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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Area births for October 4-November 9, 2016

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016 08:43 am


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records Oct. 4, 2016 through Nov. 9, 2016. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


• Berklee R. Brister to Payne E. Smith and Trace H. Brister.

• Justin W. Blackburn and Lane J. Blackburn to Allison D. and Kyle A. Blackburn.

• Lyric N. Wray to Destiny S. Palmerton and Nathan R. Wray.

• Madelyn R. Trent to Megan A. Manns and Trevor L. Trent.

• Noureen E. Otefi to Aliaa Mohamed and Essam M. Otefi.

• Samera M. Altashi to Amani Alshawish and Mohammed A. Altashi.

• Sebastian B. Hernandez to Ashley M. and Richard D. Hernandez Jr.


• Acesen H. Reinewald to Nicole M. Ginn and Jason W. Reinewald .

• Ashton D. Nester to Heather A. Hart and Ruger J. Nester .

• Beatrix L. Harding to Kara M. Divelbiss - Harding and Eugene M. Harding II .

• Bodhi G. Dewitt to Natalie D. and Jacob D. Dewitt .

• Camden L. Kaiser to Alexandria N. and Lucas J. Kaiser .

• Daniel R. Mueller to Heather M. and Scott R. Mueller II .

• Davis R. Lee to Angela F. and Brian A. Lee .

• Desmond J. Treadway to Nikita F. and Billy A. Treadway .

• Jalix T. Walters to Amber M. Brown and Patrick J. Walters .

• Kade R. Eicher to Kaelyn G. and Mark D. Eicher .

• Lillian P. Brodmann to Natalie S. and Jonathan R. Brodmann.

• Lincoln J. Knepper to Ashli R. and Bradley A. Knepper .

• Linkyn C. Strohm to Courtney M. and Kory C. Strohm .

• McKenzie V. Diehm to Heather R. and Dixon W. Diehm .

• Michael C. Rigsby to Kylee D. and Michael C. Rigsby .

• Wyatt L. Barry to Audrey J. and Justin M. Barry .

• Zane R. McCreary to Amber L. and James R. McCreary .


• Leon A. Houseman to Morgan M. and David L. Houseman.

• Rylinn A. Plasterer to Kristen A. and Philip R. Plasterer.


• Timothy A. Schwartz to Edna E. and Amos J. Schwartz.


• Adelaide R. Miller to Leah M. and Trent J. Miller.

• Cooper A. Carroll to Nicole K. and Chaz A. Carroll.

• Devin M. Clark to Julie A. and Dustin L. Clark.

• Emily K. Dreyer to Madeline M. and Joel W. Dreyer.

• Evangelina W. Herder to Lindsey M. Herder.

• Jadzia E. Maiden to Patricia K. Chesbro and Matthew S. Maiden.

• Joseph A. Glassley to Stephanie N. and Philip A. Glassley.

• Kylie B. Miller to Jessica L. and Shawn A. Miller.

• Maisie J. Patrick to Sierra S. and Darren T. Patrick.

• Ridley E. Bustos to Jessica R. Dillingham and Caleb M. Bustos.

• Sawyer J. Bertsch to Sarah J. and Daniel R. Bertsch.

• Walter A. McAfee to Autumn R. and Andrew D. McAfee.

• Waylon J. Lewis to Shelby L. Taylor and Rafe D. Lewis.


• Autumn H. Mosley to Jamie L. and Bobby M. Mosley.


• Aliyah G. Miller to Anna E. and Riley S. Miller.

• Alyssa J. Claymiller to Shuree D. and Shane M. Claymiller.

• Camdyn L. Manth to Jenna L. and Austin L. Manth.

• Dmitri D. Reynolds to Natasha L. Budowski and Jeffery D. Reynolds.

• Elijah S. Breeden to Natalia R. Geiger and Corbin D. Breeden.

• Karson A. Grawcock to Kelsey A. and Andrew N. Grawcock.

• Nolan A. Moses to Laura E. and David M. Moses.

• Peyton B. Pearl to Sarah K. Straub Pearl and Bradley J. Pearl.

Columbia City

• Alice S. Parker to Christina R. Phillips and Cory A. Parker.

• Anthony E. Faulkner to Barbara J. and Benjamin J. Faulkner.

• Audrey M. Fox to Lauren M. and Andrew N. Fox.

• Briggs C. Nelson to Taylor M. and Kyle M. Nelson.

• Dawson J. Eckert tp Sunshine M. Fry-Eckert and Chad D. Eckert.

• Eden R. Lee to Allison R. and Aaron M. Lee.

• Elizabeth E. Everly to Autum T. Solliday and Ryan J. Everly.

