Restaurant Notes: Get a first taste of Proximo at BakerStreet dinner series; group to cater in Ash greenspace

James Bashir Khan stands in front of the southwest corner of the Anthony Wayne Building, where he and his partners opened The Hoppy Gnome. They have several services going into Ash Skyline Plaza, where their Latin American restaurant, Proximo, is planned to go in this spring. ( file photo)

Those who want to get a taste of what Proximo will be serving this spring in Ash Skyline Plaza should try the 4820 Dinner Series.

The March 5 date in the series, held at BakerStreet, the fine-dining steakhouse at 4820 N. Clinton St., will showcase some of the food that diners might see on the menu at Proximo, the upscale Latin American restaurant planned by the partners in partners in Hoppy Gnome and BakerStreet.

Proximo will go into the ground floor of Ash, where the Golden farm-to-fork restaurant was until it closed in November. James Bashir A. Khan, along with his partners Lysa Pelkington, Peter Shuey, BakerStreet’s manager Ben Jones who’ll be Proximo’s general manager and Randy Fisher, BakerStreet’s sous chef, who’ll be Proximo’s chef, plan to expand the restaurant space to include a former retail area that will serve as a private dining are and to seek permission from the city to add a second patio on the Harrison Street side.

A new executive chef was moving from California over the weekend and will oversee all three of the partnership’s restaurants, and a construction meeting on Proximo was planned for last week, Khan said.

“We had this concept slated for 2019 at a different venue,” Khan said.

The restaurant got fast-tracked when the Golden’s spot opened up, so he feels “a couple of steps behind” in planning, he said.

“When the Hoppy Gnome was announced we had the menu all ready to go,” he said of the gastropub at 203 E. Berry St. that serves tacos, small dishes, appetizers, salads and soups.

“Five years ago when we were looking to put Proximo where Hoppy Gnome is (203 E. Berry St.), we did a South American-themed meals to see if it was something people would want.”

The series dinners, which are open to guests 21 years or older, will serve about 5-7 courses, Khan said. The food will not necessarily be what will eventually be on the menu when Proximo opens by early May, but will be similar, he said. Dinners begin at 6:30 p.m. and the cost includes menu items, a non-alcoholic beverage, tax and gratuity. Additional alcoholic beverages cost extra.

The Monday night dinners will be held on the following dates; menus haven’t been posted yet:

March 5 – Proximo $75

April 23 – Franciscan Estate Winery $75

June 4 – Beer dinner (to be decided) $65

July 16 – The Hess Collection Winery $75

Monday, Sept. 17 – BakerStreet’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration $100

Monday, Oct. 15 – Scotch dinner $75

BakerStreet’s 2018 Patio Dinner Series:

Sunday, June 10

Sunday, July 22

Sunday, Aug. 19

Each patio dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. and costs $30 (all inclusive; excluding alcoholic beverages).

Khan and company hope to offer breakfast for Ash employees. Another company has a contract to serve lunch in the cafeteria. The partnership also plans to have a “room service” to deliver food to employees’ desks, he said. They also will be a caterer for events in the open green space on the 6th floor of the building.

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