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I hope that the right-wingers are more scared of nationalism (President Donald Trump’s word) than you ever were of socialism. Nationalism is the start of a government run by the military. They will take your guns on day one. If you resist you will be arrested.

I know that young people don’t read these rants but they better understand that when the government controls the media (and it can be done by executive order of martial law), the population will be the losers. The First Amendment, written before even the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment, was wisely written as the most important amendment to the Constitution. It is the freedom of the press, good or bad. If we give up freedom of the press, then our society is doomed.

Are you a progressive, liberal or hardcore Democrat and worried that President Trump will attempt to dismantle the wishy-washy, feeble, namby-pamby policies that ex-President Obama not only promoted but shoved down the nation’s throat? You should be. We who did not agree with the Obama doctrine have had to endure your walk-on-eggshells, politically correct crap for eight years. It’s over, thank God.

It’s no wonder people stopped voting for Democrats in the last couple of elections. Instead of attending the inauguration like members of the U.S. government, 60 of you decided to act like “spoiled brats”!

To those lovers of the Women’s March in D.C.: Don’t pretend that you represent the largest segment of America. You don’t speak for me. Your vile behavior and words are repugnant to most of us. You embarrassed yourselves and all America. Actually, I’m not clear on what your mission is, … or do you just hate men? If you are truly worried about women’s rights, protest in the Middle East.

If all those people protesting are worried that Donald Trump is going to undo as much of the (garbage) that (President) Obama pushed through, you’re right. And it’s about time – “Make America Great Again!”

One of the things I personally love about our new president is that all the insults, jibes, accusations and lies directed to him are just like water that slides off a duck’s back. It won’t slow him down or make him change his course, and the more you scream how much you hate him, the better he and his supporters love it. Granted, it will take some time, but eventually most of you will calm down when you see how well America does under his guidance.

The right to peacefully protest is guaranteed under our Constitution, but these acts of civil disobedience and rioting aren’t just illegal, they are disgusting. I’m overjoyed to see that those who are acting like spoiled children throwing tantrums, looting and blocking access to roads and buildings are finally being arrested and charged with felonies. Grow up and accept the fact that your candidates lost and the era of Barack Obama is over. Better luck in eight years.

Letter writers keep saying that only East Coast and West Coast voters voted for (Hillary) Clinton. Then how do you explain the over 1 million Indiana votes for Clinton? You can spin it anyway you want, but Clinton won the popular vote with all of the Red states added to the Blue states. (Donald) Trump is not my president and never will be.

Memorial Coliseum attracted 1 million visitors and a operating surplus of $44,000 for 2016! For that small of a profit; how can an arena downtown be worthy of the investment to taxpayers? Also, it would probably “drain” potential visitors from the Memorial Coliseum, which they could not afford to lose … (based on the operating surplus) figures.

You still want open-carry laws and no gun permits. Really? What happens when all of the protesters are armed and have more firepower than the police. It won’t be bricks and bottles anymore. Open carry might work in backwater states like Wyoming or Montana, but it will be a disaster in industrialized cities. Be careful what you wish for. You are asking for martial law which will take away all of your guns.

The reason conservatives did not protest when (President) Obama was elected is because they are mostly white, have good jobs, their kids go to good schools and they don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. Get real conservatives. There is a movement going on now. We will not stop until there is equality for all. Get in our way, and you will pay the consequences.

Many groups are up in arms with President Trump’s “America first” slogan. This doesn’t mean we won’t help other countries, but there are plenty of people right here in our country that need help. Show me even one individual here who doesn’t place the needs of their own family first and foremost. That too doesn’t mean they are selfish, ungenerous and unwilling to help others. We all take care of our own, then focus on working to help others. Get off of his back.

Wow, the day after our new president is sworn in, many (hundreds of) thousands of women marched in Washington, New York, of course California, and other places, all demanding that President Trump hear their plaintive wailing on how unfair they think he will be to the causes they support. Shut up, go home, fix your husbands dinner and get back to work. Nothing you say or do will change his mind, so you might as well accept the inevitable.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was having his famous speech today on the National Mall, Fox (News) would not cover it because it is not their demographic. Same with the millions of women marching in cities all around the country today. No coverage. More than 500,000 mostly women protesters in Washington, but Fox deems it unnewsworthy. That’s how they feel about women. Sit down and shut up!

Today, I had breakfast with a friend at a restaurant to chat and have a good time. However, a manager kept staring at my friend. What she/I/we did, I don’t know, but this is very rude. If you desire my business, extend some courtesy and treat my friend with respect!

Police should have arrested everyone involved in the … (local bowling alley) brawl. Physically holding someone to the ground and following them so they cannot get in their vehicle is a crime as well. Let the courts sort it out.

Whatever happened to the kinder gentler nation. Maybe we should start there with the new administration. The vitriolic comments on every move someone makes is not the answer. Give change a chance!

Sixty million abortions since 1973. If each one of them have two children, that is … (120) million more people in the U.S. … No food, no work, a life in poverty and misery. <br>

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