Looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas? Celebrate with Brush and Bakery

Downtown baker opens her store to hold painting class with desserts

Lindsay Miller plans a painting and sweets event for Saturday at her Abigail’s Confections. (Photo by Louisa Danielson)
Brownies and cookies will be some of the sweets at “Brush and Bakery” on Saturday at Abigail’s Confections. (Photo by Louisa Danielson for News-Sentinel.com)
“Brush and Bakery” on Saturday at Abigail’s Confections will have plenty of treats to eat while you paint. (Photo by Louisa Danielson for News-Sentinel.com)
“Brush and Bakery” on Saturday at Abigail’s Confections plans a sweet time for painters. (Photo by Louisa Danielson for News-Sentinel.com)
Heart-shaped Linzer cookies will likely be on the menu for Lindsay Miller painting and sweets event Saturday at her Abigail’s Confections. (Photo by Louisa Danielson)
Lindsay Miller plans a painting and sweets event for Saturday at her Abigail’s Confections. (Photo by Louisa Danielson)

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with desserts and painting? Lindsay Miller, who runs Abigail’s Confections, believes that this is a great way to have a party.

“I love to throw parties – anniversaries, cookouts, (anything)…” she explained. Although she has held one painting event in her bakery before, she decided to try holding some classes with her sister-in-law, who is an artist.

“Brush and Bakery” will be held Saturday. Two classes will be offered, one noon-3 p.m., and the second class 4-7 p.m.

Painting instruction and assistance will be given by Amber Broxon, who is a professional artist and is Miller’s sister-in-law. There will be a theme to each class; the first class will focus on creating paintings with the theme of Conversation Hearts. The second class will focus on the concept of Interlocking Hearts.

If you’ve never lifted a brush to canvas before, don’t worry. Miller explained that the paintings will be beginner-level projects, and Broxon will be available to help out anyone who might struggle with a technique. Participants will be given instructions, but won’t have to “do this exactly,” Miller clarified.

Each painting will be done in acrylic on a 16-by-20-inch canvas. All materials, from canvas to paints to aprons will be provided. “I believe that acrylic paint is one of the easiest paints to use,” Miller said, explaining that it dries very quickly, so participants can take their artwork home right after class.

Desserts – and the menu is generous – will be provided as part of the overall class package. Explained as a sumptuous buffet of delicacies, Miller said the treats will be “mainly bite-sized desserts.”

“I love making bite-sized things,” she said enthusiastically.

Lemon tarts, heart-shaped Linzer cookies with raspberry filling, best-seller bite-sized soft sugar cookies with buttercream icing, brownies, and cupcakes are just some of the items predicted to be on the menu. Maximum enrollment is 13-16 participants per class.

If a participant wants to focus on painting, Miller said that to-go containers will be available for picking up treats to take home. Or, if you really liked a treat, take some more home for the family or just for yourself – the cost is already covered by the class fee.

Participation in this event is limited to those age 16 and older. This is because the art class is happening in close proximity to the florist’s shop, and Miller wants to avoid any accidents that could happen with breakables and small children. At some point, she noted, she may consider having a kids-centered event.

Miller began baking professionally in 2014, and opened her storefront in August 2015. “People call me Abigail, and that’s cool!” Miller exclaimed. “I just liked the name (and decided to call the bakery ‘Abigail’s).” A graduate of Ivy Tech’s Hospitality and Business Administration degree program, with a specialty in baking and pastry, Miller has always loved to bake. Opening her own bakery is a dream come true. And being able to hold fun gatherings, like painting classes in her shop, “definitely was in my vision.”


What: Brush and Bakery Valentine’s Day event

When: noon-3 p.m. or 4-7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Abigail’s Confections, 236 E. Wayne St., Fort Wayne (walk into Cottage Flowers to reach the bakery)

Cost: $35 per person. Participants are asked to call/e-mail to reserve a spot. Participants who mention that they saw this article will receive 10 percent off their total fee for the event. Registration must be completed by Thursday, but late registrations are accepted.

Information: Call Abigail’s Confections at 260-228-1554 or send e-mail to Lindsay@abigailsconfections.com