THE PUB CRAWL: The Trion Tavern

The Trion Tavern is located at 503 Broadway Street in New Haven.
Just some of the 58 taps active at The Trion Tavern.
The pretzel nugget starter with creamy beer cheese at The Trion Tavern in New Haven.
Make American Juicy Again, an IPA from Heretic Brewing in California
Seating in the bar at New Haven's Trion Tavern
Inside the Trion Tavern, looking at more of their taps.
Picked up the daily special, Italian sausage with Swiss cheese and banana peppers with a side of pub fries at New Haven's Trion Tavern.
Inside of The Trion Tavern in New Haven.
Inside New Haven's Trion Tavern.
The root beer pork sandwich at New Haven's Trion Tavern.
Ciderboys Hard Cider's La Vida Sangria at The Trion Tavern.
Inside New Haven's Trion Tavern.
The Standby, one of the cracker crust pizzas at New Haven's Trion Tavern, featuring pepperoni, sausage and a three cheese blend.
The Trion Tavern is located at 503 Broadway Street in New Haven.

If you like beer you have certainly heard of Brew Haven, the yearly event bringing dozens of breweries together in New Haven for the masses to enjoy.

Turns out, you don’t have to wait until the summer every year to partake in drinking a bunch of different kinds of beer in New Haven. You can just hit up Trion Tavern (503 E. Broadway St.).

Greg Jacquay is not only the owner of Trion, he is also the mastermind behind Brew Haven. We hit up one of the area’s premier beer-serving establishments earlier this week.

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How much time you got? You can literally drink anything at Trion. There are 94 options of beer, including 58 on tap. Think about that for a second. The Trion is the most stocked bar you could ask for.

So like any good connoisseurs, we had to check out some beverages with unique names that we had never heard of (let alone tasted), before.

Heretic’s Make American Juicy Again was a good choice for a traditional New England-style IPA. While it was nothing overly unique, it did lead off as a light palette mix for our appetizer and was a good starter brew.

Enjoy cider? You should check out Ciders Boys’ La Vida Sangria out of Wisconsin. It basically tastes like a 1990s Squeeze-It juice drink. It sure is a fantastic choice that is different than any other cider. That said, you can’t really taste the alcohol so pace yourself.

We also gave Cougar from Rhinegeist a try. This blonde ale is a perfect complement to those summer days on the lake. Since the Reds stink, it’s one of the few quality things to come out of Cincinnati recently.

With so many options to choose from, don’t listen to us on what tastes good. Get in there and give one, two or seven beers a try.

If you want to know what Trion has before wandering in, its website ( is a great place to start. Most bars have basic websites, but Trion is constantly updated with its newest beer additions as well as a great interactive daily tap list. We were getting thirsty just browsing the site. There are few, if any, better sources in this area for beer information at a particular bar.

There’s also a plentiful amount of bourbon to choose from. Water is probably available, but we wouldn’t know.


The food options are just as plentiful as the beer menu. Trion has a long list of starters that can pass as traditional bar foods. Or you can go with a number of full-on meals that will fill you up without weighing you down. After all, the goal is to save plenty of room for all that beer.

We must say that we were fans of the pretzel nugget starter that kept us happy until the big food arrived. Although they looked more like buckeyes than pretzels, they were fluffy on the inside and not so hard on the outside. It was a good, light choice to bridge the gap between that first beer and our entrees that were on the way.

There are plenty of conventional appetizers such as nachos and chicken wings mixed in with some interesting offerings like fried pickles and gizzards smothered in BBQ sauce.

Trion has a good list of traditional chicken sandwiches, burgers and salads, but the back of the menu is where the real treasures lie with its specialty sandwich listing. The jackpot is the root beer pulled pork. They advertise it as being “smothered” in BBQ sauce and it is just that. The sandwich is a knife and fork meal for a few bites before you can even pick it up. The meat is perfectly tender without the chewiness that can normally downgrade tender pulled pork and you can certainly taste the sweetness from the root beer.

The argument can be made — and easily — that this was the best sandwich we have come across on our Pub Crawl. It can be said that if you have good beer then the food doesn’t matter as much. Trion scoffs at that because it has it all.

When hit with the difficult question of whether we wanted to try the bratwurst or the Italian sausage, we went with the brat slathered in cheese and topped with peppers. It was a perfect mix of tough on the outside and succulent on the inside. The fries are underrated as well.

Trion also offers several different kinds of pizza and are the perfect size to be a good appetizer option.

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From the traditional stools at the bar top to tables spread throughout the place and on the patio, there is no shortage of seating at Trion. The Strasbourg room and a fully-furnished second floor give the establishment the ability to house parties, banquets and your next work meeting. Because work is more tolerable with liquor. Look it up, it’s science.

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Trion is open from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day with the exception of Sunday. As a lunch destination, a dinnertime favorite or just a quality watering hole, there is not a bad time to show up at Trion.

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This is a place for everyone and it’s clear that there are tons of regulars on a first-name basis with the staff. Bring a date, a co-worker or make it a business meeting. The environment is soft and conversational, making it inviting to all walks of life.


Making tough beer decisions. It took us a good 5 to 10 minutes to decide just which direction we were going to go. Remember, Untappd is your friend.

Trion doesn’t get the appreciation that many popular watering holes in Fort Wayne get, but it rivals anything in the area in terms of the variety and quality of food and drinks. Taps rotate on the regular so there are always new beers to try. Between Trion and Brew Haven, the town of New Haven has it going on when it comes to the beer scene.

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