Thai cuisine comes to East State Boulevard Restaurant makes a hit from fresh pineapple juice to pad Thai

Recommendations from local foodies are a great way to discover new restaurants. Such is the case with my lunch buddy this time. She had a friend who couldn’t stop raving about Yummy Thai. With that kind of endorsement, I had to find out for myself.

Fresh pineapple juice sounded like a great way to start lunch, so I was excited to see the tall glasses delivered to our table. The pineapple juice was refreshing, when I got to it. There was quite a thick head of foam on top of the drink. My friend had the same experience with the strawberry banana juice. We agreed that having colder glasses or more ice would have been better. She did enjoy her Thai tea.

We were amused that we could hear our food being prepared with furious chopping and dicing, along with the clashing of knives.

The chicken, tofu and cabbage soup was tasty. My bowl had lots of crinkle-cut carrots, but my friend’s did not – we were a little confused by the discrepancy in ingredients. The vegetables were cooked crisp tender – not too hard or too soggy. There wasn’t a lot of cilantro, which was OK by me.

I loved Yummy Thai’s salad roll appetizer. Six pieces were identical in size and full of fresh, crisp lettuce leaves, carrot and bean sprouts. I liked the various textures from the sticky rice wrapper to the crunchy vegetables. Paired with a delicious peanut butter sauce and with cool, fresh mint and basil leaves in the rolls, this appetizer is loaded with flavor and a joy to eat. My friend said this appetizer was “like eating peanut butter in your salad.”

Yummy Thai’s deep-fried money bags appetizer is Thai comfort food; the bitey chili sauce makes them more valuable – and tasty. Four bulging, tidy bags were stuffed with softened potatoes, seasoning, onions and sweet potato.

Pad Thai is a favorite of mine, and Yummy Thai ranks up there with some of the best I’ve had. I was glad the server explained the levels of spiciness of dishes: 1. mild, 2. medium, 3. hot, 4. Thai hot. He suggested 2 or 3. I’m happy I chose Level 2, because that was plenty spicy for me. This stir-fried dish contained an abundance of translucent rice noodles, lots of shredded cabbage, sliced green onions, bean sprouts and a large mound of ground peanuts. Use the fresh lime wedge to sprinkle more flavor on the noodles. I appreciated how thinly the chicken was sliced. This dish was outstanding, and I’ll likely be ordering this for takeout.

For her entree, my friend ordered larb with pork, a Thai salad. This generous portion, along with the Thai staple, steamed sticky rice, will not leave you hungry. The colors may not be as vivid as the Pad Thai, but it was not bland in taste. The addition of chili sauce, lime dressing and fresh mint give this salad many layers of flavor.

They say a healthy diet consists of eating a rainbow of colors in your diet. Yummy Thai will go far to help you on that healthy path. <br>

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<center> Yummi Thai </center><br>

WHERE: 2823 E. State Blvd.

HOURS: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday; noon-9 p.m. Saturday

PHONE: 220-9166



<center> Menu sampler </center><br>

Thai iced tea: $2.20

Money bags appetizer: $4.99

Fresh salad rolls: $5.99

Larb salad: $8.99

Spicy Thai spaghetti: $8.99

Hawaiian fried rice: $9.99