Renewables takedown was very misleading

A recent letter by John Paul claimed to cite Google Environmental Report and commentary by scientists who worked for Google. Paul claims that conclusions were drawn that wind and solar energy efforts were too costly and will not work. We were curious about these reports so we did some digging to find and read them firsthand. Paul has taken these statements out of context to assert his views. This is a good example of why we need to fact-check when there are so many people who are paid to obfuscate and spread disinformation. The conclusions in the reports not only stated the imperative of moving to 100 percent renewables as soon as possible, it went further to say we must do even more to reverse climate change.

Paul quotes scientists to say ” … renewable simply won’t work.” We found the report at -to-reverse-climate-change . The article was written by Google engineers in 2014 about a project that ended in 2011 to reduce the cost of renewable energy, and concluded when they realized they needed a more aggressive strategy. The team was given a new set of goals that also included finding a way to take carbon from the atmosphere. Apparently the engineers were more successful after that. The Google Environmental Report released in 2016, , is an impressive 72-page description of the multi-faceted approach Google has to push the needle forward on efficiency and renewable energy.

Nowhere does it say renewable energy is not worth pursuing. Several things stand out: “Google is the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world … also looking beyond our business to drive wide-scale adoption of renewable energy … also helping to green the power grid through our advocacy of clean energy policies and our $2.5 billion in equity investment commitments for renewable energy projects.” “Google has been carbon-neutral since 2007.” A huge multi-national company, Google will run on 100 percent renewable energy in 2017.

On the renewable energy industry, the report says, “The renewable energy and energy-efficiency sectors are surging, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the United States. Globally, the renewable energy sector employed 8.1 million people in 2015. In addition, large hydropower accounted for another 1.3 million jobs.” And, “Renewables have also dropped precipitously in cost and in 2015 became the world’s largest source of installed power capacity.”

Paul’s letter also claims Bill Gates publicly stated the cost of renewable energy sources “is beyond astronomical.” According to a June 29, 2015, article in the Guardian, the context of that quote is Gates’ announcement that he will make $2 billion “investments in renewables over the next five years in a bid to “bend the curve” on tackling climate change.” Gates also understands that we need to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible to keep the planet habitable. 2bn-in-breakthrough-renewable-energy-projects Gov. Holcomb has doomed Indiana to be left behind in the dark ages of costly, filthy coal to please his corporate donors. <br>

<i> Jain Young and David Greene, Heartland Communities, Inc., Greenwood Ministries, Fort Wayne for Peace </i><br>

<center> Will politicians use the same health care? </center><br>

I am wondering about the health care bill that our politicians keep bragging about. Will they use the same health care bill they pass instead of refusing it? The last time they voted they did not have to use it, so this time I am still hoping they will come aboard and use the same health care that they force on us. What will they do, or have they already decided quietly and not letting us know? <br>

<i> Ralph Klinker

Monroeville </i>