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Globetrotter's message to Haley kids on preventing bullying a tall order

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Winning essay

Haley Elementary School fourth-grader Paris Drew wrote the winning essay about bullying in a Fort Wayne Newspapers' Newspapers in Education contest. Here is her essay:

I want to tell you why I should have the Harlem Globetrotters at my school, Haley Elementary. Several of my friends were getting bullied at school this year. I wanted to help them. So I came up with an idea. I make pins that have tags on them that say "Stop Bullying", when I wore one to school to show I was against bullying everyone in my class wanted one, so I have been making lots of them. My Mom saw this contest in the newspaper after I had started passing these pins out at school and I was excited to maybe have the Harlem Globetrotters come to my school and share the message of treating everyone nice.

Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 7:05 am

It was a serious topic, but Wun "The Shot" Versher tempered it with humor.

The Harlem Globetrotter was at Haley Elementary School on Wednesday to talk to the students about "The ABCs of Bullying Prevention." He was here in advance of the Globetrotters' stop in Fort Wayne on Jan. 2 as part of the team's 2014 "Fans Rule" world tour.

Haley Elementary was selected through a Fort Wayne Newspapers Newspapers in Education contest. Haley student Paris Drew wrote the award-winning essay.

Versher towered above the students assembled on the floor of the gym at Haley as he engaged them in thinking and talking about bullying. The ABC program was developed by the Globetrotters in coordination with the National Campaign to Stop Violence. The "ABC" in the program title refers to "action," "bravery" and "compassion."

Of course no Globetrotter presentation would be complete without a demonstration of some superb basketball skills, and Versher didn't disappoint. He chose several Haley students to participate in his demonstration, with mixed results — and lots of laughter.