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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Area Births from January 18-February 14, 2017

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Friday, June 30, 2017 11:11 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records January 18, 2017 through February 14, 2017. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.

• Aaliyah M. Torrey to Annie M. and Jesse J. Torrey.
• Ava L. Stackhouse to Holly L. and Johnathon R. Stackhouse.
• Collins J. Weible to Kayla P. and Ryan A. Weible.
• Haven F. Russell to Edin F. Mirelez and Corey J. Russell.
• Zakariya H. Tackett to Cheyenne A. Tackett.

• Anthony J. Foster to Kirsten M. and Andrew L. Foster.
• Charlie M. Opper to Amber R. and Logan M. Opper.
• Daisy A. Slone to Charity C. and Travis Slone.
• Julian T. Boviall to Micolea A. and Stephen E. Boviall.
• Landyn W. Weaver to Brooke L. Martin and Chase A. Weaver.
• Lucca J. Costanzo to Jillian R. and Christopher A. Costanzo.
• Paul F. Turner to Angela M. and Shane E. Turner.
• Robert L. Halsey Jr. to Kathleen J. Becker and Robert L. Halsey.

• Andrew B. Hovarter to Tiffani K. and Joshua W. Hovarter.
• Francis C. Duehmig to Dominique M. Arrate and Jordan S. Duehmig.

• Axel L. Huntley to Alexia J. and Cassidy J. Huntley.
• Axel R. Davis to Paris S. and Michael E. Davis.
• Samuel W. Schwartz to Ida E. and Ernest C. Schwartz.

• Linley A. Prible to Makaylah P. Harris and Bryon S. Prible.
• Waylon W. Nusbaumer to Megan N. and Logan W. Nusbaumer.

• Willow I. Getts to Jamie L. and Zachary A. Getts.

• Adalynn R. Trahin to Sheila R. and Thomas E. Trahin.
• Alayah L. Bowling to Erykah D. Rhodes and Jacob A. Bowling.
• Alora L. Paris to Kerry D. and Brandon M. Paris. o
• Bennett I. Meeks to Cara N. and Joseph A. Meeks.
• Braxton A. Percey to Katelyn M. Dye and Austin B. Percey.
• Charlotte R. Redding to Lauren A. Cochran and Michael D. Redding.
• Cooper R. Weaver to Brittani N. Osbun and Rj A. Weaver.
• Ella A. Cripe to Lisa N. and Shawn M. Cripe.
• Lillian J. Hibler to Nadia A. Anabtawi and Michael A. Hibler.
• Lincoln P. Clemons to Ashlie M. Miller and Jordan M. Clemons.
• Mack D. Hoover to Dessa L. and Justin S. Hoover.
• Madelyn L. Stockert to Ebeney J. Miller and Nathaniel A. Stockert.
• Nadja L. Trier - Walker to Amy Jo A. Trier - Walker.
• Piper L. Bear to Michele J. Myers and Kirtus T. Bear.
• Royston A. Rollins to Alecia M. Butler and Clayton C. Rollins.

Columbia City
• Calder W. Beasley to Paige J. Beasley.
• Izaeck J. Bullock to Rebekah H. and Rocky L. Bullock.
• Jaxon T. Lowe to Jaycie N. Ivy and Robert C. Lowe.
• Jay'shawn D. Nichols to Somer M. Nichols.
• Leo N. Harrison to Lindsay A. and Nickolas A. Harrison.
• Quinn P. Dundas to Sharon R. and Adam C. Dundas.
• Roman P. Hartman to Sarah L. and Matthew P. Hartman.
• Sophia G. Frye to April M. Corson and Matthew P. Frye.

• Aurora H. Snider to Darah L. and Jacob S. Snider.
• Charlotte S. Litchfield to Victoria S. and Andrew D. Litchfield.
• Kieara J. Lambert to Lissa M. Sims and Michael A. Lambert.
• Lincoln J. Cochran to Michelle M. and Douglas R. Cochran.
• Selene R. Napper to Marissa N. and Matthew R. Napper.

• Calvin L. Gibler to Molly B. Gibler.
• Chris E. Coleman III to Helene M. Moore and Chris E. Coleman Jr.
• Ella B. Lawson to Tiffany N. and Nicholas C. Lawson.
• Gracin A. Nusbaum to Shannel M. and Scott A. Nusbaum.
• Joshua E. Miller III to Christina M. and Joshua E. Miller II.

• Maximus D. Dreier to Elizabeth R. and Jeremy D. Dreier.

• Janetta L. Miller Eva L. Miller Mervin M. Miller.
• Jared J. Lengacher Malinda Lengacher Jesse D. Lengacher.
• Jenna E. Graber Anna Mae Graber Timothy J. Graber.
• Patrick M. Williams to Jillian M. and Marcus A. Williams.