• Elliott E. Krahn to Heidi J. and Gilberto Krahn.

• Everly B. Joy to Allison M. and Christian J. Joy.

• Harold K. Matchett to Penny S. Weller and Bradley A. Matchett.

• Hayden M. Philbee to Mikalah R. Reimer and Derek M. Philbee.

• Jade R. Young to Lindy R. and Russell L. Young.

• Layla S. Foster to Miranda J. Fey and Zachary J. Foster.

• Mae M. Kinder to Margaret A. and James R. Kinder.

• Maelynn S. Groce to Kristina D. Brown and Mathew S. Groce.

• Merrick A. Crawford to Carrie L. and Ryan D. Crawford.

• Titan A. Biehl to Natasha M. Biehl.


• Audrianna E. Vasquez to Jessica M. Wilson and Rick D. Radler.

• Case A. Aldrich to Danielle K. and Jarrod A. Aldrich.


• Artina Asani Lirije Bytyqi Avni Asani.

• Jeremy J. Williams to Natasha M. Newsome and Glenn R. Williams II.

• Graham E. Terveer to Agnes M. and Taylor P. Terveer.

• Isabel J. Ernst to Jordan R. Lehrman and Jeremy D. Ernst.

• Roselynn M. Shoaf to Laura D. and Robert W. Shoaf.

• Sawyer K. Tumbleson to Erica L. and Thaine R. Tumbleson.


• Kymber R. Northrup to Lisa A. Messer and Kyler L. Northrup.

• Maddox J. Baker to Shannon K. and James A. Baker.

• Maisen L. Westfall to Kayla L. Westfall.


• Bentley D. Keene to April D. and Paul D. Keene.

• Michelle R. Schlabach to Dianna R. and Kyle E. Schlabach.

• Stanley M. Zimmerman to Maribeth R. and Laverne M. Zimmerman.


• Brandon L. Graber to Christine S. and John E. Graber.

• Diana G. Lengacher to Rosemary and Martin R. Lengacher.

• Elaine R. Eicher to Leora J. and Marc A. Eicher.

• Javon A. Lengacher to Marymae L. and Aaron A. Lengacher.

• Joshua L. Graber to Martha I. and Matthew R. Graber.

• Landon M. Detweiler to Susanna Detweiler.

• Rebekah Eicher to Martha and Norman J. Eicher.

• Rebekah R. Eicher to Mandy and James E. Eicher.

• Seth J. Graber to Laura M. and Joseph J. Graber.


• Alissa Beth F. Eicher to Leah and Leroy M. Eicher.

• Carsyn J. Jones to Mandy M. and Quintin J. Jones.

• Madden M. Eicher to Kelly K. and Darrin L. Eicher.

• Nicholas A. Witmer to Annette and Joshua Witmer.

• Reuben T. Langner to Shaleah C. and Joshua A. Langner.


• Annabel L. Carpenter ti Tabytha D. Przedwojewski and Brandon R.


• Averie N. Gallaway to Kayla J. and Trevor P. Gallaway.

• Ethan M. Selemani to Danielle M. Hoffman and Wright T. Selemani.

• James A. Warner to Dawn R. and Zachary J. Warner.

• Kinsley J. Sloffer to Britney J. and Brett A. Sloffer.

• Marlee R. West to Jessica M. Couch and Brandon L. West.

• Piper L. Harris to Katherine E. and Douglas W. Harris.

• Trinity A. Fuelling to Ashley K. and Kyle A. Fuelling.


• Adelaide B. Overby to Delana R. and Mykel E. Overby.

• Adlei C. Ratliff to Ashley A. Douglas and Blake A. Ratliff.

• Connor E. Fusselman to Kathryn E. and Adam E. Fusselman.

• Elin L. Gressley to Mindi R. and Nicholas A. Gressley.

• Jaxon J. Bishir to Marissa L. Castillo and Joseph E. Bishir.

• Keegan D. Brown to Andrea K. Brown.

• Liam L. Swaidner to Jamie L. and Logan L. Swaidner.

• Mariea F. Settlemyre to Delanea R. Settlemyre.


• Chase D. Patrick to Kimberly M. Collins and Matthew D. Patrick. .

• Madalynn R. Sexton to Megan A. and Allen S. Sexton. .


• Huck T. Vaughn to Savanna M. and Steven M. Vaughn.

• Kristen R. Bontrager to Marsha K. and Samuel A. Bontrager.

• Mackenzie G. Wolschleger to Trista L. and Rodney A. Wolschleger.

• Vivienne G. Gorman to Stephanie M. and William D. Gorman Jr.


• Grace E. Goleeke to Jacqueline J. and John R. Goleeke.

