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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 12:01 am


• Joseph R. Landin and Kathryn A. Sloffer

• Matthew D. Ryan and Jennifer A. Welch

• Ricky Allan McMahan and Teresa Lynn Jones

• James J. Stinson and Michelle N. Smith

• Pheung K. Phomsoupha and Chansavang Vongkoth

• Seven Allen Helton and Jackie L. Troxell

• Matthew Fox Pope and Elaine N. Shipley

• De Andre Jacaquinn Clay and Andrea Yvonne Lockett

• Robert B. Hollo and Elissa B. Smith

• Aaron Daniel Highlen and Elizabeth R. Magno

• Jason Christopher Cain and Lisa Ann Goggans

• Joseph Lumir Serovy Jr. and Brittany Elise Seagrave

• Ryan T. Detzner and Heather Nicole Schultz

• Dennis Jay Yoder and Laura Ann Schmucker

• Mi Khan and Sa He Da

• William E. Rodgers and Nancy S. Loriaux

• Giovanni M. Plascencia and Monica A. Garcia

• Stanley J. Conger and Christina M. McIntosh

• Israel Gomez and Ambrocia Catalan

• Jamie Lee Stayer and Colleen Noel Irvine

• Luis Enri Camarena-Romero and Heybi Maribi Ordonez

• Dave F. Gebert and Susan E. Powell

• Joseph F. Klee and Erica L. Dowdell

• Nathan Michael Runda and Lisa Louise Hoekje

• Carl W. Wagoner and Amanda M. Becker

• Terrell Kavazer Carter and Chandra D. Walker

• Jose Gabriel Salinas and Rosalba Magallanes

• Alan Edward Windsor and Candy C. Beaver

• Paschal J. Cenci and Brea Lesley

• Aung S. Thu and Tin Tin Hlaing

• Timothy E. Wilson and R. Darlene Swing

• Isaac Jon Sands and Kay E. Springer

• Larry T. W. Payne Jr. and Mary Wauline Carswell

• Adrian Lamar Brown and Stephanie Marie Myers

• Mitchell Junior Hilliard and Deborah Denise Hopkins

• Adam Lee Downing and Stephanie Virginia Shields

• Thomas Paul Lucey and Kate Elizabeth Arata

• Scott A. Hankey and Jennifer Jean Hopson

• William Branning and Juliette R. Pressler

• Earl W. Wright Jr. and April J. McCloskey

• George Fletcher P. Allwein and Ashley Christine Ramos

• Kirk Andrew Hetrick and Keila Lynn Hissong

• Michael Patrick Flaugh and Mandi Renee Sutorius

• Kellen Andrew Lewis and Lelela Genevie Curry

• Dustin J. Andrews and Deena J. Martin

• Christopher M. Kinney and Sara Lynn Peters

• Larry L. Geans Jr. and April L. Weaver

• Toby E. Chin and Kelsey Leann Heidinger

• Thomas L. Jones and Robin N. Royal

• William L. Campbell Jr. and Rachel Elizabeth Monnier

• Gilbert J. Laguna and Barbara Burk

• Simon Kintz Fisher and Bonnie Jean Braun

• Michael T. Ross and Becky Baker Hegerfeld

• Rodney Paul Ray and Amanda Michelle Brewer

• Michael G. Landis and Nicole Dawn Elkins

• Timoteo Silva and Laiza Magaly Reyes

• Mark Adam Collar and Kelsey Adell Morgan

• Larry A. McCague Jr. and Anita E. Clark

• Blake Edward Costello and Jnet Storey

• Timothy Allan Wagler and Ida Mae Zehr

• Chad W. Price and Erin Lynn Smith

• Alejandro Lee Aguirre and Kathleen Deon Lee Iseton

• Nicholas N. Nino and Rosa Guzman

• Matthew J. Ping and Brittany Leclear

• Todd David Hart and Bethany A Wyatt

• Ricardo Salazar Jr. and Cinthia Corina Soto

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts.