Those of us on the front lines of politics need to dig our heels in

In a piece written for the National Review, Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief for the Daily Wire, proposes that despite the Democrats’ incessant bellyaching over Donald Trump’s victory, it is their whining that makes their chances at winning back majority control of both House and Senate a very real possibility.

As Shapiro writes, “Since 2006, opposition to the president in power has been a goldmine for the party out of power. It turns out that the greatest unifier isn’t ideology, but reactionary opposition.” Shapiro provides a host of examples and numbers to support his claim that despite the general mindset amongst the more engaged conservatives who are not anti-Trump, the Republican majorities are in serious trouble of being overturned.

As conservatives, we may get sick and tired of hearing the senseless banter put forward by every liberal media yokel, every self-indulged and pampered Hollywood star, as well as every college graduate who wants to pout and storm out of their graduation ceremonies, but in their way of thinking, there is a reason for the dramatics. That is simply the populace will finally wear down, and begin to convince themselves there is reason to change their vote where there really is none.

Shapiro also suggests that Republicans, in order to keep their majorities, need to get meaningful legislation passed and “not deeply unpopular third-rail politics like Obamacare repeal, but tax cuts.”

I agree. Nevertheless, I also believe there should be a couple of other guideposts that conservatives need to follow in order to assure those majorities remain intact for years to come.

One is for Republicans in both the House and the Senate to start closing ranks behind their president. Slowly it does seem President Trump has learned to curb his bombastic comments about other Republicans such as mocking John McCain’s war record. Perhaps some get back was in order from those who became the targets of Trump’s vocal attacks.

But enough is enough. When the media knows they can run to Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) or McCain whenever they are looking for a remark that will be used to smear Trump, it is then interpreted by progressive pundits that the GOP is in disarray. Even if there is dissension within the Democratic ranks, do not expect CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times or Steven Colbert to report any of it. Conservatives are being made to look like bickering old biddies at a Mayberry church social.

The next thing is for those on the front lines, whether they remain dedicated conservatives or the independents who voted for Trump to go out and buy some cowboy boots or some sturdy high heels. Stilettos would be good. Why? Because we need to dig our heels in. Between trying to figure out what is fake news and what isn’t, and trying to have even one evening that we can only hope to hear something positive about what the current administration has accomplished, everyone needs to stay focused on why Trump was voted into office.

After eight years of watching America being transformed and subjected to a changing philosophical and political landscape, forced down our throats by those who hold little respect for our constitution, our religious beliefs or our traditions, we must continue to see the opposition for what they really are. They are the same party and with the same belief system who made no apologies for the victims of Fast and Furious or Benghazi. They refused to hold the likes of Lois Lerner accountable for the IRS scams that tried to silence conservative voices. They mocked the viewpoints of the Little Sisters of the Poor and business owners whose religious beliefs were reported as bigoted.

They refused to see radical Islam for what it truly is and choose to back anti-American regimes while pulling the rug from beneath the feet of our traditional allies. They sliced up the military until there was little left, rendering us incapable of keeping planes in the air or soldiers equipped on the scale needed to keep us and our allies safe.

So expect that the viciousness from all corners of the progressive spectrum will continue. And don’t ever believe any Democrat when they say that they cannot vote for a Republican bill due to conscience. You’ll know that can’t be true. Liberals do not have a conscience. <br>

<i> Bob Rinearson is a resident of Fort Wayne. </i>