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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - 12:01 am


• Shawn M. Fensler and Tara D. Dixson

• Ervin Timoteo Donis and Silvia Sandoval

• Julian Ontonio Brons Ross and Monique S. L. Anderson

• John D. Gooden and Shawntay M. Johnson

• Roddrick AlFred Gale and Lisa Marie Paetz

• Shane A. Hooker and Nicole R. Wilson

• Brian James Redd and Jennifer Marie Wilson

• Christian Alexan Castillo and Jessica Aybar

• Patrick D. Arnold and Amber Rose Meyer

• Michael Allen Abate and Tracey Lynn Lehman

• Thomas Edward Saine Jr. and Monica G. Spencer

• Kyle T. Huffman and Brittany P. Flinn

• Shane Lamont Larkin and Amber Mae Fink

• Noe Macias and Yuliana Diaz

• Adam R. Mills and Heather Rae Weaver

• Thomas L. Weinman and Cynthia K. Caine

• James E. Underwood and Tatiana N. Hill

• Thomas W. Schnitz and Susan B. Ludlow

• Shawn Adam Ratliff and Tina Collins

• Benjamin C. Hartman and Brittany A. Waterman

• Cecil D. Basham and Lisa M. Reinking

• William Henry Jacobs III and Anita Ann Blake

• Philip Eugene Budd and Patricia H. Duffitt

• Jerome A. Moenter and Katherine K. Meyer

• Eric L. Erexson and Fatih I. Hess

• Moe Saw Peter Tha and Eh You Ler

• Jose Miguel Basilio and Delilah Yardan Solis

• Jason L. Siegel and Breanna R. Jacquay

• Tremmel Clinton Williams and Maria E. Williams

• Derek L. Reiff and Theresa M. Skidgel

• Jose S. Martinez Jr. and Erin Michele Phelps

Information received from the office of Therese M. Brown, clerk of the Allen Superior and Circuit courts.