Fire Department honors rescuers

Mayor Tom Henry and Fire Chief Eric Lahey will honor firefighters and citizens at the annual Fort Wayne Fire Department Service Awards that take place tonight at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast.

The following will receive civilian awards:

* Jane Debord and Susan Weimer rescued a victim from drowning from a swimming pool Oct. 7 in the 5100 block of Indiana Avenue.

* Michelle Komprood and Nour Makhzoum rescued a victim from drowning from a vehicle submerged in a pond July 8 at Dupont Hospital.

Firefighters received these awards:

* Lance Dafforn, Ryan McCurdy, Chris Schiel, Andrew Ramsey and Patrick Cornett received a unit citation for rescuing a victim from a working structure fire in the 1400 block of St. Marys Avenue.

* Jason Bales, Joe Eager, Isaac Keller and Kerry Hedington received a unit citation for rescuing a victim from a structure fire in the 2200 block of Broadway.

* Casey Cassidy and Keith Oberlin received letters of commendation and John Thorp, Jamie McIntosh, Kurt Salomon, Tom Volz, Mark Nelson, Scott Sorgen, Floyd Causey, Todd Martinez, Todd Prindle, Matthew Miokovic, Joe Tarney, Jennifer Young, Todd Brinker, Kelly Schenkel, Brian Armstron, Ryan Hack, Edward Connett, Jason Wyss, Tony Jennings, Ryan Hartkorn, Brian Vanderbosch, Kent Shaw, Mike Hess and Jerry Schultz received unit citations for rescuing a victim from a trench collapse in the 5600 block of Fox Mill Run.

According to a News-Sentinel article, a man was working in a trench about 8 feet deep at about 2:20 p.m. Apri 17 in the driveway of a home. The trench walls collapsed, partially knocking over the man and covering his head with about 3 feet of soil

The soil was dry and mainly clay, so it didn’t completely seal off the man’s supply of air from above, Deputy Chief Adam O’Connor said at the time.

Firefighters from Engine 4 arrived first and then were joined by members of the department’s Technical Response Team, he said. Firefighters shored up the walls of the trench using sheets of plywood and pneumatic braces, and then dug out the man.

The entire process took about 50 minutes, O’Connor said.