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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Area Births through August 30, 2016

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Thursday, November 10, 2016 08:35 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through 07-20-16. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


• Dylan D. Rauch to Nikki L. and Jarod A. Rauch.

• Graham W. Schalinske to Ashleigh K. and Gavin W. Schalinske.


• Lyla P. McGrew to Jericho L. Van Allen and Justyn K. McGrew.

• Ryenne E. Long to Adrienne N. and Evan C. Long.


• Adelyn L. Hitzeman to Tracy M. and Thomas L. Hitzeman.

• Jaxson B. Desantie to Kylie A. Garrison and Dyllan J. Desantie.


• Seth H. Cole to Abigail K. and Matthew A. Cole.


• Drake M. Rupp to Erin E. and Keith M. Rupp.

• Harmonee A. Thomas to Shara K. and Victor M. Thomas.

• Harper J. White to Crystal M. Morris and Sha M. White.

• Nolan A. Jones to Abby D. and Colten A. Jones.

• Simeon G. Kunkel to Lydia J. and Jarrod A. Kunkel.


• Carson J. Roberts to Marisa A. Rogers and Danny L. Roberts.

• Eleanor M. Hook to Jacquelyn A. and Heath G. Hook.

• Judith A. Miller to Fara D. and Jason A. Miller.


• Cru L. Jones to Jami L. and Bryan P. Jones.

• Ezekiel S. Simpkins to Jessica L. and Steven M. Simpkins.

• Isabella R. Schaefer to Gretchen D. and Steven A. Schaefer.

• Liam B. Buchanan to Kayla M. and Benjamin J. Buchanan.

• Owen D. Lapp to Alivia M. Bateman and Logan D. Lapp.

Columbia City

• Asher S. Ivy to Brittney N. Chaney and Fred E. Ivy.

• Baden A. Hoffman to Kendall A. and Tyler B. Hoffman.

• Bianca R. Bartoli to Shandell R. and Daniel S. Bartoli.

• Sophia I. Sipe to Lisa R. and Andrew D. Sipe.

• Thea M. Ricker to Rita L. and Matthew B. Ricker.


• Wyatt K. Crager to Lyndy M. Crager.


• Jed D. Curtis to Veronica J. and Jason R. Curtis.


• Dylan M. Middleton to Elizabeth K. Parish and Sean A. Middleton.

• Liam R. Stephens to Myranda D. Gibson and Kyle R. Stephens.

• Rudy L. Williams to Kady E. and Devon L. Williams.

• Miles D. Karr to Nichole A. and Dustin M. Karr.


• Davis M. Yoder  to Julia K. and Michael E. Yoder.

• Kaleb D. Bontrager to  Marilyn K. and Larry D. Bontrager.

• Savannah M. Billman to Elizabeth M. Billman.


• Regina M. Schmucker to Arlene M. and Lavern Schmucker.


• Finnley C. Swetphikul to Brianne L. and Vuthipong Swetphikul.

• Noelle R. Roemke to Rachel E. and Jonathan A. Roemke.

• Tripp L. Lepper to Brittany L. Faylor and Jacob P. Lepper.


• Wade J. Beer to Corine K. and Justin D. Beer.


• Davina L. Grim to Tiffiany N. Detar and Clifford A. Grim.

• Jupiter S. Wyatt to Julie R. Wyatt and Brandon L. Stone.

• Olivia C. Carlin to Jennifer L. and Nicholas E. Carlin.

• Zaine P. Linderwell to Amanda M. and Todd B. Linderwell.


• Alexander S. Rambo to Liane K. and Eric S. Rambo.

• Malaina J. Burkhardt to Tiffany M. and Joshua C. Burkhardt.

• Patrick B. Burkhart III to Claire E. and Patrick B. Burkhart Jr.

• Quintin M. Reeser to Marisa L. Reust and Jacob M. Reeser.


• Ariella R. Parke to Ashley A. Brown and Eric M. Parke.

• Ryder D. Klein to Katheryn E. Carmichael and Leslie A. Klein.


• Dixie M. Case to Kayla M. and Zachary A. Case.

• Matthew J. Hochstetler to Leona S. and Perry E. Hochstetler.

• Monica A. Miller and Myron L. Miller to Lisa and Mahlon A. Miller.


• Hunter D. Morgan to Joanna M. and Michael R. Morgan.


