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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Fort Wayne births through Feb. 7, 2016

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016 09:01 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 7, 2016. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.A R. Fann to June M. Be and Sar P. La.

A'myra D. Sparks to Chaniqua R. Sparks.

Abygael H. Ingol to Kristylee J. Hines and Antoine B. Ingol.

Adrian A. Brown to Robin C. Brown.

Adrian H. Crews to Laureen Apollon Quiane L. Crews.

Ainsley L. Anglin to Amanda L. and Tyler L. Anglin.

Akhilles K. Carter to Chandra D. and Terrell K. Carter.

Alees Junemar to Sle Mar and June Mar.

Alexandra M. Cardenas to Martha E. Saldana Hernandez and Jorge V. Cardenas Munoz.

Alexzander M. Gardner to Elisabeth A. Stinson and Roger W. Gardner.

Alina M. Matmati to Carla J. and Khaleed M. Matmati.

Aliviyah B. Hood to Samantha J. and Jontavious T. Hood.

Amanda R. Barnes to Kayla S. and Mitchell D. Barnes.

Anthony M. Stockmaster to Angela C. and Kevin M. Stockmaster.

Anthony R. Verser to Jannat A. Verser.

Armani J. Allen to Brittany J. Allen.

Ashlynn T. Deckard to Mallory J. Shelton and Kyle A. Deckard.

Atticus J. Vallejo to Christine M. Vallejo.

Auburn S. Baker to Stacy L. and Adam W. Baker.

Beckham B. France to Rachel E. and Bradley J. France.

Benjamin T. Fletcher to Michelle M. and Brian R. Fletcher.

Bexley H. Ciolkos to Michelle J. and Ryan M. Ciolkos.

Blakely M. Bridge to Chelsea M. Wahl-Bridge and Jordan R. Bridge.

Braxton E. Mills to Bethany G. and William K. Mills .

Braxton L. Troxel to Brittni R. and Douglas B. Troxel.

Brylen J. Langston to Kayla M. Langston.

Bryson C. Dobbs to Amber R. Angus and Brandon W. Dobbs.

Cailin V. Carter to Heather N. Canaan Carter and Eric M. Carte .

Caleia D. Moss to Sierra S. and Collin M. Moss.

Camryn E. Offet to Molly K. and Matthew J. Offet.

Carlos A. Romero Jr. to Ever Abelar Ocampo and Carlos A. Romero Salinas.

Charlotte A. Schroeder to Tonya M. and Matt J. Schroeder.

Chase L. Collette to Kendall A. Young and Eric L. Collette.

Christopher D. Mitchell to Allissa L. Mitchell.

Cleo D. Gerardot to Natalie N. Rufer and Michael J. Gerardot.

Connor W. Doerflein to Emily N. Lefebvre and Jordan A. Doerflein.

Cooper J. Seitz to Ashley N. and Andrew J. Seitz.

Cora G. Shriner to Kelli R. and Jared P. Shriner.

Cosmo L. Gough to Aubrey N. and Nathaniel A. Gough.

Crosby C. Hemsoth to Holly R. and Travis J. Hemsoth.

Daxton A. Cattell to Lindsey A. Wells and Andrew P. Cattell.

Dre'shawn T. Brown to Ashlee M. Krans and Robert G. Brown Jr.

Dustin N. Smith to Jennifer K. and Bryan W. Smith.

Edith R. Shoda to Alexis M. and Gregory E. Shoda.

Eliana S. Foss to Stephanie L. and Jeremy A. Foss.

Elijah A. Recker to Laura A. and Kye A. Recker.

Elijah B. Niman to Lydia A. Miller and Joshua C. Niman.

Elijah R. Nickelson to Karen A. and Ricardo Nickelson.

Ellison A. Moreland to Ashley L. and Robert T. Moreland.

Emiliano Diaz to Diana Diaz.

Emily G. Schroeder to Lyndsy M. and Blaine A. Schroeder.

Emma H. Detar to Michelle D. and Jason A. Detar.

Emma R. Weisz to Bailey B. and Patrick M. Weisz.

Ethan T. Heck to Sarah F. Heck.

Evan A. Guretis to Janessa J. and Nicholas L. Guretis.

Evelyn F. Miller to Alecia A. and Christopher M. Miller.

Evelyn J. Lueders to Kaitlin E. and Derek T. Lueders.

Felicity R. Freel to Mary L. and Thomas M. Freel.

Freya A. Isert to Brandy L. Trenary and Ronald E. Isert II.

