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Friday, September 19, 2008 - 10:42 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 31. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Emery E. Cardinal to Danielle M. and Brian L. Cardinal.


• Abigail G. Walker and Isabelle F. Walker to Katherine E. and Brian D. Walker.

• Elyssa L. Bender to Carla A. and Shannon J. Bender.


• Chanley D. Shaw to Sarah C. and Toby D. Shaw.

• Gavin M. Quillen to Rachel N. and Shane L. Quillen.

Columbia City

• Austin L. Hopson to Leanna M. and Shawn L. Hopson.

• Claudia N. Strack to Regina D. and Rodney L. Strack.

• Jaxson A. Johnson to Elka M. and Aaron L. Johnson.

• Lexy L. Baker to Lisa R. Thomas and Jeramy R. Baker.


• Colston J. Newbauer to Ginger K. and Joshua C. Newbauer.


• Andrew J. Timbers to Stephanie A. Timbers.

• Chloe E. Hunter to Tiffany C. Hunter.

• Nolan J. Pommer to Amy E. and Ian G. Pommer.

• Rashon L. Johnson to Erica A. Everett and Rickard L. Johnson.

Fort Wayne

• Aaron D. Jackson to Isha R. Jackson.

• Addison R. English to Jennifer N. and Eric M. English.

• Addisyn R. Ormsby to Erin L. and Michael C. Ormsby.

• Adriana V. Alonso to Aracely Chavez and Asencion Alonso.

• Ahnisti M. Long to Tamia L. and George Long IV.

• Alicia J. Bahena to Katrina A. and Ramiro Bahena.

• Allison P. Stedge to Anne-Marie and Brett M. Stedge.

• Amarie M. Gleason to Bianka L. Gleason.

• Amelia M. Paul to Tammy M. and Michael J. Paul.

• Angel A. Aviles to Claudia Palacios and Juan A. Aviles.

• Aniyah L. Brewer to Andrea D. Brewer.

• Austin M. Habegger to Tabatha M. and Kevin M. Habegger.

• Avery W. Cechvala to Amy E. and Joseph W. Cechvala.

• Ayden K. Wilson to Melissa L. Hapner and Kyle R. Wilson.

• Blake E. Mustaine to Stephanie I. Mustaine.

• Blake R. Gerue to Angela K. and Michael G. Gerue.

• Blessin J. Lottie to Latosha M. Lottie.

• Brady D. Boyle to Joni S. and Ryan D. Boyle.

• Braeden S. Melo Rolland to Carol A. Rolland De Melo and Samuel E. Melo Lizardo.

• Breonjanai L. Campbell to Brionna K. Campbell.

• Cadence J. Kuhnen to Jennifer J. and Timothy A. Kuhnen.

• Caelin G. Hamersley to Channa C. and Kraig L. Hamersley.

• Carolyn M. Lantz to Angela M. Thomas and Scott A. Lantz.

• Colton G. Houser to Ronda R. and Douglas L. Houser.

• Cooper T. Savage to Amy M. and Monte A. Savage.

• Daniel J. Anzaldua to Evangelina and Manuel Anzaldua III.

• Dayanara Calderon to Maria D. Solis Romero and Cesar E. Calderon Diaz.

• Donnivan J. Malone to Lola M. Carlisle and Isaiah J. Malone.

• Elena Rizvic to Adnana and Elvis Rizvic.

• Eli J. Neuhouser to Kimberly R. and Jonathan J. Neuhouser.

• Ellingtyn A. Gibson to Ashley A. and Jacob A. Gibson.

• Emma M. Barger to Michelle S. and Joseph F. Barger.

• Erik M. Hargrove Jr. to Analicia Nunez and Erik M. Hargrove.

• Foster C. Swaney to Jodie L. and Bret D. Swaney.

• Gavin W. Goldacker to Renee S. and Ryan W. Goldacker.

• Grace J. Lyons to Christine S. and Chadrick Lyons.

• Harrison S. Scheele to Stephanie L. and Jason A. Scheele.

• Hayden J. Rotz to Audrey A. and John F. Rotz.

• Isaiah M. Fernanders to Amanda L. Ankenbruck and Joseph B. Fernanders III.

• Izabella M. Anderson to Heidi M. and Michael T. Anderson.

• Jack E. Mills to Robin S. and Matthew G. Mills.

• Jackson R. Keller to Christy J. and Clinton E. Keller.

• Jahzara N. Chandler to Antisha L. Chandler.

• Jayden M. Underwood to Demetria D. Thompson and Thomas Underwood Jr.

• Jayden W. Hopkins to Erica B. Johnson and Kenneth D. Hopkins.

• Jeante D. Johnson to Arnessa L. Johnson.

• Jesus A. Soto to Lisa C. Soto.

• Jethro Moreno to Ana E. Lopez and Ricardo A. Moreno.

• Jonathan R. Sanchez to Maribel and Rafael Sanchez.

• Jordan D. Dickey to Latoyia D. Dickey.