• Patrick J. Harshbarger to Sally J. and Bryan M. Harshbarger.

• Vada I. Rodriguez to Brandy B. and Thomas A. Rodriguez.


• Trey E. Hutchison to Gabrielle B. Hagenbuch and Daniel D. Hutchison.


• Eli H. Will to Taylor L. and Alex N. Will.

• June M. Robertson to Leslie A. and Troy A. Robertson.

• Natalya R. Acosta to Ranae M. Amstutz and Douglas E. Acosta II.

• Wren L. Luginbill to Alicia S. and Jarod B. Luginbill.

New Haven

• Aria F. Groh to Michelle M. and Rick A. Groh.

• Brianna N. Zehr to Lovina B. and Joseph J. Zehr.

• Conner A. Cash to Sarah B. and Timothy C. Cash.

• Dalton A. Smith to Angela M. and Christopher A. Smith.

• Georgia K. Grahovac to Madison C. Rorick and Dylan M. Grahovac.

• Hudson M. Wahli to Michal A. and Yahutsadak Wahli.

• Jace K. Woods to Amy M. Woods.

• Kaladin J. Reppen to Krystal L. and Joseph A. Reppen.

• Layla D. Haines to Amber J. Wilder and William C. Haines.

• Loren J. Graber to Kanoshia M. and Steven E. Graber.

• Mark M. Pomeroy to Shelby E. Kendall and Justin A. Pomeroy.

• Maverick J. Thomas to Ashlee R. Bradfield and Ryan J. Thomas.

• Megan N. Schmucker to Anita S. and Melvin Schmucker.

• Mylah M. Diehl and Norah E. Diehl to Erica J. Repine Charles H. Diehl.

• Oliver W. Sowles to Abigail C. and Danny R. Sowles.

• Piper M. Barnett to Kristina M. and Nicholas P. Barnett.

• Roman A. Perez to Courtney N. Riddle and Junior A. Perez.

• Susanna G. Zehr to Naomi and Michael A. Zehr.

• Treyvon A. Martin to Emoni M. Martin.

• William J. Lengacher to Arlene and James J. Lengacher.

North Manchester

• Charleigh O. Farmer Rebecca L. Farmer James K. Farmer.

• Kaysen A. Shepherd to Kayla L. Handing and Chad A. Shepherd.

• Mason R. Nordmann to Shayla R. and Christopher D. Nordmann.

• Payslee E. Spencer to Abby L. Jackson and Kenneth R. Spencer.

• Tailyn M. Pettit to Ashley J. Brubaker and Travis W. Pettit.


• Amelia J. Sarrazin to Trisha L. Stine and Timothy J. Sarrazin.

• Joseph A. Louderback to Emily S. and Andrew S. Louderback.

• Tessa M. Donaghy to Antonia R. and Robert J. Donaghy.


• Emily A. Hughes to Amanda J. and Johnathon C. Hughes.

• Justin D. Schmucker to Esther S. and David J. Schmucker.

• Katelyn J. Delagrange to Mary N. and Stanley L. Delagrange.

• Lamar D. Wickey to Ada K. and Joseph G. Wickey.

• Sara K. Hilty to Mary A. and Paul B. Hilty.


• Baylor J. Glass to Elizabeth J. and Scott F. Glass.

• Carina C. Hoover to Kendall M. and Terrence E. Hoover.

• Khloe G. Cussen to Sabrina M. and Seth T. Cussen.

• Nayomie R. Gallimore to Ashley N. Gamsby and Cory E. Gallimore.


• William L. Dalrymple to Taylor A. Wilburn and David L. Dalrymple.


• Brogan M. Parker to Kristin C. and Tyler S. Parker.

• Elaine K. Martzall to Lauren K. and James C. Martzall.

• Layla E. Wise to Katie J. Applegate and Caleb W. Wise.

• Lucas W. Sainer to Tara C. Kohman and David M. Sainer.

• Paizley M. Sullivan to Shelby D. Owens and Austin D. Sullivan.

• Wendy Nayotl to Margarita Velazquez Coyomani and Antonio Nayotl.


• Dominic J. Young to Paige R. and David E. Young.

• Ellie R. Randol to Brooke R. and Anthony R. Randol.

• Jacob R. Gebbink to Shaylah R. Gebbink.


• Easton J. Stilwell to Amber L. Stilwell.

• Holly R. Schlangen to Samantha K. Schlangen.

• Jaynie R. Faust to Alexis B. and Jackie W. Faust.

• Kinsley N. Boggs to Alexandria N. Pollos and Andrew W. Boggs.

• Shawn D. Brandenberger to Loretta A. and David Brandenberger.

• Weston E. Romines to Chelsea R. and Bradly E. Romines.


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