It is time for us all to put violence aside

A 66-year-old man took an assault rifle early Wednesday morning to a ball park and shot five people, one of them a congressman. The shooter has died of his wounds. It is my understanding he was an Illinois Democrat and perhaps crazy.

Baseball is as American as apple pie.

Congress is now asking to spend their campaign funds for security. Just now? What have you done to protect the American people at large?

Time for Congress to step up to the plate and demand of their constituents that violence is not the answer. Perhaps if they can come together to protect themselves they can come together to protect US, We The People. Regardless if you are a Democrat or Republican, we do not need domestic terrorists. Aren’t our enemies from foreign lands, homegrown disgruntled citizens enough? Crazies will always be a threat as will criminals but citizens at large?

I blame our current situation on Hillary Clinton who did not speak out against the violence, even said she was going to march in the streets which to me is in fact inciting violence as shown by the demonstrations

I blame Democrats in Congress, Hollywood stars calling for President Trump’s death either in fact or showing his bloodied head, I blame anyone who feels their right to free speech is an excuse to be blameless for the violence they cause or incite, Stephen Colbert’s constant attack in the name of humor without being chastised encouraged Kathy Griffiths ugly display of beheading the president of the United States. I blame a play written hundreds of years ago about “Ceasar” and “updated” to show Ceasar as being Donald Trump. I blame the anger and vitriol displayed on social media in poorly worded “discussion” where anything can be said about someone. Freedom of speech is a right fought and paid for by American blood on many battlefields. If you didn’t fight, perhaps you should not criticize.

Did you vote? Many did not. Some who lost will not accept a legal election!

Instead of putting police, firemen and first-responders in harm’s way to clean up the mess resulting from so much violence in society, let us step up to the plate and take responsibility for our own actions, words and deeds that has caused this.

We live in a dangerous society. Why did it take an attack on a congressman (I am praying for those shot and their families) for this to make people realize that our nation is at war with each other? No doubt this makes ISIS happy.

Let’s put God back into America. Let us take responsibility and not make just hollow words be said and forgotten! Congress has a duty to serve we the people. President Trump has tried to draw the country together as duly elected president. I call on Republicans and Democrats and any thinking person to think before you speak. We are Americans. Let us start acting like one nation under God, whose son, Jesus Christ, came to earth to save sinners. I am Christian and speak as a Christian. However, anyone who believes religion is a reason or excuse to kill others is not of my God’s children. Peaceful, loving people want peace. Peaceful, loving people need to stand up and be counted.

It is time to lead we the people to peace. Act as if you are American rather than Democratic or Republican. Let the differences be worked on, then work together to achieve what this land so desperately needs, the peace and prosperity that all true Americans want.

Just my opinion. I am so tired of seeing almost daily shootings all over the world – for what? <br>

<i> Rose Clark </i>