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Why is it that old women dye their hair so it doesn’t turn blue, and young women dye their hair so it is blue? Makes no sense to me.

The swamp was drained and what was found? Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and (President) Trump’s tax returns – three things we will never see in our lifetime.

Less than a decade ago, we, the American people had just been in the “Great Recession” caused by the Ginny Mae, Fanny Mae, Wall Street and banks. I, along with millions of Americans, lost savings and homes caused by their greed. Two years later, the Dodd-Frank bill was drafted and made into law to ensure that their greedy tactics would not happen again. That was until this president and this GOP Congress voted to kill the bill. …

Hillary Clinton is making speeches again and has made a long list of reasons why she thinks she lost the election. The real reasons she is not our president is because she is totally out of touch with the voters in the middle of the country, she ran a crappy campaign, she has the personality of a turnip and every time she opens her mouth, she lies. … But don’t expect her to ever admit any of these reasons, as she’s too busy blaming everyone and everything else except her own shortcomings.

A certain local … (telecommunications company) recently changed their menu options in an effort to improve their customers’ choices and experience. For the last month, though, when accessing the menu for any reason, their Message Center icon flashes to indicate that a change to the lineup is coming. Unfortunately and more importantly very annoying is that news of a channel called Uplift being canceled keeps reappearing as a new message even after being read and deleted several times, … Most of us couldn’t care less!

The alt-right is sure filling up the Letters page. … The destruction of America. This is the Fox fake news playbook. Either change the channel or remain brain-dead.

Just wanted to say that I totally agreed with Cathy Menze’s letter to the editor in Friday (June 9) night’s paper. She’s absolutely right – the silent majority had better start speaking up because the ultra left is hollering their heads off. This situation in the world seems to be upside down – what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong. If good people don’t speak up they’re going to lose all their rights.

For 50 years now, the only thing done to Memorial park is general upkeep! Why not move all the memorials to the (Memorial) Coliseum and tastefully locate them on the grounds? Then sell off the area to the college and pay down some of Fort Wayne’s debts! Yes, pay down, not just spend it downtown, like all the rest of the money that’s going down the drain!

Democrats, liberals, progressives and (President) Obama supporters will never accept anything President Trump does. If he replaced Obamacare with an exact replacement of Obamacare, these groups would never support it simply because it was president Trump who was trying to do it.

When former director of the FBI (James) Comey testified before Congress, his own words and actions proved he was and is politically motivated against our President Donald Trump. Leftists want to make a big deal out of the president’s request for loyalty. It is a big deal, but not the way they are portraying it. … Is it really a surprise that the president would want to know where his staffs’ loyalties actually lie?

(Michael) Flynn (former national security adviser) was let go by (President) Trump for lying. I think a lot of liars were left behind.

(Former FBI Director James) Comey was fired for not “agreeing” with Trump. Watch out you all, you may be next.

(President) Trump may be (age) 71, but he is still a spoiled brat.

(President) Trump needs to get more sleep. His nightmares are catching up with him.

For years I have read letters from a bitter man aimed against the city administration because he thought they were slighting him and his near-north side park. Now he writes a thank you letter after what he was told would happen, happened. Your thank you letter means nothing to those who you crucified many times. … An apology letter is what was needed. I’ll look for that.

Here they go again, those pesky union workers. How dare they donate (more than) $250,000 to the United Way. I would love to see the union haters even donate one-tenth of that amount. But alas, the union haters are all talk and no action. Haters are losers, to quote President Trump.

It never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats actually think they are the “good guys.”

How dare David Long decide to insert politics into the Lutheran hospital situation! I am a Republican and embarrassed that he decided to use his bully pulpit to try to gain support for a good old boy buddy! If Brian Bauer was doing such a great job, why is LHN not doing better here in Fort Wayne? David, get over yourself!

I can’t believe it, they (State of Indiana) are tearing up I-469 again. What is going on here? Didn’t get it right the first, second and third times, so a fourth time is the trick? Or maybe a fifth time? Is there that much traffic on there that it gets torn up so quickly? I think I-69 gets more.

Let the people decide if we want a riverfront and/or downtown arena. We only have so much money to go around for our own needs. Put it to a referendum. Oh, what the heck, they (mayor and city council) do what they want anyhow. No one listens to the people.

So they want to increase the tax here in Fort Wayne to fund the riverfront and the alleys and sidewalks. First, shouldn’t our current taxes support alleys and sidewalks? Second, wasn’t the whole riverfront project sold to us as “private” donations and money would take care of that? Why don’t they use “Legacy” funds to fund it? How about that food and beverage tax? Tax, tax, tax. Mayor Henry, slow down, we can’t take anymore. Talk about a tax-and-spend administration.

To the letter writer who thinks that people form their opinions about downtown before they ever get there. Nothing could be further from the truth. I work in a very public place downtown. All I ever hear is how Fort Wayne is great. Guests love what we have to offer downtown. I end with these questions to the writer: Have you ever been to the Embassy (Theatre), or (Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory) gardens? How about Parkview Field or Headwaters Park? Lunch on the plaza?

The ranter who is happy that (President) Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement is brainwashed by Fox “Fake” News. Over 2 million children die each year from lack of access to clean water. Air pollution kills over 6.5 million people per year. Your great-great-grandchildren will hate you for what you believe. But who cares, you will be long dead, and they will just be trying to find clean water to drink.

Shame, shame, shame on those local businesses who continue to illegally post advertising signs in the street right-of-way, primarily at intersections. Fort Wayne’s 2007 law provides for a $50 fine per sign. Major offender recently in the northeast part of town is … (a local painting company).

In the late ’30s and early ’40s in a country in Europe, the alt-right wingers wanted to get rid of the liberals. We know how that ended. In 2017 in America, the alt-right wingers would like to silence the liberals. These liberals are not going to lay down like sheep. The alt-right wingers will have the mother of all battles on their hands if they don’t watch out. The lines are drawn.

Adult social media cry babies! If you want social media interaction with someone, then treat them with the same respect online as you would in person! Sometimes continued association has no value whatsoever. If you cannot use manners and be polite, then your social media bullying should and can be blocked. Not everyone wants to be sucked into your digital drama – it’s not about you – get over it!

Rock the plaza? Buskerfest? Sitting in front of your computer and never venturing outside does not give you any facts to form an opinion. Go outside and play. It’ll keep you young.

(President) Trump said the HCA (health care act) was bold and beautiful. Now it’s mean and dangerous. He changes opinion faster that a gas station changes prices.

I was tempted for a second, then noticed that the gentleman with the “homeless, anything helps ” sign was talking on a smartphone.

The much, much smarter (than Republicans) progressive ranter insults his own kind, since their are plenty of Republican progressives.

If progressives are so much much smarter than Republicans, why do they keep losing elections?

Americans with guns kill more Americans per year (34,000) than Muslims ever could. The problem is that Republican politicians are supported by the NRA (National Rifle Association), and they are beholden to them. The NRA is a radical group … . Don’t believe me, then visit their website. Who will be the first Republican to reject the NRA contributions. It sure won’t be (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks. <br>

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