The Rant

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As a life-long resident of Fort Wayne, it concerns me to see so many red-light runners. I have seen this violation many times over with a police officer in his car watching it and do nothing about it! I get that it is a pain in your butt to turn on your siren and lights to activate your camera and then all of the paperwork to follow. That is your job, and that is what you signed up for, to protect and serve your community, right? People die because others are above the laws put forth. Bring back traffic enforcement and motorcycle cops!

Evidently the University of Notre Dame needs to require courses on respect for different moral views or is it just another example … (of people) demand respect for their opinions but “walk out” if someone tolerates their choices but does not bow to them.

City councilmen (John) Crawford and (Michael) Barranda should recuse themselves from any negotiations with the doctors who are trying to buy Lutheran Health Network. They both have money to gain by a sale. City Council is supposed to work for the citizens of Fort Wayne, not line their pockets with profits from a deal.

It’s too bad the Southwest Allen County Schools board and administration won’t look at changing the graduation date. It conflicts with many senior athletes and the end of their season events. Last year, the response was “it only affects a couple kids.” In reality, it hit 17 seniors that had to choose between walking across the stage or staying with their teams. Why not go to a Sunday? Grandparents and parents would love to see the student/athletes do both. Since there are no “make-up” days anymore, you could plan ahead and think about the kids. Many of them were in state competitions representing the school. Isn’t that enough to try and get things switched?

The city taxpayers have paid for miles of bike trails in Fort Wayne, so why did they close down all the main arteries in northeast Fort Wayne on Saturday, May 20, to run a bike marathon on city streets? How stupid!

President Trump just went overseas and spoke directly to the Saudi Arabian leaders as his first international trip as POTUS. He spoke passionately to the Arab nations to join with the United States to wipe out radical Islamic terrorists in groups such as ISIS, acknowledging good peaceful followers of Islam to identify and drive out the radicals where they hide, such as in their towns, countries and mosques. What a refreshing and bold stance … . Thank God for Donald Trump. Now it’s time to make America great again.

Anyone who thinks Trump is doing a good job is an idiot! He will never last two years in office. The man does not know what his job is according to the Constitution.

I will never use any of the Lutheran Health Services or doctors associated with them again. If they are so confused, how can I trust them? I don’t want to die at Lutheran because of poor service. Parkview, you now have my business.

Citizens of Fort Wayne, you voted Mayor … (Tom) Henry in. Now live with the spending and taxes this idiot (and city council) is coming up with. The riverfront, wheel tax, unending utility spending and more tax money being filtered to downtown living areas and parking garages. We need to reel this guy in. Vote “No” the next time. What ever happened to asking the citizens what they want?

We in Indiana and across America (are) suffering major problems from drug addictions – 50,000 deaths a year and millions of families being destroyed. Vast majority of these drugs come across our southern border. I support President Trump! Build that wall!

The head of the Indiana Coalition Against Underage Drinking stated that if you drink before the age of 25, you will have developmental issues. What a bunch of horse hockey. … I’m in my 70s, (and) have had drinks since high school. Finished second in my college graduating class and paid to put four kids through college. If that is developmentally challenged then bring on the booze.

Congressman (Jim) Banks cares more about the people of Ukraine than he does for Americans. He supports NATO to protect Ukraine but also supports (President) Trump’s budget, which removes the safety net for the most vulnerable Americans. Banks also voted for the Republican health care bill that would knock 23 million Americans off of the insurance rolls. It’s time for Banks … to resign and go to work in the Ukrainian Parliament.

A local purse business is tooting their horn about a (nearly) $30 million dollar donation to breast cancer research. The company moved their business overseas, eliminating local jobs. They paid poor wages here. This donation came from the employees.

A doctor in Huntington receives house arrest for felony sex crimes … Seriously? … There is a victim here, and she is supposed to be forgiving to the defendant! Hogwash! That judge needs to be disbarred for his ignorance, and that sex offender needs to be locked up in jail!

The state of Indiana, city of Fort Wayne and Allen County seem to think they have a cash cow – us. The citizens need to tell anyone who will listen that, “We have had enough” of raising our taxes to fund “pet” projects and the (Interstate) 469 highway. I-469 seems have been resurfaced and fixed quite a few times in the last few years. They just can’t seem to get it right.

Whatever happened to the citizens of Fort Wayne and Allen County having a say in where and what their tax dollars are spent on? The mayor and city and county councils seem to forget that it’s our money they keep taking from us. I think projects should be voted on by referendum. Look at Headwaters Park – empty most of the time. We shouldn’t allow for projects just because they are stylish.

What’s the big deal on the “take outs” right in front of the restaurants?? They are taking up precious needed handicapped spaces which is reserved for … (people with disabilities) only. Even though my friend parked at the end of the handicapped row, she had to walk farther than the “take out” spots did! Relocate the “take outs” to the sides (still close).

(President) Trump has personally done more to hurt America than the Communists ever did during the cold war. Reagan would say, “Mr. Trump, you need to resign.”

Instead of an ID to be able to vote, how about an IQ test? You have to score at least 85 to vote. That would stop all of the … (poor) Republicans from voting. Hooray!

Anyone ever figure in the “annual” cost of restoring the River Playground (downtown riverfront development) after the rains and floods to be able to use it? After awhile, when the novelty wears off, where will they divert those funds for new projects? Seen it happen here too often to not be true!

(President) Trump, self-important, egotistical, moron who continually leaks top secret info to others to be boastful. Shoves ambassador aside at photo op, does not pledge U.S. commitment to collective defense and lastly is at odds over Russia with EU leaders. He is “Making America Great Again” how? I am embarrassed to say he is the leader of our country and the free world. I believe Article 25 (impeachment) is the solution to end him and his family’s misuse of the office of the president.

Baseball players get into a fight, and they get suspended. Hockey players get into a fight, and they get applauded. Hockey is a sick sport with sick fans.

Thanks for not being the other Fort Wayne newspaper. I received my free Memorial Day copy of the other local paper, and on the front page was nothing about Memorial Day but there was a hard-hitting news story about (people) who were inspired to play drums after taking a canoe trip.

Dream along with me: Of the 50 top students from the five Allen County High Schools, 40 were young women and only 10 were young men. Could it be possible in the future for 80 percent of the (U.S.) Senate, Congress and Supreme Court to be women. Dream along with me.

I believe in separation of church and state. If a church declares as a sanctuary for criminals, they should be sent an income and real estate (tax) bill. <br>

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