Please grow up, Democrats, and stop blaming everybody else

I have never been so disappointed in people as I am currently with the Democrats and their fellow cronies. They lost the election fairly, yet can’t seem to accept that the majority of people in this country don’t agree with their philosophies.

According to their platform, they support abortion, keeping our faith out of our everyday lives, marriage between anyone who wants to be married – man-man, woman-woman – encouraging lifestyles that go against how we were born, etc.

Now, the statistics show that most people disagree with these stands, so why would the Democrats think they could win a presidential election? Of course, it did not help to have a huge chunk of our population made fun of, either!

But being disappointed about an election turnout does not excuse the terrible words and actions of the Democratic Party, or liberals, since then. They have done nothing but give President Trump grief. They have tried to stymie him at every turn, every nomination and every action.

If the Republicans had acted this way, the newspapers and media in general would be hollering bloody murder. Yet we hear nothing about that today! Unbiased media indeed!

An example of the Democrats’ hypocrisy is the firing of the FBI director. For the last six to eight months, the Democrats have been complaining about the poor job the director has done – even Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi; yet, when he is finally legally fired for not fulfilling his job, all of a sudden the director is practically a saint! Please explain to me how that works!

If the Democrats want to act like spoiled children who haven’t gotten their way, then they should be treated that way and disciplined in the next election.

President Trump is trying to return the protections that we lost under President Obama through our open southern border, and allowing people to enter our country from countries that are murdering Christians and whose religious beliefs call for the killing of any who don’t believe the way they do.

He is also trying to return the religious freedom guaranteed in our Constitution and reduce the government spending on handouts the government was never to do – such as health care and free food without work.

Being a republic – we are not a democracy – means that we the people must take responsibility for ourselves and provide for our families. I can understand not being able to do that at times, as we were on welfare while my husband went back to college and we had four little boys at home; but that ended when he finished college and we have not been on welfare since. He took whatever job he could find to support our family.

The Democrats/liberals are pushing for us to become a socialist country where the government provides for everyone and taxes are out of sight. Check out Europe, where people are paying up to 70 percent in taxes.

I prefer our republic and think you would find most people in America do, too, if they are not lied to about what it truly is.

Please, Democrats, grow up and man up! Stop blaming anything and anyone on your losses in the last election and get busy and help our new president bring our country back to the prosperous nation it used to be with the majority of its people working.

Also, if you cannot calmly debate an issue, do not resort to name-calling and even outright lying concerning the legality of the president’s actions. Simply check our Constitution – which as lawyers you should all be familiar with – and get on with running this nation! <br>

<i> Linda Demorest is a resident of Fort Wayne. </i>