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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Fort Wayne births March 2, 2016

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016 09:01 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through February 8-21, 2016.Abby A. Brooks to Divinity D. Brooks.

Adam E. Bodnar to Lauren M. and David A. Bodnar. 

Addison N. Wolff to Ashleigh K. Prewett and Jeremiah D. Wolff. 

Adley A. Gettys to Jessica N. and Ryan M. Gettys.

Adrian W. Toth to Elizabeth A. and Gary W. Toth.

Aevha N. Nguyen to Paige N. Barnes and Tony M. Nguyen.

Alanna A. King to Julie A. Freeman and Steven A. King.

Alice E. Smith to Sara E. Matteucci and E. Smith.

Aliviah H. Stinson to Bobbie T. Stinson.

Amarion E. Miller to Ashley N. Wade and Antonio J. Miller.

Amelia L. Williams to Shidasha R. James Anthony L. Williams Jr. 

Amina Edilov to Deja K. and Reshi M. Edilov.

Anaya Kaur to Jasmin J. Amedavadi and Rajpreet Singh.

Antavious M. Murph III to Shontanette N. Lloyd and Antavious M. Murph Jr. 

Arafat Ayub to Roshidah B. Ismail and Ayub B. Rahman.

Ariela A. Husidic to Chelby C. and Edin Husidic.

Arya R. Patterson to Carolyn R. and Kyle C. Patterson.

Asher A. Black to Stacy R. and Ethan I. Black.

Ashton A. Hockemeyer to Tori C. Bell and Joel A. Hockemeyer.

Audrey G. Samuel to Darnesha R. Neal and Anthony C. Samuel.

Austen E. Black to Stacy R. and Ethan I. Black.

Avery M. McDaniel to Alexandria M. McDaniel.

Benjamin J. Carnahan to Rebecca L. Carnahan.

Benjamin R. Bradtmueller to Cynthia E. and Seth N. Bradtmueller.

Benjamin R. Murphy to Robin N. and Ryan S. Murphy.

Blessing K. Doeh to Ella M. Kue and Ne Doeh.

Bode A. Bolesky to Liberty A. and Nicholas K. Bolesky.

Brayla K. Billingsley to Ericka K. Hopkins and Branden D. Billingsley.

Brooklynn W. Clark to Ashley E. Clark.

Caius A. Stewart to Caitlan N. and Craig A. Stewart.

Calia J. Carcione to Sydney J. Carcione.

Callen C. McNair to Khaliyah S. McNair.

Camden E. Creighton to Jennifer L. and Zachary J. Creighton.

Cameron C. Foxworth to Candice M. Kennedy and D'andre' Foxworth.

Camila N. Ortiz to Kristen M. Yzenas and Vinicio R. Ortiz.

Catherine R. Werschky to Rose M. and Jason J. Werschky.

Charity D. Goins to Destiny A. and Joshua S. Goins.

Christopher A. Ceballos to Maria C. De Lira Guzman and Erick F. Ceballos. 

Christopher I. Johnson to Ashley M. Crawford and Shane R. Johnson.

Conner D. Faucett to Laura L. and Joshua L. Faucett.

Creedance A. Briggsto Tayler K. Park and Chad A. Kennedy.

Da'layah M. Simms to Bria L. Simms.

Daniel H. Gaw to Bey B. Oo and Hsar M. Gaw.

Dellah J. Konkle to Darbi N. and David J. Konkle.

Dillon M. Dillon to Jerri L. Dillon.

Dimhuai K. Thang to Dim Mang and Thomang C. Thang.

Dolan P. Crouch to Keli C. Little and Corey A. Crouch.

Duke G. Spiguzza to Lacey J. and Andrew J. Spiguzza.

Elias M. Tatum to Jody B. Ream-Tatum and James M. Tatum.

Elinor P. Brandenberger to Abigail N. and Matthew J. Brandenberger.

Elliott K. McGill to Chelsea M. and Matthew R. McGill.

Ellyanna I. Mosqueda to Amber L. Hopkins and Cruz A. Mosqueda.

Emilee M. Wall to Angela M. and Rex M. Wall.

Emilia R. Taing to Crystal R. Brooks and Andrew K. Taing I.

Emma S. Zinn to Irene R. and Eric M. Zinn.

Emmett J. Hyndman to Chelsea M. and Nathan J. Hyndman.

Erow L. Higgins to Erica S. Lupkin and Owen M. Higgins.

Esperanza G. Gonzalez to Perla E. Ramon and Noe Gonzalez.

Ethan G. Miller to Sarah D. and Brian A. Miller.

Evelyn G. Phillips to Colleen R. and Brad A. Phillips.

Evelyn M. Rennhack tp Madeline E. and Andrew R. Rennhack.

Everett L. Branning to Kimberly R. and David L. Branning.

Fa R. Da to San San Htway and Za Min.