• Harper B. Wilcox to Megan N. and Seth W. Wilcox.

• Marlowe J. Trowbridge to Lindsay J. and Andrew L. Trowbridge.


• Paisley K. Gillenwater to Sunny M. Gillenwater.

• Rory A. McBride to Erin E. and Jason E. McBride.

New Haven

• Alayna Schmucker to Delores and Norman Schmucker.

• Braise L. Bloomfield to Mazie M. Hake and Nathan W. Bloomfield.

• Dexter M. Neuhaus to Brenda E. and Benjamin G. Neuhaus.

• Everett L. Harper to Casey M. and Brian R. Harper.

• Gabriel T. Nolte to Sara G. Beining and David E. Nolte.

• Iris M. Elser to Heather A. and Aaron W. Elser.

• Jethro Lengacher to Annetta and Amos B. Lengacher.

• Julian H. Alig to Christa M. and Matthew J. Alig.

• Moses L. Fletcher to Janice M. and Todd G. Fletcher.

• Stella A. Buuck to Angela M. and Eric A. Buuck.

• Zander L. Wasson to Danielle L. Wasson.

• Zayden M. Dyer to Brittney M. Dyer.

North Manchester

• Myla N. Bischoff and Laura M. Vanlandingham and Clint O. Bischoff.


• Calvin J. Amberg to Kelsey C. and Matthew J. Amberg.

• Edyn M. Babcock to Alyssa N. Bergman and Tyler L. Babcock.

• Josephine A. Morris to Kira B. and Daniel E. Morris.

• Lacey E. Lemmon to Jessica A. and Wesley S. Lemmon.


• Finn O. Levy Paige N. Levy Tyler D. Levy.

• Jasmine M. Miller to Tabitha D. and Austin L. Miller Sr.


• Emerie J. Ringel to Jill A. and Colton A. Ringel.


• Amelia G. Bradin to Hayley N. Bradin.


• Isaac M. Harrison to Amber J. and Chad D. Harrison.

• Phoenix E. Soria  to Mikki E. and Ashton T. Soria.

• Scarlett G. Gergely to Lindsay W. and Jason T. Gergely.


• Nicolas S. Crawford to Alyson J. and Scott R. Crawford.


• Jackson D. Smith to Stephanie M. Capps and James S. Smith Jr.

• Jesse J. Graber to  Amy L. and Mahlon Graber.

• Kamryn J. Robertson to Lisa J. and Drew A. Robertson.

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through 08-03-16. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


• Grace M. Brandenburg to Vickie L. and Tayler C. Brandenburg.

• Hudson J. Walker and Kevin H. Walker to Morgan L. and Benjamin I. Walker.


• Finnley L. Rodman to Marquette M. and Linden A. Rodman.

• Gwendolynn F. Berkheiser to Heidi N. Detamore-Gunyon and Alexander S. Berkheiser.

• Jackson L. Miller to Viktoriya K. Stewart and Dustin L. Miller.

• Krista G. Zehr to Lucinda K. Z and James E. Zehr.

• Paul A. Aeschliman to Amanda S. and Travis L. Aeschliman.

• Paulson D. Grabill to Markie R. and Paul D. Grabill.

• Teegan K. Caldwell to Tianna K. Krafft and Brandon P. Caldwell.


• Kynadee L. Pauken to Allison E. and James L. Pauken.

• Maisyn K. Strawn to Jenni B. and Chad M. Strawn.


• Eden R. Sharp to Rebecca K. and Zackari M. Sharp.

• Gerrick R. Steiner to Amber N. and Scott A. Steiner.

• Jaxtin L. Banter to Tisha A. and Tony L. Banter.

• Tinsley A. Sharp to Caylee A. and Ethan D. Sharp.


• Bentley J. Heckert to Angela R. Castleman and James D. Heckert.

• Everett M. Clem to Bethany J. and Nathan J. Clem.

• Ryder K. Satterfield to Brittney R. Tinney and Chase A. Satterfield.


• Elijah J. Gierhart to Melissa S. Fleming and Aaron J. Gierhart.

Columbia City

• Abigail M. Bose to Katelynn A. and Robert E. Bose.

• Hunter J. Jackson to Tiffany L. Hontz and Donnie Jackson Jr

• Kendall M. Beard to Emily E. and Shawn M. Beard.

