Our 5 picks for chocolate-themed movies

In recognition of National Chocolate Day on Saturday, we’d like to suggest some chocolate-themed movies. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and settle in with these sweet flicks.

*Chocolat: This flick stars Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. Depp plays Roux, who arrives among a group of Travelers/Gypsies to the dislike of the folk of the French village. Binoche’s character has moved there with her young daughter and has opened up a chocolate shop where the sweets have a strange effect on the villagers. Rated PG-13.

*Like Water for Chocolate: The title of this 1992 mystical Mexican romance based on the novel of the same name by Laura Esquivel refers to the way hot water is poured into a cake of chocolate. This Spanish-language movie tells the story of the boiling romance of Tita (played by Lumi Cavazos) and Pedro Muzquiz (Marco Leonardi) who can’t be together because she has an older sister, so he marries the sister to stay close to his real love. Tita’s mama wants to keep her at home to care of her all her life, and Tita’s culinary skills have magical effect. Rated R.

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Although Depp appeared in an updated version, we prefer the colorful Gene Wilder one. If children are naughty, they’re sucked up through pipes from a river of chocolate or rolled to the juice press, but just the right child with a golden ticket from a Wonka chocolate bar can inherit the whole shebang. Sometimes the good guy wins in the end. Rated G for the 1971 Wilder version; PG for the 2005 Depp version.

*The Chocolate War: This 1988 flick gives us memories of having to sell items to raise funds for our Catholic grade school: brooms, Easter Seals and the like. In this film a new student at a Catholic high school is not treated so well by classmates and refuses to take part in the school’s candy sales, leading to severe punishment from the Jesuit priest who runs it. Rated R

*Serendipity: Chocolate isn’t in the title but a hot chocolate drink heats up this 2001 romance between two New Yorkers played by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale who already are with other people. However, the two seem connected through a period of trials to see if they are fated to be together, and they seek each other out as they get ready to marry other people. Rated PG-13