Falyn Y. Hill to Letha D. Hill.

Finn W. Ferguson to Jenna R. and Ryan J. Ferguson.

Francisco E. Ghotra to Danielle D. Gooden and Sundarpal S. Ghotra.

Gabriel M. Johnson to Ashley M. Crawford and Shane R. Johnson.

Gemma M. McCarthy to Adelina M. and Andrew J. McCarthy.

Gianna M. Soto to Kristen M. Pape and Matthew P. Soto.

Grace J. Seeger to Amanda E. and Adam Z. Seeger.

Grayson A. Belt to Kaitlin M. and Mickey J. Belt.

Grayson M. Harmeyer to Amy M. and Brian M. Harmeyer.

Harper J. German to Kami K. and Kenneth E. German.

Hazel E. Johnson to Abigail M. and Jason M. Johnson.

Henry E. Bergman to Mary E. and Ethan M. Bergman.

Hudson J. Swygart to Elizabeth L. and Timothy J. Swygart.

Hudson L. Bratten to Allison R. and Joshua A. Bratten.

Hunter M. Noyes to Morgan I. and John M. Noyes.

Irelynn G. Starling to Skyllar A. Starling.

Isabella G. Ly to Dep T. Tran and Tri V. Ly.

Isabella H. James to Jessica E. and Michael J. James.

Isaiah L. Carlisle to Shanitra L. Carlisle.

Ja'onna L. Wilson to Patricia C. Ensley and Jevon L. Wilson.

Jacarri K. Sanders to Jaquelia T. Sanders.

Jack S. Smith to Danielle M. and Justin M. Smith.

Jacob A. Scribner to Ashley R. Scribner and Bruce J. Neal.

Jaeden M. Jones to Hollie M. Hunter and Jeremiah D. Jones.

Jahmere D. Edmondson to Julia D. Edmondson.

Jamari L. Slater to Desiree C. Slater.

Jamea L. Gant to Shantell R. Gant.

Jameston A. Roth to Keitra L. Duff and James A. Roth.

Jaxon M. Grabner to Jaima L. and Mark F. Grabner.

Jay'veion M. Jones to Markeshia L. Jones.

Jayme L. Hunter to Jaeme A. Eldridge and Tae'shaun E. Hunter.

Jessica Quintana Perez to Carolina Perez and Jose A. Quintana.

Jh'myla R. Porter to Timiya O. Porter.

Jo'siah E. Jones to Taylor A. Perry and Reginald L. Jones Jr.

Jordan A. Richards to Amy E. and Zachary S. Richards.

Jose L. Granados to Minerva Granados.

Joshua S. Diallo to Kadidiatou Diallo.

Journey N. Beaver to Jessica N. and Adam L. Beaver.

Juliaching N. Lien to Cing Tawng and Kai K. Lai.

Jurnee N. Chapman to Latesha M. Carswell and Jason D. Chapman.

Kai A. Cervantes to Sarah E. Weber and Justin T. Cervantes.

Kailen C. Carrico to Onny K. Carrico.

Kasandra Pacheco to Erica Martinez and Sergio Pacheco.

Kenna R. St. Andrew to Kelsey E. St. Andrew.

Kenny L. Turner to Megan K. Tun and Kenneth L. Turner.

Kingston M. Cohen to Marjorie F. Parker and Michael A. Cohen Jr. 

Kinslee L. Parrish to Whitney K. Wagoner and Thomas J. Parrish.

Krystian A. Pricemartin to Evelyn J. Price-Martin and Thomas E. Martin.

Kyle L. Gerig to Charity L. and Ryan W. Gerig.

Landon J. Cox to April L. and Aaron J. Cox.

Laylah A. Burnett to Ashley L. Englert and Quentin R. Burnett.

Levi D. Jones to Malarie J. Will and Ryan P. Jones.

Liam B. Patterson to Lauren N. Patterson.

Lillian J. Barker to Madeline A. Kiefer and Joel D. Barker.

Lillian R. Kratt to Sierra R. and Travis A. Kratt.

Lillianna M. Brown to Tiffany M. Brown.

Lilyannah G. Owen to Rebecca L. Gibson and Brent M. Owen.

Lincoln M. Monaco to Taylor J. and Daniel R. Monaco.

Logan M. Kittredge to Chelsey E. and Christopher R. Kittredge.

London D. Clark to Teneka L. Kizer-Clark and John E. Clark.

Luca D. Maurizi to Cindy D.and David E. Maurizi.

Lucy L. Winebrenner to Melissa M. and Kirk A. Winebrenner.

Lydia D. Holman to Nivia S. Holman.

Macie G. Weidemeier to Regina M. and Mark J. Weidemeier.

Mackayla R. Harris to Jetaun L. and Bruce C. Harris.

Mackenzie L. Dugan to Cailey L. Culbertson and Jesse E. Dugan.

