip J. Rickard.

• Henry B. Rivera to Diana C. and Hector M. Rivera Jr.

• Howard R. Genung to Taron R. and Rocky D. Genung.

• Isaac L. Heller to Monica L. and Adam L. Heller.

• Isabel G. Dickinson to Michae-Lynn Birch and Gregory D. Dickinson.

• Isabelle L. Lombrana to Jessica A. and Lance Lombrana.

• Isabelle M. Wittke to Jacqueline S. and Thomas F. Wittke.

• Isaiah J. Zickler to Jessica L. and Matthew L. Zickler.

• Isaiah M. Small to Shandy B. Cherneski and Justin M. Small.

• Isha Krishnan to Sandya Satyamurthy and Gopal Balasubramaniam.

• Izabella R. Bair to Samantha M. Bair.

• Izabelle C. Dulin to Carolynn F. and Aaron M. Dulin.

• Izabelle M. Vansumeren to Megan R. and John J. Vansumeren.

• Izzabella J. Homan to Devrie J. and Mark D. Homan.

• Jaanah U. Ware to Jamia S. Butler and James E. Ware.

• Jack T. Regan to Kelly A. and Dominic M. Regan.

• Jacob R. Ruiz to Amber R. Sampson and James M. Ruiz.

• Jacob T. Rodibaugh to Melissa L. and Bryan T. Rodibaugh.

• Jaila M. Hernandez Gunkel to Kara J. Gunkel and Hector A. Hernandez.

• Jaslene Ochoa to Maria C. Carrillo and Emilio A. Ochoa.

• Jaslene Y. Diaz to Gabriella P. Diaz.

• Jasmine J. Bennett to Angela J. Bennett.

• Jasper N. Therkelsen to Michelle L. and David J. Therkelsen.

• Jaylen J. Shears to Ayesha R. Shears.

• Joanna K. Payton to Lydia K. Payton.

• John D. Olson to Sarah N. and Adam R. Olson.

• Joshua E. Stewart to Jenna M. Stewart.

• Josileana M. Casiano to Gia M. and Johnathon N. Casiano.

• Joy D. Hedtke to Zara L. and Scott R. Hedtke.

• Jude S. Johnson to Amy K. and James R. Johnson Sr.

• Kaden I. Robles to Jasmine M. and Luis A. Robles.

• Kamaya A. Hicks to Tashana A. and Jerome A. Hicks.

• Kane M. Ferrell to Wendy R. and Jonathan M. Ferrell.

• Karl G. Wallace to Alisia C. and Keith W. Wallace.

• Kaylie X. Aldave to Arely and Oscar Aldave.

• Kendall N. Shockey to Heather N. and David M. Shockey.

• Kimberly X. Madrigal to Esther Madrigal.

• Kordaeis T. Crowell to Shayla D. Hardy and Kevin T. Crowell.

• Kwensi O. Hatch II to Kimberly S. Olin and Kwensi O. Hatch I.

• Kye R. Buenconsejo to Abigail R. and Gaynor A. Buenconsejo.

• Kyle J. Nichols to Cassandra L. Ashley N. and Daniel R. Green.

• Leticia R. Velez to Kayla R. Velez.

• Levi D. Hernandez to Amanda J. and Daniel F. Hernandez.

• Lex C. Prue to Laurie A. and Christopher R. Prue.

• Libby O. Langley to Jennifer R. and John M. Langley.

• Lilah J. Blaylock to Courtney J. and Jeffrey C. Blaylock.

• Liliana D. Bloem to Lauren M. Stewart and Daniel D. Bloem.

• Lillian J. Englehart to Rhonda L. and Jason L. Englehart.

• Logan W. Frieden to Laura L. and Matthew W. Frieden.

• Lorelei A. Nighswander to Amanda E. and Benjamin A. Nighswander.

• Lyndsey M. Reinhart to Courtney M. Reinhart.

• Maddalyn M. Richert to Becky E. and Aaron M. Richert.

• Madison R. Blomeke to Robin L. and Charles W. Blomeke.

