Restaurant Notes extra: McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders selling out in Fort Wayne

Say it isn't so! McDonald's Crispy Chicken Tenders are sold out at the downtown Fort Wayne restaurant and others. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of

If you love those McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders you better get them fast because Fort Wayne restaurants are running out – if they haven’t already.

The downtown restaurant, 544 W. Jefferson Blvd., has a “sold out” sign on its menu board, and so does the one at 255 Coliseum Blvd. E. An employee said the item “took off” and the distribution center had stopped sending them out in an attempt to catch up.

The all-white meat Tenders, which come in 3-piece, 12-piece and 20-piece options with a dipping sauce, have been welcomed by those who miss the McDonald’s Chicken Select Tenders. The “Chicken Selects” were removed from the menu in 2013 after about a decade, much to the dismay of many Selects lovers. It even spawned the Bring Back McDonald’s Chicken Selects Facebook page with a petition for their return. The Selects returned for about a month in 2015.

Rabid Selects fans seem to have depleted the new item, which might return in a few weeks.

According to an email from Andrea Abate, a spokeswoman with McDonald’s corporate office, “Because demand far surpassed our expectations, we will soon take a brief break from serving (the tenders) at our restaurants. By the end of next month, however, our craveable and delicious tenders will be back and available for everyone’s enjoyment.”

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