• James R. Lengacher to Rachel L. and Paul G. Lengacher.
• Jerick C. Lengacher to Dianna R. and Josh Lengacher.

• Catalaya L. Neal to Crystal R. Barber and Blayne O. Neal.
• Lauren H. Williamson to Kelly D. and Andrew J. Williamson.
• Venice A. McClendon to Christina M. and Tyne L. McClendon.

• Alexis A. Hamilton to Stephanie A. and Austin J. Hamilton.
• Hannah Q. Smelser to Janel A. and Daniel E. Smelser.
• Jaimeson M. Spencer to Megan L. Spencer.
• Nikolai W. Frederick to Jennifer D. and Neil W. Frederick.
• Paislee R. Sunday to Ashley M. and Paul D. Sunday.
• Scarlett E. Zahm to Kasondra L. and Joshua D. Zahm.
• Titus M. Dillion to Mikka P. and Ross C. Dillion.

• Penelope J. Seiler to Michelle L. and Kyle T. Seiler.
• Sullivan R. Johnson to Ashley N. and Jeramy D. Johnson.

• Gunnar M. Olson to Alana R. and Kirk M. Olson.

• Fern V. Wieland to Chalise M. and Troy M. Wieland.
• Max T. Nguyen to Janell L. and Duy A. Nguyen.
• Noah A. Williams to Terra M. and George A. Williams.

• Isabella V. Macias to Ilce Macias and Aldo Macias Chavez.
• Jeremih A. Melendez to Stephanie E. Melendez and Christopher L. Calvin.
• Ronny A. Jones to Irma N. Gonzalez-Jones and Ronny B. Jones Jr.

• Makenna K. Vandall to Ashley L. Blevins and Zachary L. Vandall.

New Haven
• Amber M. Bedwell to Sarah E. and Tracey L. Bedwell.
• Grant D. Cheviron to Meagan E. and Matthew D. Cheviron.
• Greyson C. Budreau to Nicole M. and Jacob B. Budreau.
• Hava R. Stanton to Mariah R. Pranger and Jason D. Stanton.
• Jaxson M. Bishop to Holly A. and Branden M. Bishop.
• Jonathan B. Ramsey to Emily N. and Justin L. Ramsey.
• Jordan M. Gengo to Gretchen N. and Nicholas J. Gengo.
• Josephine Q. Grabner to Jenifer M. and Joshua J. Grabner.
• Joshua M. Schwartz to Anna I. and Daniel J. Schwartz.
• Kenneth W. Lengacher to Linda R. and Timothy J. Lengacher.
• Leopino S. Angianga to Jennifer and Gary Angianga.
• Maislyn S. Slusher to Allison C. and Justin T. Slusher.
• Molly K. Schwartz to Katie L. and Thomas C. Schwartz.
• Norah A. Swygart to Brittany A. and Nathan M. Swygart.

North Manchester
• Madilynn E. Johnston to Kayla D. and Lawrence E. Johnston.

• Anastasia A. Blair to Jennifer M. Blair.
• Caroline O. Ilo to Piper A. Smith-Ilo and David U. Ilo.
• Ellie N. Bruce to Rachel J. and Morris E. Bruce.
• Gunner S. Kenworthy to Ashley A. and Roy M. Kenworthy.
• Jude E. Meriwether to Jenna A. and Justin R. Meriwether.
• Liliana R. Sarker to Brittanie C. and Steven R. Sarker.
• Lillian S. Stark to Stephanie M. and Adrian W. Stark.

• Courtney J. Thrush to Nikki J. and Nicholas K. Thrush.
• Katie M. Schwartz to Lisa and Samuel S. Schwartz.
• Matthew A. Wickey to Rebecca R. and Alvin M. Wickey.

• Gracelyn M. Miller to Amy L. and Jared D. Miller.
• Joshua A. Cooper to Jennifer N. and Joey A. Cooper.

• Alexandria R. Long to Mckinzie M. Smithley and Triston J. Long.

• Adeline L. Kelly and Evelyn L. Kelly to Claire A. and Steven D. Kelly.
• Blayke E. Sands to Devan R. and Ryan J. Sands.
• Levi E. Scott and Noah M. Scott to Marta L. and Daniel M. Scott.
• Mack A. Isch to April M. and Bryce A. Isch.
• Oliver W. Wienhorst to Jessica L. and Wesley E. Wienhorst.

• Cooper W. Cairl to Tessa G. and Brandon J. Cairl.

• Emerson R. Gobrogge to Michelle A. and Brock M. Gobrogge.
• Emmett N. Clark to Jordyn K. and Josiah D. Clark.
• Harper A. Hogue to Haley J. Gunder and Dale A. Hogue.
• Jasmin H. Long to Nikki M. and Gary D. Long.
• Maxon R. Schweyer to Bianca Gigli and Ryan D. Schweyer.


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