• Mariah L. Shurelds-Westfield to Whitney L. Shurelds and Raymond L. Westfield.

• Mason D. Fahlsing to Christy A. and Paul E. Fahlsing.

• Matteo C. Passoni to Heather S. and Gianfranco Passoni.

• Matthew A. Welborn to Samantha L. and Andrew J. Welborn.

• Meredith A. Sharer to Kathryn M. and Ian M. Sharer.

• Michael S. Day Jr. to Alexis J. and Michael S. Day.

• Mikayla A. Roxas to Nicole L. Stucky and Robert A. Roxas.

• Moriah L. Armstrong to Christina M. and Jeremy K. Armstrong.

• Nara M. Brock to Hillary L. and Eric L. Brock.

• Natelie M. Kruzan to Virginia M. and Zachary R. Kruzan.

• Nathan A. Nakasen to Carla M. Nakasen.

• Noah J. Gallagher to Jennifer M. and Joel A. Gallagher.

• Noah L. Denton to Amber L. Nelson and Jonathan E. Denton.

• Olivia K. Miller to Holly A. Wyrick and Geoffrey A. Miller.

• Onasis A. Gonzalez to Hilda I. Abrego and Onesimo Gonzalez.

• Owen H. Weiss to Elizabeth E. and Nicholas J. Weiss.

• Quinten C. Eifrid to Danielle R. Eifrid.

• Reid R. Payton to Crystal A. and Daniel R. Payton.

• Rex A. Foreman III to Lesley A. Taylor and Rex A. Foreman Jr.

• Rex A. Moore Jr. to Renee M. and Rex A. Moore.

• Rhydian S. Morgan to Heather E. and Joshua L. Morgan.

• Riley D. Dunning to Carrie C. and Jeffrey E. Dunning.

• Riley J. Wolfgram to Nikki C. and Joshua J. Wolfgram.

• Roberto Sanchez to San Juana and Jose L. Sanchez.

• Rodrigo Zuniga to Marcela Zuniga.

• Ryan C. Kochendorfer to Jayme N. and Anthony W. Kochendorfer.

• Samuel K. David to Erica L. and Chad M. David.

• Samuel M. Mettler to April I. and Jeffrey M. Mettler.

• Sebastain J. Pender to Stacy M. Saunders and Patrick J. Pender.

• Serenity F. Loggains to Jessica S. and Gavin B. Loggains.

• Seth M. Coyer to Samantha C. Gunsch and Cody M. Coyer.

• Seth O. Shaw to Amanda G. and Douglas A. Shaw.

• Shirley Buendia to Blanca E. Huerta and Juan P. Buendia.

• Sofia R. Drake to Amber N. and James M. Drake.

• Sophie E. Bubb to Carolyn A. Bubb and Kevin D. Carpenter.

• Spencer D. Keim to Christian J. and Jeffrey D. Keim.

• Su Su N. Tin to Chit L. and Aung Tin.

• Swynn A. Jackson to Sheila K. and Damion L. Jackson.

• Taegan R. McKinney to Jessica N. Zieg and Terrance S. McKinney I.

• Taylor E. Hyde to Leisa L. and Curtis A. Hyde.

• Taylor M. Thiele to Jill M. and Robert J. Thiele.

• Terence L. Jackson Jr. to Che N. and Terence L. Jackson.

• Tessa O. Hoffman to Melynda S. and Jason A. Hoffman.

• Tierry C. Carter to Sherri C. and Todd T. Carter.

• Titus L. DeYoung to Brandi D. and Leonard D. DeYoung.

• Tristan E. Sonner to Katy E. and Jacob E. Sonner.

• Vahmaya L. Kinnie to Porsche J. Goodson and Timothy D. Kinnie.

• Wyatt A. Geisleman to Jessica G. Geisleman.

• Yinhnit Htoo to Thin T. Aye and Ye M. Htoo.

• Yoselin Trejo to Guadalupe Arellano and Maximino Trejo.

• Zacarea C. Gentry to DeShannon D. Gentry.

