Restaurant Notes extra: Asakusa Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar closes West Jefferson Boulevard site

The second location of Asakusa Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, which opened in 2013at 6401 W. Jefferson Blvd., has closed. ( file photo)

When an Asakusa Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar customer went to get her favorite Golden Roll at the West Jefferson Boulevard this week she was met with surprise: a closed restaurant and a sign sending customers to the Lima Road location.

Owner Michelle Chiang apologizes and cites a lack of getting enough employee help for the closure, which occurred Oct. 28.

“We really had no choice,” Chiang said. That site opened in 2013.

To offset the loss, Asakusa at 6224 Lima Road, which will celebrate its 18th anniversary in December, has added Sunday lunch and will stay open weekdays between lunch and dinner. Lima Road has had Sunday dinner hours but began this week serving lunch noon-3 p.m. Sunday, Chiang said. It now also offers a happy hour 2:30-4 p.m. weekdays with discount prices on sushi, she said.

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