The Rant

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I use the topic “Alien Nation” because of what America has become in less than six months. The person who swore to defend these United States from oppression, both foreign and domestic powers, has alienated NATO, the Paris accord, the leader of Germany and most recently the mayor of London by his tweets.

I wanted an Uber ride to the Foellinger (Outdoor Theatre) for the ZZ Top concert. I asked for a motorcycle Uber and was told that it was not available. Why not? I am no more likely to be involved in a crash on a bike as I am in a car. Riders, it’s time to tell Uber that you want a piece of the action.

Teddy Roosevelt (many are saying who?) said words that should be seared in the brains of every American. And I quote, “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or other public officials, … .” We have a Congress for the most part that have put their party first, instead of what is good for the Average Joe, country, today and the future.

You can always count on NASCAR to manufacture a caution with three to five laps left in the race. It might be for debris that has been there for 20 laps … . NASCAR is as fake as the WWE (professional wrestling). Listen fans, this sport is rigged. The only true motorsports are Indy racing and Formula One. Fans root for (Dale) Earnhardt (Jr.), who is a poor driver but brings big bucks to the promoters. Only idiots think that this sport is not rigged.

Well, well, Mayor Henry, it appears per a recent article by City Council president, Russ Jehl, that the city already has several financial tools to invest in both sidewalk and alley improvement as well as riverfront development. We are talking millions of potential dollars here. If these tools are utilized, per councilman Jehl, the proposed local income tax increase would not be needed. I, as a city taxpayer, want an explanation from you as to why your administration’s first choice was to push a tax increase on us citizens over the use of these other available funds. Also, wasn’t the new local wheel tax passed to be used for infrastructure improvements, and aren’t sidewalks and alleys infrastructure ? This appears to be another typical Democratic move of tax and spend.

Women need to realize that their issues will not get fair treatment as long as legislatures are dominated by men (especially GOP). Most of these men are against gun control but they want to control women’s bodies. Meanwhile, rapists, … grabbers and sexual harassers get off easy.

If (President) Trump really cares about American jobs, he can force Comcast to bring the jobs that are in the Philippines back to the U.S. They can’t speak English, and they don’t have a clue.

To all of you in your 30s and 40s who want to gut the teachers’ unions: Good luck finding teachers to teach your grandkids when they become school age. It will be time for you to either put up or shut up and teach them yourself. There will be a teacher shortage upwards of 1 million in 10 years. And since you are so dumb, you can pass that onto them and they can be a union-hater, too.

An Honor Flight participant stated how moved they were by a visit to (Washington) D.C. How everyone shook their hand and cheered them. Then the writer proceeded to call all liberal college students “snowflakes,” which is a derogatory term spread by Fox News and the alt-right. Too bad that writer did not know that these “snowflakes” are involved in the Honor Flights and were on hand to cheer them when they got back to the home airport. I thought they fought for all Americans.

The media, with bated breath, through reams of press and hours of TV coverage, magnify the message of a failed attack by a single assailant with a hammer and thereby achieve his goal of spreading the threat of terror throughout Paris and the world.

So, a comedienne displays a grotesque visual symbol, and she feels that she is being bullied and is the victim. What about the person depicted by the visual? How uncouth can one get? If others did this, they would be hunted down, not just bullied. There is a respect owed to the office of (U.S.) president. When was that expectation revoked?

How many of you who voted that (President) Trump was correct to pull out of the Paris (climate) accord have ever read any of it? I bet that everyone who voted yes is a Fox “Fake” News watcher. Your mind is already polluted with their propaganda; might as well pollute your air and water.

Our brilliant mayor will keep us in the Paris climate accord by making sure the lights go off automatically when someone leaves the room. Send him a thank-you card. He also wanted to chop down all those Memorial Park trees for … (Indiana Tech’s track-and-field complex). Perhaps the trees were not doing a good enough job of removing carbon dioxide.

Why do dog owners who don’t have their pet leashed downtown get tickets while dogs are allowed to run free on the Pufferbelly Trail between Dupont and Carroll roads. Every day, and I mean every day, dogs are allowed to run free because their owners think they are above the law. Called the city, can’t help you. Called the police, can’t help you. So to dog owners whose dogs approach myself and my grandkids: I have pepper spray and now carry a baseball bat. If your dog suffers a deadly injury, that is on you.

College is not for everyone. If you have a child or grandchild graduating from high school in the next two years, listen up. Robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will take another 40 percent of all jobs within the next 25 years. What they never will be able to take is a job in the skilled trades. They will never replace iron workers, sheet metal workers, electricians, plumbers and on and on. A human will always have to build the buildings that build robots, hospitals and schools and auto plants. That will be the skilled trades men and women. Job security for life with no student debt, a pension and health care.

I think the Devil has a stronghold on the whole world. Unrest all over the place.

Kathy Griffin must belong to the same liars club as Hillary Clinton. Everyone’s at fault except them.

Still waiting on street repair on St. Joe Center Road and Stellhorn (Road), and many more. Forgot the mayor needs the funds for the dirty water riverfront. <br>