Gabriella G. O'Dea to Nicole G. and Ryan J. O'Dea.

Gage R. Bushee to Lindsay S. and Brandon R. Bushee.

Georgia S. Spieth to Kelli K. and Joshua J. Spieth.

Gianna R. Phinezy to Oneitra M. Phinezy.

Giovanna B. Loum to Winnie D. Dasilva and Hans M. Loum.

Gitika Singh to Miriva Magar and Gopesh K. Singh.

Greyson C. Hart Brandy N. Mcmillenhart Stephen A. Hart .

Hailey A. Lommatzsch to Jessica L. and Jesse T. Lommatzsch .

Halas J. Laisure to Jessemie A. and Christopher K. Laisure .

Hazel M. Tate to Shekinah A. Tate .

Helen J. Hibler to Tina L. Muncie and Ronny L. Hibler .

Henry M. Knight to Holly A. Knight.

Henry T. Niccum to Jennifer S. Rasler and Daniel R. Niccum.

Irena I. Enev to Silviya A. Angelova and Iliyan I. Enev.

Ivy T. Fawcett to Abigail R. and Matthew E. Fawcett.

Iyla G. Shutt to Dayna A. and Justin A. Shutt.

Jackson D. Leitzel to Whitney D. and Andrew D. Leitzel.

Jackson L. Harmer to Jessica Benitez and Kristopher C. Harmer.

Jackson W. Sullivan to Kara A. and Tyler W. Sullivan.

Jadarrian L. Green Jr. to Jamesha J. Coleman and Jadarrian L. Green.

Jahmylah N. Brown to Quamonique D. Underwood and Jordan M. Brown.

Jalyn L. Trainor to Keyami S. Kendrick and Lydell E. Trainor Jr.

James J. Radtke to Amanda E. and James A. Radtke.

Jameson J. Deyoung to Elizabeth A. and Nathaniel J. Deyoung.

Jayla A. Davis to Bobbi J. Wyatt and James J. Davis Sr.

Jocelyn D. Belcher to Crystal M. and Joseph D. Belcher.

Josephina B. Sweigert to Christine N. and Wesley A. Sweigert.

Joshanna L. Drudge to Ashley R. Drudge.

Joshua A. Johnson to Lisa A. and Luke E. Johnson.

Josiah J. Haney-Powell to Kiara R. Haney-Powell.

Journee D. Luna to Jessica A. Luna.

Kaiden A. Ursery to Erica M. Porter and Kyedarion S. Ursery.

Kathleen L. Spieth to Kelli K. and Joshua J. Spieth.

Kaziah A. West to Ashlea N. West.

Keaton E. Jewell to Alisan R. and Rory D. Jewell.

Khalil Z. Miles to Shadee M. Miles.

Kindle S. Neal to Rochelle S. Neal.

King J. Parrish to Preosha S. Graham-Coats and Christopher T. Parrish.

Kingston C. Dominguez to Kaitlyn M. Dominguez.

Lamir E. Ayers to Chasity S. Ayers.

Landen L. Dickinson to Candis B. Parrish and Gregory D. Dickinson.

Lavender K. Bruce to Amy M. Taulbee and Timothy A. Bruce.

Layla L. Garcia to Alexandria M. Flores and Richard A. Garcia.

Leah R. Alvarado to Ericka M. Cruz and Samuel L. Alvarado.

Leilany S. Zavala to Danica M. Pachuca and Miguel Zavala Jr.

Levi D. Blosser to Jessica E. and Matthew D. Blosser.

Liam D. Thompson to Samantha C. Lopez and Tobias F. Eggleston Thompson.

Liam R. Buckwalter to Chelsea L. and Adam R. Buckwalter.

Liliana A. Walker to Brook A. Lapierre and Robin A. Walker.

Lilly R. Corbin to Ashely N. Mcalkich and Jody L. Corbin.

Lilly R. Knapp to Samantha K. and Andrew R. Knapp.

Logan R. Grogg to Lindsey R. and Justin R. Grogg.

Luke M. Janke to Danielle J. and Ryan M. Janke.

Lydia J. Bahr to Kayla N. Sutphin and David J. Bahr.

Madelyn G. Dubea to Kailey E. and Tialer C. Dubea.

Makayla F. Shearer to Amanda M. Wolfe and Robert R. Shearer.

Maria S. Rahuma to Fathia M. Elhadar and Shaban M. Rahuma.

Mariana A. Sandoval Tellez to Deisy P. Sandoval Tellez.

Maximus W. Rivera to Kendra R. and Felipe Rivera Jr.