• Kinsley R. Stansbery to Makayla L. Stansbery.

• Sawyer M. Hawkins to Jessica M. and Jacob T. Hawkins.

• Truett C. Pride to Rachel R. Pride.

• Zacharia E. Brown to Brittany R. Coil and Justin E. Brown.


• Jasper A. Berning to Alisha A. and Brian A. Berning.


• Leyla A. Anderson to Amber N. and Dustin J. Anderson

• Roland D. Ruiz to Sarah M. and Lawrence R. Ruiz.

• Waverly B. Bishop to MacKenzie V. Bates and Andrew S. Bishop.


• Lily J. Schwartz to Carrie H. and Paul A. Schwartz.


• Emma L. Hileman to Elizabeth A. and Troy T. Hileman.

• Everly J. Glenn to Beth A. and Gregory R. Glenn.

• Javon A. Lengacher to Annamary and Mervin L. Lengacher.

• Lawayne D. Miller to Esther M. and David J. Miller.


• Joseph E. Morris to Rita I. and David Morris.

• Reeve R. Bains to Keely J. and David T. Bains.


• Colyn D. Labarbera to Ellen M. Cox and Joseph T. Labarbera.

• Kinley R. Wood to Heather N. and Joshua A. Wood.

• Marguerite C. MacMichael to Emily R. and Brain W. MacMichael.

• Teagan N. Esselburn to Jessica M. and Kyle D. Esselburn.

• Zia L. Benbow and Zoe A. Benbow to Teanna E. Benbow.


• Brandon R. Foust to Rennee L. Christopher and Dakota G. Foust.

• Corbin J. Gressley to Megan S. Dillman and Terry J. Gressley.

• Jerry A. Phenix-Freewalt to Meagan A. and Robert C. Phenix-Freewalt.

• Joyce T. Feece to Danielle N. Cook and William W. Feece.

• Nolan M. Jennings to Jamie S. and Curt M. Jennings.


• Chase D. Campbell to Sheila R. and Tyler D. Campbell.

• Everland M. Brown to Callie A. Horn and Casey M. Brown.

• Miles E. Fennell ato Megan N. and David M. Fennell.


• Cohen J. Bender to Aimee J. and Jason L. Bender.


• Kaizer B. Short to Nichole A. Short.


• Kinsley N. Scherer Brittany N. Scherer Logan L. Scherer.

• Sloan E. Mattingly to Therese A. and Jason J. Mattingly.

New Haven

• Eloise M. Kinney to Tiffany R. and John R. Kinney.

• Emma L. Osterman to Megan L. Fortney and Timothy J. Osterman.

• Grace L. Sicks to Angela I. and David A. Sicks.

• Gunner G. Stone to Kelsey K. and Justin G. Stone.

• Janetta R. Graber to Priscilla M. and Enos Graber.

• Nylah A. Schneider to Makenzie N. Schneider.

• Otto L. Harpe to Elizabeth A. and Brent J. Harpe.

• Wrenly R. Labie to Savannah R. and Zachary J. Labie.

North Manchester

• Quincy D. Dixon to Allison I. Goetcheus and Michael G. Dixon Jr.


• Beauregard G. Harris to Emily L. and Eric L. Harris.

• Charlotte C. Blackburn to Natalie R. and Matthew J. Blackburn.

• Olivia R. Hicks to Allison S. Hicks.

• Wyatt W. Heintzelman to Katelyn M. Ramer and Nicholas J. Heintzelman.


• Christina K. Thompson to Colleen E. and William J. Thompson Jr.

• Norman J. Lengacher to Rebecca K. and Amos J. Lengacher.


• Liam M. Biggs to Bethany M. and Michael B. Biggs.

• Parker J. Boyd to Ingrid M. Penrod and Dustin A. Boyd.


• Cash R. Wright to Caitlin M. and Michael S. Wright.


• Ava E. Pontius to Meagan N. and Matthew L. Pontius.

• Canaan R. Howe to Tiffany and Evan M. Howe.

• Charli M. Harman to Jordyn F. and Christopher M. Harman.

• Sullivan J. Corbin to Stacey K. and Brent M. Corbin.


• Aeris E. Taylor to Calla J. and Sean E. Taylor.


• Alexander J. Eisom to Jessica M. Parker and Joe A. Eisom Jr.


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