VIDEO: Indiana responses from last night’s State of the Union address

President Donald Trump pauses as delivers his first State of the Union address in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan applaud. (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)
President Donald Trump gestures as he finishes his first State of the Union address in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan applaud. (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)
Vice President Mike Pence, left, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan of Wis., attend the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, in Washington.(Win McNamee/Pool via AP)
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California talks with Senate Minority Chuck Schumer of New York before the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-Del., adjusts her 'RECY" button as she joins other House members in wearing black in support the metoo and timesup movement, ahead of tonight's State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and members of the Democratic Caucus wore red pins in memoriam of Recy Taylor. Taylor was abducted and raped while walking home from work in Alabama in 1944. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Addressing a deeply divided nation, President Donald Trump summoned the country to a “new American moment” of unity in his first State of the Union, challenging Congress to make good on long-standing promises to fix a fractured immigration system and warning darkly of evil forces seeking to undermine America’s way of life.

Trump’s address Tuesday night blended self-congratulation and calls for optimism amid a growing economy with ominous warnings about deadly gangs, the scourge of drugs and violent immigrants living in the United States illegally. He cast the debate over immigration — an issue that has long animated his most ardent supporters — as a battle between heroes and villains, leaning heavily on the personal stories of White House guests in the crowd. He praised a law enforcement agent who arrested more than 100 gang members, and he recognized the families of two alleged gang victims.

He also spoke forebodingly of catastrophic dangers from abroad, warning that North Korea would “very soon” threaten the United States with nuclear-tipped missiles.

In case you missed last night’s address, watch it here.

Indiana representatives, from Senators Todd Young and Joe Donnelly, to Congressman Jim Banks and Allen County GOP Chairman Steve Shine released statements on last night’s address.

Congressman Luke Messer

“2017 was a great year! We delivered on several of President Trump’s key agenda items and tonight he laid out another bold, optimistic vision for 2018,” Messer said. “Under President Trump’s leadership, unemployment is at record lows, the economy is booming, and Hoosier workers are keeping more of their paychecks. I look forward to continue working with the President to keep delivering for Hoosiers.”

Senator Joe Donnelly

“I’m pleased that President Trump spoke about continuing the economic growth that our country has enjoyed for the last several years, but we have more work to do to ensure every Hoosier who wants a job has one, to prevent the outsourcing of American jobs, and to realign our trade policies to benefit hardworking men and women across our country. There are a lot of pressing challenges facing our country, and I look forward to working in a bipartisan manner to: address the opioid epidemic, which is in desperate need of a more robust federal response; repair and upgrade our nation’s infrastructure; and implement a comprehensive strategy to effectively counter the dangerous threat posed by North Korea.”

U.S. Representative Todd Rokita

“President Donald Trump put forth an American First agenda to build a safer, stronger, and prouder country,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, the forgotten men and women of this country have a voice in the White House and I’m proud to be an ally to drain the swamp and make our nation great again.”

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski

President Trump tonight displayed the kind of bold optimism that defines the American spirit. Congress and the president set out last year to build a stronger country and make sure the American Dream remains a reality. Now hardworking families are seeing the benefits of the historic tax cuts we passed into law, while job creators are seizing the opportunity to hire more workers, raise wages, and invest in our local communities. “In the face of global threats, President Trump has been steadfast as commander-in-chief, standing strong against our nation’s enemies and working with Congress to restore our military to full strength. And his decision to keep Gitmo open for the most dangerous terrorist detainees will make America safer. “The president spoke with a message of unity and a vision for a brighter future, and I’m excited to keep working together for the American people.”

Congressman Jim Banks

“Tonight, the leader of the free world spoke directly to the American people during his first State of the Union address. In his speech, President Trump reflected on the significant accomplishments of 2017 and outlined an agenda to create a more safe, strong and proud America moving forward. I am hopeful that tonight’s address will yield bipartisan cooperation on important issues like rebuilding our military, rolling back egregious regulations and strengthening our national security. He also highlighted why Congress must make progress on securing our border and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. I am energized and ready to work with my colleagues and the administration in the year ahead.”

Senator Todd Young

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody

“Tonight, President Trump outlined a divisive agenda tailormade to benefit the well-off and the well-connected at the expense of working Hoosiers. Wall Streeters and CEOs might be toasting the President, but real Hoosiers are right to feel left behind and mislead. It’s tough to imagine the 215 Carrier workers who lost their jobs this month getting much satisfaction from boasts about new stock market highs. President Trump’s word doesn’t mean much when their jobs still moved overseas. Raising taxes on middle-class Hoosiers to cut taxes for the wealthy and big corporations isn’t an accomplishment, it’s shameful. A year into his presidency, the GOP agenda isn’t raising Hoosiers’ incomes or cutting the price of prescription drugs. President Trump said little tonight to give Hoosiers hope that’ll change. The President would be wise to engage lawmakers like Joe Donnelly who are willing to work together to get things done. While he indicated he wants to work with both parties, talk is cheap until we see real bipartisan action from this administration on promises made to the American people.”

Allen County GOP Chairman Steve Shine

“The president delivered a well-crafted speech that was delivered with the confidence and leadership that led to the American people electing him to the office of the presidency. I was impressed by President Trump’s firm, but welcoming appeal for a bipartisan effort to protect United States citizens of every race, religion and background, as well as his plan to build on the already-promised economic growth that has begun under the president’s leadership. The president’s willingness to work with Democrats, while not abandoning his Republican beliefs, clearly demonstrate that President Trump is taking his position as the “grownup in the room,” with his ability to lead this country. The president’s attempts to compromise with Democrats on immigration reform without subjecting the nation to economic or national security concerns exemplify his strong leadership and clear plan for the future. I have complete confidence that the president’s economic plan will continue to build upon the recent economic successes of tax reform and needless corporate regulation by moving forward with investment in the nation’s infrastructure. We have already seen the job creation that has come with President Trump’s economic policies and the proposed investment in infrastructure and vocational training will assuredly poise America for economic growth in the coming years. It gives me great hope, both for Allen County and the nation as a whole, that the policies the president outlined in his State of the Union Address will continue to fuel the new era of budding growth and prosperity that he has instilled in his first year in office.”