Tip of the hat

Thank you to the lovely lady who presented my husband (wearing his Air Force hat) a beautiful bouquet of yellow irises in the Kroger/Clinton Street parking lot a couple of weeks ago. He was so surprised and elated!

A huge tip of the hat to the police officers who help the children and car drivers get safely to school. They stand outside in all sorts of weather to help out kids and direct traffic. A huge thank you, especially, to the Cedarville Elementary officer. You are great, sir. Thanks for your dedication.

A very well-deserved “tip of the hat” to the Waynedale Business Chamber’s fundraising efforts, as well as the over 1,700 residents who signed the petition to bring a much-needed tornado siren to our community. Through these efforts, Waynedale will finally get the siren that both the city and county administrations have ignored the need for over the years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. <br>

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