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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Area births for March 2, 2016

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016 09:01 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through February 8-21, 2016. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.Albion

Fredrick M. Campbell to Sarah J. and Jeffery A. Campbell. 

Jagger J. Mccoy to Angela L. and Brent J. McCoy. 

Kepler O. Davis to Kelly J. and Jared M. Davis. 

Nicolas A. Erazo to Elizabeth S. and Andres J. Erazo. 


Larkin U. Omspacher to Christina M. and Zebulon K. Omspacher. 


Bethany L. Wickey to Deborah R. and Ruben M. Wickey.

Clayton W. Decker to Maekayla L. Carper and Caleb W. Decker. 

Connor L. Souder to Amber L. and Michael L. Souder. 

Ezra R. Sanders to Kelsey D. and Richard H. Sanders. 

Jane E. Hissong to Catherine J. Hipskind and Aaron B. Hissong. 

Logan J. Corbett to Jill M. and Brian E. Corbett. 

Natalia G. Nelson to Erika Y. Sanchez and Christopher D. Nelson. 

Olivia A. Reger to Emily A. and Adam K. Reger. 


Fiona J. Fisher to Michele and Christopher P. Fisher. 


Kensley A. Richard to Kylee B. Helton and Joshua A. Richard.

Vivian D. Bailey to Rebecca A. and Bradly O. Bailey. 


Addison E. Thompson to Shelby K. and Cody R. Thompson. 

Amos T. Littell to Valerie J. and Jesse A. Littell. 

Griffin R. Campbell to Rebekah D. and Tyson M. Campbell. 

Ryder D. Smith to Kimberly D. and Joel A. Smith. 


Alice J. Conkle to Kayla N. and Harold W. Conkle. 


Quintin T. Pedraza to Stacey L. Bodnaradams and James D. Pedraza. 

Columbia City

Alexis L. Rose to Tiffany D. Rose. 

Jaxson D. McCoy to Stefanie R. Lawson and Quimbia J. McCoy. 

Kahrlee M. Goss tp Trisha J. and Justin G. Goss.

Nora P. Lehman to Madison L. and Todd R. Lehman. 

Silas J. Peters to Lara M. Melton and Timothy J. Peters. 


Claire A. Emenhiser to Amanda J. and Kyle G. Emenhiser. 

Evalynn G. Corral to Lindsay N. and Joseph A. Corral. 

Evan A. Howell to Amy M. and Brett A. Howell. 

Maverick J. Foreman to Amber M. Bible and David M. Foreman. 


Evan R. Sisson to Jessa R. and Justin M. Sisson. 

Tucker D. Howard to Breana D. Littleford and Nicholas R. Howard. 


Clara W. Eicher to Ada E. and Marcus C. Eicher. 


Graysen A. Brookhart to Casey N. Brookhart. 


Keegan A. Kirkman to Jamie L. and Bradley A. Kirkman. 

Remey N. Conrad to Janine K. and Brett M. Conrad. 


Eloise J. Dettmer to Aubrey M. and Aaron J. Dettmer. 

Oliver E. Doust to Jennifer N. and Joseph G. Doust. 

Parker P. Tran to Jenny N. Ha and Andrew Q. Tran. 


Chase A. Rennaker to Stephanie A. Chapman and Chad A. Rennaker. 

Isaac A. Kline to Olivia M. and Jonathan L. Kline. 

Isaac J. Smith to Sara E. and Joshua S. Smith. 

Joyce M. Riley to Lennette T. and Tracy J. Riley. 

Liam D. Wiley to Linsee K. Ruppel-Wiley and Todd D. Wiley. 

Malia P. Boone to Stacey A. and Derek D. Boone. 

Octavia J. Watkins to Michaella L. and Ronnie J. Watkins. 


Alice R. Acker to Kendra R. and Andrew C. Acker. 

Aurora E. Dominguez to Maria C. and Edgar J. Dominguez. 

Austin J. Collins to Audrey N. and Benjamin E. Collins. 

Bailee M. Pruitt to Emalee P. and Shawn D. Pruitt. 

Kayidence M. Powers to Alisha M. Woods and Adam L. Powers.

Leilyn U. Gibson Baldwin to Ashlyn S. Gibson Baldwin. 

Oliver W. Sorg  and Olivia E. Sorg to Steffani J. Colter and Michael B. Sorg. 

Peyton S. Powers to Alisha M. Woods and Adam L. Powers. 


Easton G. Ringger to Bethany C. and Jonathan D. Ringger. 

Marissa J. Pitzer to Lynn A. and J. D. Pitzer. 


Jeremiah R. Burt to Nicole A. and Michael R. Burt. 

New Haven

Abram M. Lengacher to Irene R. and Jacob C. Lengacher. 

Elliot R. Wyss to Darcy R. and Thomas C. Wyss. 

Emmaline V. Albert to Kenna A. and Daniel A. Albert. 

Harper E. Schaadt to Elizabeth A. and Benjamin S. Schaadt. 

Jacquel L. Weaver to Crystal B. Weaver. 

Jesiah J. Wittmer to Rosa M. and Jesse B. Wittmer. 

Kayden A. Gerardot to Destiney D. Beard and Jae F. Gerardot. 

Miriam M. Lengacher to Marie and Marlin R. Lengacher. 

Marshall J. Schwartz-Eicher to Elisa R. Schwartz and Dakota D. Eicher. 

Norman J. Graber to Laura A. and Menno A. Graber. 

Rylie S. Whetsel to Jennifer L. Minick and Bradley T. Whetsel. 

Skylar K. Starks to Deamber D. Starks. 

North Manchester

Jaxon C. Metzger to Heidi M. and Neil D. Metzger. 

Landon I. Slone to Jesmine P. and Scott D. Slone. 

Maxwell A. Dierks to Sarrah N. Dierks. 


Ryder J. Kumfer to Ashley N. and Kody J. Kumfer.


Jace H. Mishler and Jorja R. Mishler to Jami L. and Franklin F. Mishler. 


Makayla G. Bowman to Jessica S. Bear and Cory M. Bowman.


Alexander J. Smith to Ashley M. Smith. 

Evangeline R. Grable tp Camille M. and Jerry M. Grable. 

Freya D. Williamson to Cally M. and Christopher G. Williamson. 

Parker K. McGehee to Megan R. and Travis I. Mcgehee. 

Violet A. Lederle to Cassie I. and Caleb M. Lederle. 


Christopher A. Setser to Cheyenne N. Armstrong and Robert A. Setser. 

Tallen W. Swanson to Tamara J. and William R. Swanson. 


Skyla M. Alexander to Syblebreonaa M. Alexander. 

Taylor A. Vanlandingham to Heather N. and Brett A. Vanlandingham. 


 Aaron W. Frye to Katherine L. and Matthew R. Frye. 

Martelo J. Berry to Natena J. Berry. 

Wiley E. Bell to Jennifer E. and Kyle E. Bell. 


Harvey A. Chaple to Lindsay C. and Justin T. Chaple. 

Mariah J. Hartman to Katherine R. and Sean J. Hartman. 


Evelyn J. Danner to Kimberly S. and Brian E. Danner. 

Jaxson D. Hostetler to Abby M. Hinrichs and Daniel R. Hostetler. 


Eden C. Paden to Katie J. and Joseph D. Paden. 



































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