Maxwell H. Jackson to Cassie M. and Billy R. Jackson III.

Maya E. Kogin to Julie E. and Joseph P. Kogin.

Melia P. Olry to Elizabeth M. Olry.

Mia Mustedanagic to Sabina and Sabahudin Mustedanagic.

Milanna L. Drudge to Ashley R. Drudge.

Miles E. Pitcher to Nicole R. and Jacob D. Pitcher.

Mohammed Ehsan to Lsar Be and Ali Bi.

Mohammed Ibrahim to Sar P. Bee and Sha Des.

Naseema Har to Harbee Bar and Twar Lar Har.

Nevaeh K. Hannah to Stakaya D. Hannah.

Nia M. Chapman to Courdney Y. Chapman.

Nicholas G. Giarmo to Abigail K. and Benjamin Giarmo.

Noah C. Gonzalez to Marissa E. and Daniel E. Gonzalez.

Nora M. Brake to Amber R. and Cody A. Brake.

Norah L. Fisher to Lucy A. and Matthew L. Fisher.

Oliver P. Skordos to Rachel E. and Christian P. Skordos.

Olivia R. Imel to Kimberly A. and Rodney W. Imel.

Ophelia J. Broaddus to Teresa G. and Daniel S. Broaddus.

Orion I. Beiswanger to Deserae M. King and Tyler J. Beiswanger.

Paul W. Bauer to Amber A. and Christopher L. Baue.

Paxton M. Bowersock to Maria P. and Jason M. Bowersock.

Percival T. Smith to Claire M. and Evan M. Smith.

Pyper N. Herron to Kalissa N. and Tylor S. Herron.

Q'avell J. Baylock to Lytronda L. Shamley and Quentrell L. Baylock.

Qua'niyla D. Jackson to Desirea M. Butler and Quantae A. Jackson.

Rayquise D. Anderson Jr. to Sambria L. Graham and Rayquise D. Anderson.

Reagan L. Haas to Samantha L. and David G. Haas.

Reagon D. Person to Alexus L. Royal and Daniel L. Person.

Reegin A. Dunkin to Sarah N. and Timothy A. Dunkin.

Reese M. Lohse to Kali J. and Kraig A. Lohse.

Reina L. Vega to Ariana L. Brady- Gonzalez and Daniel Vega.

River R. Becker to Destina R. Brown and Timothy M. Becker Jr.

Rosalyn N. Higginbotham to Samantha C. Jackson and Korbin J. Higginbotham.

Ryan M. Ramsey to Sarah L. and Thomas J. Ramsey.

Saksoi C. Hongsarwatoi to Mi K. Hongsarwatoi.

Samuel F. Steinhofer to Rachel K. and Jonathan D. Steinhofer.

Saul A. Ramirez to Brittany M. Ramirez and Marvin L. Ramirez-Jacobo.

Sawyer L. Michaelkeller to Aja M. Michael-Keller.

Sebastian A. Pointer to Callie L. Stockman and Ian A. Pointer.

Selah R. Harrigan to Anne M. and Timothy S. Harrigan.

Shaginna Bi to Ah Ki Yas Bi and Kyaw Naing.

Silas A. Gerow to Jaclyn R. and Brad J. Gerow.

Sophia Noh to Ho M. Dar and Adam Noh.

Sullivan R. Oren to Stephanie M. and Caleb W. Oren.

Sullivan S. Runyon to Betsy V. and William W. Runyon.

Summer A. Daugherty to Autumn R. Luebke and Bryon T. Daugherty.

Swa Bit to Mi Loe and Sodoe Ali.

Thiri W. Kyaw to Salemah B. Khan and Kyaw S. Win.

Trixie D. Kellogg to Ashley B. and Paul T. Kellogg.

Tyler P. Rietdorf to Michelle M. and Anthony P. Rietdorf.

Victor W. Duffey to Brittany E. Heinlen and Keith G. Duffey Jr.

Walter D. Fisher to Deirdre T. and Joel A. Fisher.

Weston Z. Rittenhouse to Jennifer L. Jacobs and Andrew R. Rittenhouse.

Willow A. Walter to Valerie R. and Derek E. Walter.

Yareli Pineda to Faviola Rosas-Diaz and Miguel Pineda Monterroso.

Yukari C. Kennedy to Precious M. White and Tariko R. Kennedy.

Zander R. Jones to Rachel L. Jones.

Zecharius S. Nicholson Merri R. Peabody Jason S. Nicholson.

Zeppelin D. Bright Ceiara D. Bright.



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