• Zachary T. Roberts to Erica J. and Gerald T. Roberts.

• Zoey Y. Jeong to Sang H. Lee and Ernest C. Jeong.


• Aiden J. Hunt to Natasha M. Foster and Aaron J. Hunt.

• Gideon E. Burgo to Nicole L. and Justin E. Burgo.

• Maxton I. Ahdel to Kristy L. and Leif E. Ahdel.


• Katelyn Marie Lengacher to Loretta and Joseph Lengacher.

• Maryann Schmucker to Malinda L. and Raymond Schmucker.

• Rebecca R. Schmucker to Leanna B. and Paul Schmucker.

Hartford City

• Arlando K. Edwards to Angel R. Carter and Arlando T. Edwards.


• Devin S. Knefelkamp to Katie L. Knefelkamp.


• Caiden P. Malcolm to Jodi L. and Philip J. Malcolm.


• Daniel R. Clark to Kimberly K. Merrill and Timothy C. Clark.

• Lauren O. Minnick to Shaunna F. and Michael E. Minnick Jr.


• Evan A. Renkenberger to Jessica M. and Jason L. Renkenberger.

• Isla J. Ernsberger to Elizabeth E. Ernsberger.

• Tristan N. Tobin to Jennifer L. and Jason W. Tobin.

La Fontaine

• Megan K. Gardner to Dyan M. Reed and Michael E. Gardner.


• Carsten W. Hollars to Monica L. and Brad D. Hollars.


• Crew J. Ebbinghouse to Jenniffer E. and Chad A. Ebbinghouse.


• Zachary M. Pearson to Tya F. Beam and Charles B. Pearson III.


• Anne Marie T. Haiflich to Jennie M. and Andrew J. Haiflich.


• Grace M. Lotter to Carla A. and Thad A. Lotter.

• Navy L. Bluhm to Amanda K. and Kyle R. Bluhm.


• Gianna J. Rhodes to Keila M. and Richard T. Rhodes.

New Haven

• Ava E. Werling to Lea Ann and Andrew D. Werling.

• Avery L. Dugan to Laura L. and Jason S. Dugan.

• Ayrianna R. Markley to Simona Markley.

• Brennan R. Mattern to Stephanie M. Mattern.

• Grant D. Ulmer to Carrie R. and Travis L. Ulmer.

• Hannah L. Kahn to Amanda S. and Scot A. Kahn.

• Jordyn A. Holocher to Danielle C. McMillan and Johnathon J. Holocher.

• Milton N. Gicharu to Esther W. Mbiu and Daniel G. Ndungu.

• Wren M. Atkeson to Rya L. Morgan and Todd A. Atkeson.


• Jaycie M. Grzych to Kaley M. and Cale T. Grzych.

• Kaydence L. Krumma to Jennifer L. and Matthew D. Krumma.

• Lillian S. Pence to Jennifer D. Turner and Joshua A. Pence.

• Reese A. Frauhiger to Nicole R. and Jediah C. Frauhiger.


• Journey Ann E. Ross to Brandy L. and James W. Ross.


• Hayden A. Soards to Mallory L. Soards.

South Whitley

• Lilyana V. Reeder to Darcy M. Sroufe and Anthony R. Reeder.


• Sophia L. Temple to Terri L. and Tyler A. Temple.


• Zeb A. Campbell to Amber N. Modricker Campbell and Tony W. Campbell.


• Emma E. Stanley to Brooke E. and Joseph P. Stanley.

• Izaiah J. Christian to Krystle L. Chavez and Laburnski J. Christian.

• Katelyn J. Rogers to Tara L. Savant and John V. Rogers.


• Kohen F. Smith to Melissa J. and Christopher D. Smith.


• Jonah K. Hyndman to Alexandra L. and Andrew T. Hyndman.


• Carson R. Mason to Danielle E. Wert and Royce H. Mason II.

• Jaslene G. Gomez to Teresa E. Silva and Salvador Gomez.


• Jacoby J. Stephenson to Amber M. and Scott E. Stephenson.