The Rant

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Let’s spice things up a bit when the “Best of Everything” appears this year where readers are invited to name their favorite places and why. Let’s add a category called “Best and Worst” Fort Wayne produced commercials for TV. Surely there are many who dislike some and love others. Can we try it?

Watergate was child’s play compared to how big and deep Trumpgate goes. … Lock him up!

John Bolton pushed for us to go into Iraq and cost the lives of tens of thousands. Where is he now? On Fox News, the most anti-American news organization in the world. … Fox’s end game is to undermine our democracy and put one-party rule in place. Open your ears and listen to what they say. It is all anti-democracy.

I’m sick of changing my clocks twice a year. If you agree to stay where we are now year-round, please rant yes. … Maybe we can get Indy to wake up and do the right thing. That’s a long shot because we are not lobbyists or special-interest groups. We are just citizens of Indiana.

(Indiana Gov. Eric) Holcomb wants $10 million for preschool for poor children. Wasn’t the voucher program aimed at poor children? That didn’t work, as now solidly middle class vultures are stealing that money from the poor. … If you make babies, you should have to pay for them, their food, clothes and education. I’m sick of being bled dry by women that have baby after baby with no way to support them.

If our plane is on fire and we are trying to evacuate and you have the audacity to whip out your phone to take video, it won’t end pretty for you. I am going to throw you to the ground and step on your back as I make my way to the exit. How stupid can you be? My life is more important than your video. Grow up, young people.

Someone must have gone to the U.S. House of Representatives and tied all of the Republicans’ shoelaces together. They have stumbled over everything that they have tried to do so far.

Have any of you noticed the new pricing at … (a local group of resale stores)? They have gotten a lot more expensive. Just … (recently), I purchased a pair of jean capris from the rack. They cost $6.99 (compared to a former $4.50). Afterward, I walked down to … (a national big-box retail chain store) and found brand new capris (almost identical) for $7.99 – only $1 more. I thought with all the donations … (the resale stores) get, they could keep their prices down for those of us who need the prices to be down. What happened?

Have you ever wondered why handicap van accessible spots are marked this way? Because they are for vans! There are larger blue-striped, no parking areas on both sides for their ramp and wheelchair needs. Those of you with cars and motorcycles, please give a van some room and don’t park in the van accessible spots.

A writer states that they teach their children never to be dependent on government. Wonderful! They must have a hand water pump and an outhouse in their yard. They grow their own food and home-school their children. They never leave their property to go on the roads and highways. They never receive medical care. They heat by wood. The government is involved in our lives, whether you accept it or not. Take a chill pill.

President Trump said he was the President of America, not the world. Then he said it was President Obama’s fault, because of Syria. Now he wants to go after North Korea. We have a bozo in the White House.

It is most interesting that this area’s Catholic bishops in recent years have almost immediately and most vehemently protested whenever the University of Notre Dame would invite a Democrat to either speak or receive an award, even if the Democrat was a practicing Catholic. Example: Last year, Democratic Vvice President Joe Biden won the Laetare Medal. This year, Republican Vice President Mike Pence, who is a Catholic who has abandoned practicing the Catholic faith, has been invited to speak, and from the bishop, dead silence. What gives?

Little snow to push this year, can’t do a lot of paving work in the winter, and …. yet the county highway department still couldn’t find the time to grade and put stone on the pot-holed and bare gravel roads that are turning into mud paths. Must be nice to have a long winter vacation and suck down taxpayer money.

If (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks or (U.S. Sen. Todd) Young vote against the federal budget, they will hogtie our military. Pay close attention on how they vote for it. Banks ran on being in the Navy and Young on being a Marine. This will tell if they are pro-military or if they are pro themselves.

I don’t want to ever see even one rant in this forum from Democrats about President Trump not getting anything done with the way their elected officials keep deliberately obstructing him at every turn. Considering their continued delay tactics, it’s admirable he has been able to do as much as he has already … . Think what he will accomplish in the next seven years, for he will definitely go for another term.

The ranter complaining about consultant fees for the tunnel probably hires Angie’s List (services) to change their light bulbs and doesn’t know how to use a hammer. Consultants will save you money, Bub. They keep down cost overruns and make sure that the job is done correctly. There is no (ghost) employment.

So much hatred toward our president. Yet the same fools who rant against him every week closed their eyes and held their breath every time (President) Obama screwed up. Today, let’s focus just on his red line in Syria, which was crossed, and when he did nothing, … he made America weak in the eyes of the world. Talk about a gutless, failed president.

Poor little Snowflakes, so upset about the big bad Donald (Trump) and his agenda. Swirling around in little groups, assaulting his supporters, vandalizing his property. They actually think they will make a difference. They won’t. As surely as spring turns into summer, they will soon be a thing of the past, diminished and forgotten. Good riddance.

Yet another tragic story in the news about someone seriously injured because they were too intent on taking that ultimate selfie instead of paying attention to the possible dangers surrounding them. Are we becoming so self-absorbed with posting these pictures of ourselves online and getting those thumb up likes that we are flirting with becoming crippled or even dead? Its time to stop this nonsense now.

The state, city and county spend more money repairing our roads even after they repair the roads. If they did it right the first time, we wouldn’t be having to cough up $25 for each entity for wheel tax. What a waste of money. It’s time we held them all accountable.

What is the big deal about selling cold beer in supermarkets and convenience stores? Also, what’s wrong with selling beer on Sundays? How did we allow the liquor (store) industry to get so big here in Indiana. Many other states allow this. Come on Indiana, come into the 21st century.

Leadership Fort Wayne is taking applications but … (with a preference for) those who have a recommendation from past Leadership Fort Wayne members. What a nice little clique. Keep out the riff-raff.

I recently read results of a health care poll of 18-30-year-olds, in other words “millennials,” and was not surprised to see they think the federal government should be responsible for making sure Americans have health insurance but dislike the “Obamacare” mandate of buy insurance or pay a fine. Oh, and they are all for being able to stay on mommy and daddy’s insurance plan until age 26. Just think how happy the little dears would be if the government also provided them free education, free housing and guaranteed jobs.

Well, Democrats, now you did it. Instead of swallowing your pride and acknowledging that (U.S.) Supreme (Court) justice nominee (Neil) Gorsuch was definitely a fair if not your ideal choice, you forced the nuclear option. You had better pray that none of the older, liberal Supreme Court justices retire in the next eight years because now you have absolutely no say on who gets in. These justice positions and the fear of who Hillary would have nominated had she gotten in was a big influence for many people to vote for (President) Trump. <br>