• Karsten L. Sheets to Katrina C. and Michael J. Sheets.

• Katherine A. Worrel to Lindsay K. and David L. Worrel Jr.

• Katherine O. Horn to Molly O. and Michael D. Horn.

• Kaydence M. Baughman to Courtney L. Cox and Ryan A. Baughman.

• Keegan B. Naragon to Elizabeth A. and Matthew L. Naragon.

• Khemoni A. Lewis to Deora D. Lewis.

• Khin H. Cho to Khin M. Lwin and Tin M. Cho.

• Lajla Hasic to Sejla and Dzemal Hasic.

• Lauryn C. Newson to Takisha J. Simpson and Cassell A. Newson.

• Leena D. Heckenbach to Tracy D. and Joseph F. Heckenbach IV.

• Luca J. Benedict to Nicolette M. and Zachary R. Benedict.

• Lucas S. Ramirez to Tara E. Ramirez and Alfonso R. Vasquez.

• Lundyn S. Keller to Cristen D. Schmidt and Lance Keller.

• Maddison J. King to Misty J. and Jeremy M. King.

• Madison D. Myers to Julia R. and Robert M. Myers.

• Madison M. Nida to Brittany E. and Terry L. Nida Jr.

• Makora M. Stacey to Melissa A. Majikes and Christian W. Stacey.

• Melanie M. Tippmann to Suzanne L. and Thomas P. Tippmann II.

• Micah W. Burge to Amanda M. and Robert S. Burge.

• Michael A. Cisneros to Gilma E. Cisneros and Miguel A. Aldana.

• Molly M. Garcia to Laura A. and Aaron J. Garcia.

• My Kreen L. Trice to Nicole D. and Kreen A. Trice.

• Myles L. Wells to Carma M. Wells.

• Nayeli I. Serrano to Maria R. Serrano.

• Nyayla L. Allen to Rachel R. Allen.

• Peter O. Brough to Kathryn A. and Zachary D. Brough.

• Qatadah Ni to A Ti and Ga Ni.

• Reid C. Brammer to Jill L. and Ryan V. Brammer.

• Robert C. Hall to Vanessa B. and Robert R. Hall.

• Robert M. Fink to Jennifer A. and Todd A. Fink.

• Rowan M. Sheridan to Brooke T. and Seth D. Sheridan.

• Ryan A. Waikel to Alicia D. and Gregory I. Waikel.

• Samuel E. Smith to Teresa L. and David C. Smith.

• Samuel J. Zehr to Denice M. and David M. Zehr.

• Sophia Pue to Sa P. Be and A Pue.

• Terry A. Kaehr Jr. to Ailyn Q. and Terry W. Kaehr.

• Timothy J. Leonard to Jessica L. and Patrick R. Leonard.

• Trina F. Crismore to Devon M. and Cole E. Crismore.

• Virgil Z. Tharp to Chamessa T. Tabron-Tharp and Virgil A. Tharp.

• William M. Snyder to Gillian A. and Michael B. Snyder.

• Xynyla C. Dunn to Jasmine C. Dunn.

• Zade A. Bowman to Monica L. and Carl A. Bowman II.

• Zainub Anwar to Farhat Anwar-Ul-Haq and Muhammad Anwar-Ulhaq.


• Marlene K. Miller to Margie R. and John B. Miller.

• Melody R. Graber to Amy K. and Benjamin E. Graber.


• Avery E. Traylor to Amanda E. and Matthew W. Traylor.


• Jackson L. Foote to Stephanie A. and Jared L. Foote.

• Madisen S. Howard to Renee M. and Greggory A. Howard.

• Marisa L. Schneider to Jessi L. and Cody D. Schneider.


• Jack V. Orta to Lisa M. and Santiago R. Orta.

New Haven

• Anthony P. Tippmann to Sarah A. and Jay P. Tippmann.

• Kelly R. Johnson to Cimber D. Noble and Patrick K. Johnson.

North Manchester

• Maddux S. Greer to Andrea M. and Shane A. Greer.


• Logan K. Ulrich to Angela K. and Scott D. Ulrich.

• Molly F. Mishler to Angela R. and Gregory H. Mishler.

• Rebecca A. Bultemeier to Sarah D. and Bradley K. Bultemeier.


• Abbygail K. Haynes to Christina K. and Willis H. Haynes II.

• Charles J. Lilly to Victoria A. and Nicholas E. Lilly.

Saint Joe

• Noah M. Tropp to Elizabeth A. and Christopher G. Tropp.


• Norman J. Eicher to Barbara A. and Menno J. Eicher.

Van Buren

• Trinity L. Slagle to Amanda R. Dickey and Tony W. Slagle Jr.


• Yulia S. Halche to Bethel Sine and Yarde H. Halche.


• Adrien J. Lowry to Courtney N. Webster and Patrick R. Lowry.


• Alayna G. Motz and Riley A. Motz to Jennifer L. and Andrew J. Motz.


• Braden D. Gerke to Jillian K. and Jonathan C. Gerke.