University of Saint Francis’ Marble Lounge Records label picks 10 finalists for first album release

The Marble Lounge Records label at University of Saint Francis has announced the 10 finalists from which it will pick a music artist or group who will be the first album released by the new record label. (Courtesy of

The University of Saint Francis’ Marble Lounge Records is announcing the names of 10 finalists being considered for selection as the first artist the record label will record and release.

The record label, which is staffed largely by USF students, will announce the winner Jan. 31.

Here are the nominees, in no particular order:

1. The Atomic Sharks,

2. Kelsicote,

3. Ike Iloegbu (Bas5D),

4. Rosalind & The Way,

5. Jess Thrower,

6. OLC (Overseas Love Crisis),

7. Carma (Courtney R. Miller),

8. Horizon Arcs,

9. Michael Joshua Neal,

10. Oblique,

Marble Lounge Records gives USF students hands-on experience in selecting a music artist or group, recording their music, releasing the album, and promoting the album and artist.

“We’d also like to congratulate everyone for applying and working with our students through this project,” Miles Fulwider, USF music technology program director, said in an email. “This is a very unique project for them — one in which they learn a great deal — but it also has displayed so much of the great talent that is here locally, as well as abroad.”