Page Turner: Mysteries on her list include book by local author and ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ series

Editor’s note: This week’s Page Turner reader interview is with Lisa Esquivel Long, the metro editor of The News-Sentinel.

“This weekend, I plan to read ‘A Most Grievous Fault,’ written by Kathryn Imler. She is a former Bishop Luers (High School) person like me, and she has been a friend since high school. I saw this book mentioned on Facebook and decided to read it since it has to do with the Catholic Church and my love of a good mystery, and it is the first book for a new book club at the Waynedale library.

“Now I’m reading the ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ mysteries. One of the main characters is a 95-year-old. This goes with my love of nature and mystery, with titles like ‘Jack in the Pulpit’ and ‘Bee Balm Mysteries.’ The author is Cynthia Riggs. I discovered this at our library, where there seems to be a series on everything — cooking, knitting, any hobby.

“I love mysteries, I love puzzles and working out who did it. Recently, I started reading Agatha Christie because I love Hercule Poirot, so I backed into her.

“I read books. I don’t want to read electronically. I do that all day at work. And I want to see how far I’ve gone and put a book mark in so I can see how much more I have to read. I’m goal-oriented.

“My book club accuses me of always reading nonfiction, but I do read fiction. If I hear about somebody in a movie, I want to read about him. ‘Henry and June’ was a movie with Uma Thurman, and Anais Nin was a character in it. Anais Nin was a diarist, and she influenced author Henry Miller. I enjoy seeing the movie, then reading the book and seeing how they differ.

“I just read a book on Gregor Mendel. I really liked genetics in college. This is a bio, and now I’m learning about him, not just his work. I like to know what makes people tick. I’m a life-long learner.”