You should all be proud of your graduated children

To all the parents of graduating students:

I would like to say, “Thank You” for the hard work which you put into getting your son or daughter ready for this next step in their future.

You changed the diapers, cradled them when they were sick, cried with them when they were hurt and loved them when they felt alone. You went to the practices, cheered at the games and consoled them during the let-downs which to them, was the end of the world.

You helped with the homework and steered them straight when they wanted to stray. The rules were the law but their smiles and hugs made you bend them just a little. Their boyfriends, girlfriends made you pull your hair out but their caring and sometimes love for each other, reminded you of your beautiful youth. Cars, insurance, curfews, and grades tied everything together with jobs, help around the house and positive strokes for behavior.

17 and 18 comes so soon. You have created a mirror image of yourself and helped your children completely change it for the better. They are them, now, because of you. You have done your best and that is all you can do. Their God will guide them on a path that may not change the world but it will surely make it a little better.

Be proud Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Guardian. Today we saw the future march up for a Diploma and walk out the door to make history.

Thank you all for being partners in shaping the futures of our kids and community.

I love ya’ll! <br>

<i> Jerry Vandeveer </i><br>

<center> Trump being defended by ‘pettifoggers’ </center><br>

Bob Rinearson’s “Those of us on the frontlines of politics need to dig our heels in” May 31, had a flawed conclusion: “Liberals do not have a conscience” based in “the altercation fact” modus operandi of Donald J.Trump, therefore it is a piece of garbage. Clearly written, but the thought is zero, virtually.

Likewise, Linda Demorest’s “Please grow up, Democrats, and stop blaming everybody else” June 2 had both a flawed premise and conclusion, aka “vomit draft” Tina Brown.

The bottom line is Donald J. Trump is crawling around on the Oval Office carpet with his diaper full of Russian crap, being defended by and/or corrupted by “pettifoggers,” AKA a conservative (in these two examples) “who stumble over a neck but missed the body lying on the floor.” Harold Evans. <br>

<i> B.J. Paschal </i><br>

<center> The forgotten neighborhood </center><br>

I am writing concerning the east neighborhoods, the east and the Harvester Association areas. We have been called the forgotten neighborhood. It seems we are again. We have received no improvements here.

Code does not seem to enforce when called. The Edsel bridge has been closed. We have called with our concern. It is still closed. Some parents have to go around to pick children up from Adams School. I would like to hear from others about this. <br>

<i> Maxine McKerracher </i>