Men plead guilty to burglary charges One broke into a home and took items while the other drove the getaway car.

Two men have pleaded guilty for their part in a burglary last October.

Andria K. Mekki, 19, of the 2500 block of Oakridge Road, and Nabil K. Mekki, 24, of the 6500 block of St. Joe Road, pleaded guilty Thursday in Allen Superior Court to burglary and aiding a burglary, respectively.

According to terms of the plea agreement, if Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull accepts the plea at sentencing July 28, both men would receive no more than three years of executed time as part of a cap plea. If both are found eligible, they could serve the sentence on home detention or on work release.

Andria Mekki admitted in court he broke into a man’s home on Oct. 28 and took items. Nabil Mekki admitted he drove the getaway car and knew a burglary was going to take place. Another man, Gustave K. Mboboshi, was sentenced in April to serve four years for his part in the burglary.

According to a probable-cause affidavit, a woman told police someone rang her doorbell and she saw two men try to enter her home and then walk to a silver four-door car and speak to the driver. They then went to the neighbor’s house while the driver parked the car farther down the street. The victim, who was home at the time of the burglary, was in the basement and didn’t see who was in the house. He reported watches, a guitar and change were taken, and the suspects entered through the attached garage service door.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Clinton Street, near the home of the victim, based on the description of the suspects and car provided by the victim’s neighbor.

While Andria K. Mekki and Nabil K. Mekki refused to speak with police, Mboboshi told police he and Andria K. Mekki allegedly entered the house. He told police he allegedly took a couple of watches, change and a bottle of vodka while Andria K. Mekki took a guitar. Mboboshi told police he called Nabil Mekki to pick them up but ended up walking to the car, which was stopped as they were trying to leave the area, the affidavit said.