Thanks for supporting the 2017 food drive

Summit City Branch 116, National Association of Letter Carriers recently participated in the 2017 national food drive on May 13. The National Association of Letter Carriers celebrated its silver anniversary (25 years) of the national food drive this year.

The food drive brings many different groups in the community together on a single day to provide food for the hungry. Our slogan for the drive each year is “Stamp Out Hunger.”

We, the members and officers of Summit City Branch 1126, Fort Wayne and surrounding cities, salute the many volunteers working the 2017 food drive.

The Associated Churches received monetary and food donations from individuals and labor organizations. It is great to have such a great group of volunteers. I thank the many family members of the NALC family for being Bag Buddies for letter carrier routes. Only with this diverse group could the food drive continue to be successful year after year.

It is a cooperative effort between labor and USPS personnel that aids in getting us across the finish line.

The Fort Wayne community is a very generous and compassionate community. We encourage you to join us again in 2018 on the second Saturday of May.

We have many business partners supporting our food drive in many ways. We thank them for providing much needed support to collect the food.

Thank you Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana for our support and hard work! <br>

<i> Allen Lauer, Sr., 2017 NALC Food Drive Coordinator </i><br>

<center> Income Tax for riverfront development </center><br>

We have seen an increase in the license plate fees, our utility rates are increasing and now we may have an increase in our income tax for riverfront development and sidewalks and alleys.

Soon we will be discussing the taxpayer impact of the former G.E. facilities for our benefit. I am sure each increase is for a necessity, but be specific in your intent. Sidewalks and alleys are closely associated and deserve to be discussed on their own merits.

Riverfront development, since business interests will be closely involved, needs to be discussed on its own merits. It appears that we will gain a beautiful riverfront, but many businesses will stand to gain greatly. These businesses should contribute the most of the cost and then regain their investments through smart business processes.

Every time I hear about something new being funded by taxpayer money, it is hidden in how we would gain elsewhere. Let’s keep a running total of all the taxpayer costs and give us the big picture. No more smoke screens, just facts and truthfulness please. <br>

<i> Irvin H. Arnold </i><br>

<center> Editorial misses point </center><br>

Your editorial regarding the Notre Dame students who walked out of their graduation ceremony when Mike Pence spoke appears to have missed the point entirely.

The graduates were not protesting what Mr. Pence was going to say, what he did say or his right and privilege to say it. What they protest is what Vice President Pence, President Trump and the Trump administration is doing in our country.

Actions speak louder than words. Be they what the Trump administration does, or what the Notre Dame grads quietly and respectfully did to demonstrate their opposition. <br>

<i> David R. Paige

Albany, N.Y. </i><br>

<center> Love not complicated </center><br>

How sad it is that many people believe God’s love is complicated. It boils down to 12 simple words: “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

God’s love is unending, unlimited, unchanging, uncomplicated, unconditional. It is we humans that make His love more complicated than He intended. <br>

<i> Richard W. Burridge </i>