Try these 5 Fort Wayne chocolate desserts

Chocolate cream pie, this one with bits of brownie, at Chrome Plated Diner. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of

Saturday is National Chocolate Day, though we like to celebrate it every day. No matter how full we are, there always seems to be room for dessert.

Here are five chocolate desserts we think you should try:

*Azar’s Big Boy’s Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake: Azar’s Big Boy, 6800 Bluffton Road. That warm melted chocolate covering the cold vanilla ice cream and bites of chocolate cake are heavenly.

*Chocolate cream pie at Chrome Plated Diner, 3434 N Anthony Blvd. This pie must be 2 inches thick with a layer of chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream and swirled with chocolate sauce on top.

*DeBrand Fine Chocolate’s Connoisseur Collection Aztec. Designed with an Aztec face this chocolate piece has crushed pecan brittle with pecan gianduja dipped in milk chocolate and garnished with finely ground chili peppers.

*Bandidos’ Sopapilla Supremo. We like to dull our anxiety with these delicious beauties of puffed cinnamon sugar pastry with caramel and topped with lots of chocolate sauce and even more whipped cream. We prefer it served with vanilla ice cream.

*Zesto’s chocolate twist cone. For some reason, an all-chocolate cone is just not as good as the chocolate-vanilla combination. Perhaps that brief second of losing the chocolate flavor makes us yearn for it more. Now we really miss it. Zesto’s is closed for the season.