Madelyn A. Rutherford to Sara E. and Blake D. Rutherford.

Madelyn R. Carpenter to Amy S. Denham and Trevor A. Carpenter.

Madelyn R. Young to Christina A. and Joshua R. Young.

Magdalena R. Digan to Kaitlin A. and Patrick M. Digan.

Marcus D. Mudd Jr. to Jennifer L. Boyd and Marcus D. Mudd.

Mareyae M. Goodman to Ashley M. Goodman.

Marvin O. Vetter to Sarah J. and Adam E. Vetter.

Matayah M. Lunford to Kylee F. and Rickyle C. Lunford.

Mateo G. Dorissant to Jada E. and Carl-Philip Dorissant.

Mckinley R. Harris to Evelyn R. Harris.

Mia L. Griffith to Paige N. and Adam J. Griffith.

Miaira L. Simmons to Dominique L. Simmons.

Michael A. Laferriere to Helen M. Laferriere.

Michael C. Scott to Ericka L. and Christopher M. Scott.

Mikaeel K. Mir Ali to Ayza Omar and Mir Murtaza Y. Ali.

Mohamed N. Zamahn to Sue I. Ma and Mahn Mahn.

Molly K. Meyer to Danielle L. and Andrew D. Meyer.

Nadia L. Fiedler to Emily M. Filipiak and Matthew H. Fiedler.

Nicolas P. Lichtsinn to Gabriela R. Orduno and Craig A. Lichtsinn Jr.

Norah S. Bryan to Abby R. and Shaun E. Bryan.

Nouradine A. Ali to Souad A. Goni and Ahmat A. Ahmat.

Nova J. Berry to Ashley N. Wilson and Kirby J. Berry.

Nur Rahman to Khin M. Nu and Ka M. Deen.

Olivia G. Belbutoski to Erin J. and Richard A. Belbutoski.

Orion A. Rencher to Shatoya L. and Otis Rencher.

Rafee O. Lar to Twar H. Dar and Ar P. Lay.

Ranyla S. Paris-Smith to Taleisha A. Paris and Ronnie E. Smith Jr.

Raya A. Bradley tp Ronysha R. Fowlkes and Tyray A. Bradley.

Rayfaah Si to Pharifav Lwin and Ba Si.

Reagan E. Hutter to Renee E. and Joseph S. Hutter.

Reed E. Hawthorne to Candace L. and Michael S. Hawthorne.

Richard K. Osei Jr to Christina K. and Richard Osei-Kofi.

Riley D. Runyan to Allison L. and Travis C. Runyan.

Riley H. Bennett to Abigail R. and Ethan J. Bennett.

Riley J. Albers to Shannon E. and Eugene B. Albers.

Ruby G. Todd to Amber R. and Nathan R. Todd.

Rylan A. Decker to Alexandra L. Brown and Austin A. Decker.

Ryleigh L. Parrish to Sharonda A. Stanford and Frederick O. Parrish.

Sadie R. Bell to Bethanny R. Kinsey and James M. Bell.

Samaira Jaiswal to Vinita and Suresh Jaiswal.

Sander O. Araujo to Christina M. and Carlos M. Araujo.

Sarah Franco to Jeniva Harms and Rene Franco.

Sha'mya A. Hannah to Shamay B. Jones and Cedrick W. Hannah Jr.

Sharon N. Vazquez to Yanira Y. Bedolla Lopez and Saul Vazquez Diaz.

Simon V. Mente to Audrey R. and Steven J. Mente.

Skylon E. Montalvo to Sirena S. Freeman and Timothy W. Montalvo II.

Sloane E. Till to Bethany L. and Eric M. Till.

Solomon A. Pearson to Jeanna J. and Cleavon L. Pearson.

Sun'niye R. Love to Audrey M. Harris and Terry S. Love.

Ta'vayah L. Storey to Tamara L. Storey.

Tate L. Whybrew to Sarah E. and Nathan E. Whybrew.

Thea B. Keys to Melissa Mencarelli and Nickolas W. Keys.

Thomas Q. Baker to Crytstal J. Miteff and Chad M. Baker.

Torin P. O'Herron to Jennifer L. O'Herron.

Vincent W. Corner to Alicia M. and David B. Corner.

Violet E. McCain to Myra A. and David M. McCain.

Xzavier J. White to Porsha R. Kelley and Tyrone A. White.

Yair N. Cornelio to Elitania Martinez and Jorge Cornelio.

Yanamarie M. Crandall to Briana M. Moreno and Deshaun D. Crandall.

Zachary R. Sanderson to Cherie L. and Scott A. Sanderson.

Zemirah L. Young to Cerah M. Young.

Zoey J. Topp to Brittany P. Rhodes and William T. Topp.

Zurie R. Arquette to Maria R. and Robert J. Arquette.




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